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FTBUnleashed. First Impressions.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SaintKenneth, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue New Member

    I believe it was later in the thread he had mentioned tool durability bonuses. Something like hammers getting a 2.5x bonus and whatnot, but I can't remember what page that was on. The reason I did a drawn out statement was mDiyo only mentioned durability in the quote, yet as I mentioned it's not just durability but mining speed that is affected by different parts (specifically plates and tool heads.
  2. Skyqula

    Skyqula New Member

    This mod is basicly the RP2 Project table:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1550010-152sspsmp-project-bench-v175forge5000-downloads/

    You also might want to look at the Dartcraft clipboard, its not quite the same but it doesnt spill out stuff either and has some nice buttons :)
  3. DrRedstoneCreep

    DrRedstoneCreep New Member

    Press = 2013-07-23_10.24.25.png [DOUBLEPOST=1374589793][/DOUBLEPOST]Here's another picture 2013-07-23_10.24.51.png
  4. KirinDave

    KirinDave New Member

    We had troubles with this mod. There were a legion of item duping bugs and item loss bugs a month ago. Especially if you try to automate it.

    1.5.2 Forestry has probably the best analogue to the project table in the Workbench. It keeps the last 8 recipes and has a forestry-machine-like interface. MFR's liquicrafter can do quite a bit. And of course the AE Crafting Interface in conjuction with shift-clicking the NEI ">" is the best of all worlds.

    Factorization and Dartcraft both offer very similar hand-held crafting interfaces that are much better than MPS's In Place Assembler. DartCraft's version starts out better, but Factorization's version is cheaper and ends up in the same place due to the bags of holding which are... well.. they're under-appreciated.
  5. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Not a fan of the imitation project bench. His project bench has no shift+click functionality so you have to craft one at a time. When I asked the author for it, he just told me to install InventoryTweaks instead of expecting him to program his own mod to work on its own.
  6. Resender

    Resender New Member

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