FTB Resurrection 1.0.1 Update Info.

Discussion in 'tfox83' started by tfox83, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Saxona Ian

    Saxona Ian New Member

    I tested 1.0.1 and when I hover over an item and hit U to see the recipes the item is used in, the game crashes. I tried it twice after I crashed and it crashed each time after that as well.
  2. Sprung

    Sprung New Member

    I believe I have found another bug. When you craft pyrotheum dust to use with thermal expansion after pulling it out of the crafting grid it converts to gregtech pyrotheum and thermal expansion is not allowing that version to be used in the recipe.
  3. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    I will be releasing a update to fix a few issues but however with the changes being done to GT in the near future I do not know how long this pack will be continued in development. I will know more over the next few weeks hopefully.
  4. Sprung

    Sprung New Member

    I thank you for the continued effort. I am looking forward to GT 6 :) I think this pack has at least been valuable in letting me experience GT 5. Since GT6 will also be for 1.7.10, is there any chance it can be incorporated in this pack as a replacement?
  5. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    At this time with the changes of the new GT that have been announced I am not sure I would be able to incorporate in Resurrection. But everything is too far out to tell.
  6. Sprung

    Sprung New Member

    I have found one more issue with this version of the pack. The NEI shows that the fluid transposer from TE should be able to empty a cell containing oxygen resulting in an empty cell. I stuck 25 of the oxygen cells into the top of a basic frame model fluid transposer and I ended up with one empty cell in the bottom and one cell with oxygen in the top. The other 23 cells vanished.

    Edit: I did some more testing. Every time you put the oxygen cell on the top portion of the fluid transposer it puts the full cell in the bottom slot and a new empty cell appears in the top slot. So it is also a fluid cell item dupe at this point. Note: For the above test and this new one the fluid transposer must be in reverse mode.
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  7. Athyrio

    Athyrio New Member

    I reported this with video and pic evidence in 1.0, confirmed still a issue...
  8. GammaGoblin

    GammaGoblin New Member

    What are these changes? Sorry, im not big into whole minecraft-modding world, just playing FTB packs.
  9. PhoenixSmith

    PhoenixSmith New Member

    Gregtech 6 is coming for 1.7.10 because of the delay to 1.8. So big changes for the mod basically.
  10. Sprung

    Sprung New Member

    It is kind of sad that this pack seems to have been abandoned compared to the other packs. I was enjoying it quite a bit, but the bugs are adding up.
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  11. mbbkraft

    mbbkraft New Member

    Oh ok i was wondering why i dont see any news on the pack. So what is the next project ? Just curious to see some update on the next official pack with greg :) (or maybe just wait 1.8... :p)
  12. Athyrio

    Athyrio New Member

    I do not see anyone really doing much on 1.8. I too understand how pesky we could be, but looking at the inactivity, one has to ask the obvious, is the mudpack author planning to include some updates that are out.

    As in is there a fork stuck in it at this time? aka it is done?
  13. LachyZ

    LachyZ New Member

    great pack. hope to see more from tfox83 ;)
  14. Dustindb

    Dustindb New Member

    hi guys me and my friends want a good mod pack that has a decent amount of mods, and so far we have not been able one that suits our style.
    Ilooked into how to make my own mod pack but i just want it for me and my friends is their a way i can do this
  15. OdraNoel

    OdraNoel New Member

    hi, so i have to say this is by far the BEST mod pack i have played for MC ever, and iv played alot over the last few years. so much so that i dont feel i can go back to a mod pack without gregtech. (tried infinity but it just felt too easy) so i feel totally devastated now to learn that it might be discontinued. iv been unable to find any relevant info as to the future of this mod pack that isnt at least one or two months old. so i have a few questions, and im sure im not the only one.

    currently 1.0.1 is not properly playable due to many bugs and crafting recipes not working (like modular suits) so even if gregtech 5 wont continue to be updated, and gregtech 6 is incompatible with this current mod pack, will there at least be a future version to work out the current issues with recipes and bugs in 1.0.1?

    also will there be any more gregtech packs coming soon? (i realize it might take a little while for gregtech 6 to get to a point comparable to where GT 5 was, but it cant hurt to ask. and the fact that there was more then a year diffrence between the release for FTB unhinged and FTB resurrection has me worried that i might have to wait another year or so for a proper gretech pack)

    and finally a couple of general questions that i seem to be having difficulty finding answers to on other forums (including the gregtech forum) i keep hearing about how incomplete GT 5 is. as i have only just gotten into the medium voltage age and havent progressed much further yet, im curious. what exactly is missing or incomplete in GT5? iv already learned that some machines wont work, (like the plasma arc furnace as theres no way to obtain nitrogen plasma) so im rather reluctant to continue playing this pack if im only going to run upagainst incomplete features that wont allow me to progress. i really planned on playing this pack for a long time to come but dont want to waste months playing only to find the late game content is unfinished. so even if GT5 stays where it is, is it worth investing several months of play into it? or am i only setting my self up for massive rage and disappointment?

    also if this pack does continue to at least get ironed out is there any possibility of adding biomes o plenty into the mix, to get more interesting worlds? or is it incompatible with GT ore gen?

    TL;DR. whats the current plan for the future of this mod pack? will bugs and issues still get ironed out even if GT5 wont continue to be updated? is this pack worth continuing to play? or should we wait for another (hopefully not to far off) pack that will include GT 6? again, this is by far the greatest pack i have played and has really made it almost impossible for me to go back to other lesser packs. but i feel totally discouraged to continue playing it due to the issues mentioned above. :(


    Edit to add: ok i answered my own question with regards to biomes of plenty compatibility. it does indeed work with GT5 ore gen :) i used a modified amplified version of biomes of plenty (you can find out how to do it here dont ask for the jar file, you wont get it) and it is freaking AMAZING!!!!

    now more then ever i feel totally devastated if i cant conitue this pack. so again, is this worth playing or am i out of luck once i get reasonably far into GT5?


    Edit 2: just an FYI, if you guys add BOP to ressurection you will get conflicting biome ID's with twilight forest. im trying to find a solution now.

    Edit 3: ok, to fix the biome id conflicts simply replace TF biome id's with these. (use at your own risk, i have no idea what im doing but this seems to have worked and goten rid of the conflict chat message on world start up. and TF loads just fine. but hence my ignorance on these things, i dont know if this will cause any unforseen issues. but so far works fine for me :) )
    biome {
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  16. Master_Builder_800

    Master_Builder_800 New Member

    I love love love what FTB resurrection does. Its like playing the old packs with some of the new features. Thanks a ton for this pack, I like it when a pack is perfectly balanced and fun like the old stuff
  17. jogi01

    jogi01 New Member

    One short question: is this pack still supported or on develpoment ? i see that there are no new updates out like in infinity
  18. Blood Asp

    Blood Asp New Member

    I wonder how you think about my GT5 fork. GT6 might take 6-12 Months to reach Endgame at the current Speed.
  19. GammaGoblin

    GammaGoblin New Member

    How to update to 1.0.1 version of the pack? My launcher sees only 1.0.0 vesrion.
    Can i use it in Ressurection pack? In already created world?
  20. Blood Asp

    Blood Asp New Member

    Yes the version is compatible. I recommend updating the forge version, but that would mean all other Mods must be updated too.

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