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FTBUnleashed. First Impressions.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SaintKenneth, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue New Member

    Stonebound was supposedly nerfed a good while back before t2 tools were implemented, but it seems to work differently on them than on t1 tools. It was supposed to work on a parabolic curve so it reaches its max effectiveness after 400 dur has been lost. From what I've noticed at least though for t2 tools is while it doesn't stop gaining speed, the gains become much smaller.

    Having said that, I haven't tried it on a high end hammer or the like, so it might have a cap that's just higher than t1 tools.
  2. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    strange design choice. it`d make more sense if it was percentage-based.
  3. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc New Member

    I think he's talking about a new feature that mDiyo added where you can add Luck to your tools by mining with them rather than putting lapis on them. I'm not really sure though, I just saw a mention of it once before.
  4. Jakeb

    Jakeb New Member

    I have to disagree about the tinkers tools being to good. You need a smeltery to get anything as good as iron or above, and you need a lot of materials to make and repair the tools. I like them, because for those of us who like manual mining, or who do a lot of it early game, they help to make it more viable when compared to any of the various automated mining machines.
    And if you think the tier two tinkers tools are OP, you haven't seen a speed V, fortune IV power drill yet. It uses a lot of power, and it's more expensive/time consuming to get, but it is by far the best manual mining option available.
  5. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc New Member

    I think someone above mentioned that Netherrack was as good as Iron and you don't need a smeltery for it.
  6. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    Iron isn't even that great for tools and for netherack you still need access to the nether. Don't know about you all but I like to have at least a small smeltery up before I go to the nether. Steel is very good as a material I find, and for people who have Universal Electricity, steel is bumped down the "tech tree" making it much easier to get (very coal hungry though).
  7. Jakeb

    Jakeb New Member

    eh.. what? Why would netherrack be better than iron? That makes no sense at all. I never used it because I figured it sucked.
  8. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue New Member

    Netherrack only has the mining level of iron. It only has stonebound 1 and a mining speed of 4 though, same as cobble. Also, mDiyo seems to have removed stonebound 2 from flint and put it on ardite (ardite had stonebound 3). But yes, Netherrack can be used in place of iron for tools, but it will be a good deal slower unless you add plates from other materials (such as steel plates). Also, either mDiyo nerfed how much speed stonebound gives, or stonebound 2 gives a massive amount of increase since with flint and its stonebound 2 you could get a starter hammer with an effective mining speed of 8 (it would hit 9 but then break almost right after). The same tool now without stonebound 2 has a mining speed below 6. That said, flint plates are still better than stone plates due to higher dur and faster speed (since the hammer's mining speed is averaged between the two plates and the head).

    Basically, one of the better tools will have a many head so it can break anything and have a good dur, a cobalt plate to help boost the speed, and an ardite plate for stonebound 2, with a many tool rod for extra dur. Of course you can use a cobalt head instead of the many one if you don't mind not being able to mine manyullyn (think about that for half a second :X).

    Another possible tool would be the above, but using a thaumium rod to give it +1 modifiers and use that mod for electric so you can add more redstone (paper plates are a joke, don't use them).

    Another thing, netherrack is a meh material anyway since you can use obsidian, which has a mining speed of 7, reinforced 3, and can mine up to obsidian level. The only thing netherrack has over it is higher durability since obsidian is also incredibly easy to get via Thermal Expansion.

    Edit: Also, steel can mine cobalt and ardite. If you don't have UE you can still get steel from smelting chainmail.
  9. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    nope, I'm using the 1.0.3 version of the pack and it's happening. I even tested it with a paper pickaxe, no matter if I'd first use up the pickaxe, and then add the upgrade and repair and charge it, infinite durability. if I'd add the upgrade right away and charge it, infinite durability. if I'd add the upgrade right away, and not even charge it, infinite durability. with all 3 times I mined 18 blocks, as the paper's pickaxe uses is 9, but everytime I had infinite durability
  10. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue New Member

    Hmm, I'm gonna have to run that in creative and see if it happens to me, I'll post results later.

    Edit: Yup, it's not draining energy either on paper or many (and yes, I made sure to make it survival before testing :X). So def a bug.
  11. Saice

    Saice New Member

    ok I'm running TConstruct_1.4.1.5

    And I can confirm what ever bug 1.0.3 had has been corrected in an update since then.
  12. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    I'm still used to playing TConstruct pre-smeltery. :/

    What do the different parts affect on the T2 tools? Does the thick handle still only use handle multiplier while the binding only gives a modifier? What do plates affect? Is the tool's durability/effectiveness some sort of average of the plate and the main part? And what's that extra slot on the left in the Tool Forge? o_O
  13. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue New Member

    T2 tools are made with 4 parts, that "extra" slot when you are making a 3 or 2 part tool has to be there for gui limitations. For the hammer, plates affect base durability and mining speed, the head affects, base durability, mining speed, and mining level, and the handle affects the durability modifier. Apparently the calculations are very complex, but think of the rods and bindings as affecting the durability modifier and the heads and plates affecting base dur and speed.

    Also, TiC is what's in the FTB 1.03 Unleashed pack, so unless you have some update I can't find for either TiC or FTB I'm afraid to say it's still present.
  14. SaintKenneth

    SaintKenneth New Member

    OK, I withdraw my statement about Tier 2 Tinker Tools being OP. I snapped to rash judgement just after I made the stone hammer, broad axe, and excavator, but when I moved to Iron, production and repair costs escalated.

    The alloys and nether Ores are going to be fun
  15. Revemohl

    Revemohl New Member

    Making the Smeltery isn't hard at all, the hardest material you need to find is clay and you only need about two stacks of it or so. And clay is pretty easy to find.
    As for the power drill, I find it sad that Dartcraft tools kinda outshine TCon's stuff in almost every way. I love both mods, so it's hard for me to choose which one I want to use.

    I asked mDiyo about that in his thread on the MCF, and this was his answer:
    The hardest part is probably figuring out the bonus.
  16. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Thick bindings still affect the multiplier? So should I stay away from using paper bindings on T2 tools?
  17. DepOpt

    DepOpt New Member

    On a different note from the Tinkers Construct stuff, can anyone suggest a good replacement for the RP2 Project table. I keep forgetting that I can't leave items on the crafting screen.
  18. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Forestry adds the Worktable. It's similar, although the use of "phantom slots" kind of irritates me. If you want a crafting table that just won't chuck your things on the floor, you can also use the Arcane Worktable from Thaumcraft. In spite of its purpose, it CAN be used as a standard crafting bench, but stores items in the crafting grid so you can come back to it.
  19. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I've updated my TiC to and sadly the electric modifier hasn't been fixed yet, as when I test it out with my paper pickaxe I still have infinite durability
  20. Dee_Twenty

    Dee_Twenty New Member

    Substitute a thaumium binding, you still sacrifice some durability, but not as much as paper, and you still get an additional mod slot if you use at least one thaumium piece just like you'd get from using a single paper piece.
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