FTB Vacancy - Social Media Organiser

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Jul 29, 2019
We are currently looking to add to the FTB team someone to organise and keep updated various forms of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We are looking for a person with a mature attitude that is able to work off their own initiative and as part of a growing team. Whilst previous experience of running a project like this would be a huge advantage, it is not essential.

For anyone interested, please PM me here on the forums giving details (providing examples when possible) of previous experience and an idea of what you would like to do in order to help promote FTB.

We will leave this open for about a week, After which I will post any applications in the admin forum for members of the team to comment on and after that we will select people to talk to.

Although this may come across a little formal, however we are looking for the right person to fit the team and this has already generated a lot of interest.
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