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Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by owned, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. owned

    owned New Member

    Yea seems like mystcraft is having a issue crashing the server right now still working on it might not be able to upgrade the server for now.

    Update: Server wont update right now and i don't have anymore time to mess with it so ive rolled it back to 1.3.4 and its back up i will try again tomorrow. On another server.

    Added you to the whitelist, server ip To answer your question i haven't reset the map since i opened the server back in February it is getting quite large tho current map size is over 8GB.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2015
  2. iBootleg

    iBootleg New Member

    I don't mind resets once in a while I've just been on a few servers that reset every month haha. Thank you for the invite, I'll hopefully log on tonight
  3. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    @owned if you disable the mob griefing would it matter?
  4. Bluntcuts

    Bluntcuts New Member

    IGN: MonthuRa
    Age: 22
    Timezone: MST ( USA)
    (Optional) Extra info: PLease consider app, I have been looking for a great Infinity server to join up on.
  5. shadowkiller

    shadowkiller New Member

    IGN: shadowkiller44
    (optional)Extra info:I wanna join you guys becuz whitelist servers hav good terrain instead of smashed and they help
  6. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    @owned I think the server is lagging i'm sure it's not me can u check?
  7. aznrage

    aznrage New Member

    @owned coolerderek and I were able to reproduce a bug (which is causing the fat lag atm) where if you start an autocraft with your AE2 crafting CPU's + Molecular Assemblers, and then log out, the crafting CPU and assemblers somehow spit all the crap onto the floor. Happened to him once before, and it's what's causing the lag on the server right now. Sorry about the trouble, I'll be sure not to log out mid-craft again.
  8. owned

    owned New Member

    Ok thanks for the info wasn't sure what lag you guys were talking about haven't been on in a few days but the TPS has been a constant 20tps im about to update the server to 1.4.0 aswell. Update will start around 6pm EST and should only take 20 or so minutes.

    EDIT: Server is updated to 1.4.1 mystcraft had to be disabled for now it was causing a startup crash till i can figure out why i had to disabled it sorry for the inconvenience.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
  9. Dexal

    Dexal New Member

    @owned The Block Placer And the Block Breaker from OpenBlocks doesn't work can you fix this problem pls?
  10. owned

    owned New Member

    I have decided that im going to reinstall the server operating system server will be down for a couple days and we are going to start fresh think of it as a map reset i guess i really have been putting it off for a while and now that the server population has dropped due to me not being active or people getting board of playing on the server cause they finished everything im going to go ahead and do it now. i know this is kinda short notice but the current map size is over 9GB and i am running out of space on my SSD's so im going to repartition the server and add a couple 2TB hdd's for all the server's backups after that is all said and done i will start the infinity server backup everyone that wishes to stay can have a nice fresh start.

    Doing this will also allow me to setup more modded server's and not have to worry about the space left on the server and possibly causing map issues when it cant write to the drive anymore.

    I will be posting a new server listing on the new server's listing page once i have it all back up and running if you want more news updates on how the server is coming along and a better time frame of when its going to be up i will be posting on my website http://fusion-servers.com/forums the website is not nearly finished its just something i had to release early so you guys that are interested in still playing after i do all this can keep in touch.

    Anyways if you wanna ask me questions or anything PM me on here or register on my forums and we can chat.

    p.s If anyone is interested in helping me run the server let me know or good at web design looking for both.
  11. Fuzzbling

    Fuzzbling New Member

    Thanks for the update @owned and thank you for map reset! I will definitely stay on this server. Check your messages, sent you a PM.
  12. 5008zombieMB

    5008zombieMB New Member

    IGN: 5008zombieMB
    Age: 15
    Timezone: CET
    Extra info: Just want a good infinty server. with many player online :=)
  13. d133790

    d133790 New Member

    IGN: D133790
    Age: 24
    Timezone: EST
    Server: Infinity
    (Optional) Extra info: I'm looking for a laid back server, this is my first time trying out Multiplayer with other people besides close friends,
    I hope to be accepted. Cheers!
  14. NameGoesHere

    NameGoesHere New Member

    IGN: xblazeItx
    Age: 21
    Timezone: EST
    Server: Infinity
    Extra Info: I am seeking a server to play in minecraft on MP without griefing players.
  15. dryfish

    dryfish New Member

    owned, why it says i am not whitelisted?
    IGN spendowali
  16. Fuzzbling

    Fuzzbling New Member

    I don't think anyone is yet. He's most likely still working on the server.
  17. DerpyNinja

    DerpyNinja New Member

    IGN; DerpyNinja_
    Age; 16
    Timezone; UTC+00:00 (UK)
    Extra Info; I want to play on a server that has a trustworthy community that do not grief or steam from you.
  18. Nyem

    Nyem New Member

    Timezone:UTC+ 01:00
    Extra Info: I am realy hoping that i can play with you guys , because i love modded minecraft and it would be amazing if i would be accepted. :)!
  19. Ice_Pops

    Ice_Pops New Member

    Age:17 turning 18 in July
    (Optional) Extra info: Very active and would like to play on a private server with friendly people.
  20. fazer

    fazer New Member

    Extra Info: I have friends who play in this server and i wanted to have a fun time.

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