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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Big Bad, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Big Bad

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    Prepare for impact. Prepare for war. Prepare for victory.

    Today we’re proud to release Trident, the latest member of the Feed The Beast family of modpacks.


    In Trident, players are thrust into a land well past the brink of war. For as far as you can see, the world around you has been reduced to a smoldering expanse of death and decay. Sharp, craggy hills dot the landscape, carving ravines teeming with tainted water and deadly radiation. What does remain is a small oasis: one filled with plants and wildlife that haven’t succumbed to the poisonous environment. There may be more places like this- land without the deep scars of blight, but you’re not sure of where they might be. For now though, it is here in this tiny paradise that you shall set up your base.

    However, you’re not alone. Like, you, others have been drawn to this gleaming desert gem. They want what you want. They want what you have. They don’t hesitate to take it.

    To survive, you have allied yourself into one of three factions: Red, Green, and Blue. Your goal: establish dominance over the opposing teams and secure your victory on the battlefield. You can accomplish this by building up your infrastructure, quickly harvesting resources, and utilizing the very same weapons of war that destroyed this land.

    The Great Battle is over, but the war has just begun.


    Trident is a PVP-centric modpack and map designed for small to mid-range servers. Players are assigned to one of three teams and tasked with effectively eliminating the other factions while simultaneously protecting their own. Players can gather resources from the main oasis and risk detection by opposing teams, or travel far into the wasteland to see what riches it can offer.

    In our testing, a typical session lasts roughly a month. Quicker or experience players may have a chance to claim victory in as little as a few days or a few weeks. We have left victory conditions up to the discretion of server administrators, so a run may be completed as soon as heavy weapons are deployed or well after the entire map has been scorched.


    Because Trident is server-dependent, we have deployed a new server listing system into our forums. Using the new tab on our menu, users can create public listing servers. Users looking for servers will be able to easily tag, search through, and view reviews for these listings as well.

    The current subforum system will be phased out and repurposed soon. For now, the creation of new topics has been disabled.


    Trident 1.0.0 is currently available to play on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher. You can view the changelog here.
  2. Houstonruss

    Houstonruss New Member

    Gonna live this up on Saturday!
  3. psp

    psp New Member

    Interesting. .. Interesting. ..
  4. Cory Morgan

    Cory Morgan New Member

    Hype train! \o/
  5. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Oh my goodness
  6. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    :D Nice!
  7. Deefster10k

    Deefster10k New Member

    Well, my friend Termin8or_ is still complaining that it won't show up for him on curse. Doesn't show up for me either. So while I'm using the FTB launcher, he's being incredibly annoying.
  8. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    The Curse Launcher is in Open Beta So expect bugs. We will look into this soon.
  9. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    It'll pop up on Curse Voice any second. It just takes a bit for the file to propagate for everyone.
  10. Deefster10k

    Deefster10k New Member

    Well, he just left the call, so that's good. I can start setting up rules and stuff without his complaining, thanks anyway.
  11. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    I might check it out, actually! It sounds like quite a nice pack.(if only my internet would let me play multiplayer) I bet I can still have a bit of fun in single player :)
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  12. GreenEyedEnderman

    GreenEyedEnderman New Member

    I'm not so sure about this server needed stuff.
  13. ThunderNetwork

    ThunderNetwork New Member

    Im going to start a server for it but im just wondering how many updates there will be.. because with forge in its current state (Unfixed item ID's) and players always wanting the new pack map resets might be a little too frequent.
  14. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    A PvP pack has to be on a server. Sure, if you don't like server play, and you're not interested in PvP, then this pack won't interest you. I think it's great that FTB are giving this segment of the community some attention. It's not my thing, but I'm not annoyed or bothered or concerned by it.
    This pack is designed for frequent resets anyway.
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  15. THEminer72

    THEminer72 New Member

    I can't seem to find any servers.
  16. GreenEyedEnderman

    GreenEyedEnderman New Member

  17. PhoenixSmith

    PhoenixSmith New Member

    Nice! A official FTB Fly-Boys pack eh? :D
  18. psp

    psp New Member

    It's not like this pack was released three hours ago...
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  19. Kel_Co

    Kel_Co New Member

    I'll just be claiming I made this pack and submitting it to Jampacked please and thank you.
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  20. psp

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