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    This month has been a very exciting time for FTB packs! We have released 3 packs in as many weeks.

    Sky Factory 2.5 Release


    It's skyblock like you've never seen it before! High tech mods, full automation, and chicken sticks! Sky Factory starts the player in the void with nothing but a tree and a *single* piece of dirt between you and certain death! Version 2.5 adds a variety of new mods to the pack and gives the player much more choice than ever before. The option is now available to begin in the classic void world or Botania's Garden of Glass, which allows the player a different set of challenges. Pick up your achievement book today and start your journey!

    FTB Inventions Release


    With most of our other 1.7.10 content, balance and extended progression are focus points when designing unique packs; however, these core concepts have been thrown out the window with FTB Inventions. This modpack is designed for the creatively styled builder, designer and ultimate factory constructor. For the first time ever, resource gathering is eased by Equivalent Exchange, and the main focal point is building and large technology based mods. Want to make a spawn city come to life with friends or an over complicated factory mass-producing most items in the pack? If so then FTB Inventions is for you! --Inventors, dust off your wrenches and prepare to dive into a world where the sky is the limit!

    This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.

    FTB Unstable 1.9 Release


    The official bleeding-edge testing platform used by Feed The Beast for their more modern 1.9.4 packs. Highly experimental and volatile. Just a reminder: no tech support will be offered for this pack!

    Visit www.feed-the-beast.com for all pack downloads and information.


    On Thursday June 2nd we had our town hall meeting / stream with special guests Darkosto, ZeldoKavira, and Kaelten

    We discussed the releases of Sky Factory 2.5, FTB Inventions, and Unstable 1.9
    Curse has announced that the Mac version of Curse app now includes our Minecraft mod manager.

    And last but not least, the Wrenched map will be releasing very soon.

    You can view the broadcast in its entirety on YouTube:

    FTB now has a Curse Server for our community. Come join in on the conversation.

    Space Astronomy
    Space Astronomy is a space- based modpack that includes loads of the latest tech and space mods. It allows you to explore other planets around the solar system.





    Some things that people might like to know or what people commonly ask :-
    • Yes I'm rather bald
    • I live in the UK in the county of Norfolk
    • I used to be a DJ so music is important to me.
    • I'm a electronics/computer engineer
    • I started broadcasting on Twitch.tv to take my mind off real life crap and fell in love with it.
    You can contact me by:
    Messaging me on Twitch
    E-mail to [email protected]
    Twitter @matrixis


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  2. Rishenda

    Rishenda New Member

    Thanks guys... I was wondering when this would be posted.
  3. BMan2505

    BMan2505 New Member

    Absolutely in love with FTB Inventions. Greatest way to start off summer
  4. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    FTB Unstable crashed a few times, but that was due to that TC Crafting Station Rendering items on it. but i just turned it off and enjoy it.
    FTB Invention is a bit to Empty for me, so i'm rather dissapointed in it. (where's "FTB Kitchen Sink" with Magneticraft when you need it? xD)
    and Space Astronomy is just Awesome. leaking some stuff, but Awesome.
  5. Gideonseymour

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    Why've you got the FTB watermarks on the splashes?

    Have you considered editing the avatar of the account you posted this with so people in not-night mode can make out the "Feed the Beast" text beneath the letters?

    How does Sky Factory 2.5 integrate with Garden of Glass, aside from adding more mods to it? Does the Garden of Glass version contain a new achievement book, or is it the same as the original? Are there future plans for collaborations with pack creators, such as more stuff with Bacon_Donut? For a new player starting out in modded minecraft, would you recommend Infinity Evolved Skyblock or Sky Factory 2.5?

    For the FTB Content Creation stuff, does it only apply to streamers and video maker guys, or do artists or musicians count? Is it required to link to a main channel and a VoD to show off out content (I mean for non-streamers/youtubers)? Are there any expectations of streamers and youtubers in terms of content or quality? Would a youtuber who doesn't post often, but has very high quality videos (such as in-depth mod tutorials) be able to be considered for being a content creator? Can we find a list anywhere of current FTB content creators? What benefits does becoming a Content Creator provide?
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  6. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    I can answer the GOG question for the most part. I believe the pack devs through in GOG as a bonus. None of the GOG features like the pebble clicking thing are in the reg maps and you have to switch the Generation type to GOG to do that. There should still be the cool Skyblock type of flowers in the Reg maps. Hope that helps.
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  7. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    Of course, now you need to make an unstable 1.10 :p
  8. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    They need a version of Forge for 1.10 first :)
  9. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    Or enough jar mods that are somehow compatible with each other (and worth to become part of a modpack), just like the olden days :p
  10. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum New Member

    An unstable 1.10 is a few months away.
    I mean, 1.10 just came out yesterday. There will not be millions of mods for it right now.
  11. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    I wonder why they are moving so fast....Um.:(
  12. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    who? the Mods or Mojang?
    if you mean the mods, well think about it this way: why would mod makers waste Time on a Version that noone will play because there's already mods for the newer one? (the 1.8 skip for example).
    it would be like writing the Newest version of Rotarycraft with tons of new Content for β-1.8. get it?
  13. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

  14. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    I think Mojang is working hard to merge the feature set(s) of Java MC and MCPE/Win10 MC so that at least Vanilla players can co-exist in the same Realms servers and play together. Decreasing the update cycle may mean they have a plan to add a few changes at a time, reducing bug fix times.

    Several fixes for Java MC have already been ported from MCPE... A fix added to 1.8 to only render blocks in player line-of-sight instead of all the way to bedrock went a long way to correct lag issues, and 1.10 introduced "Step Assist" as a selectable game option for example.

    I think once we see the same features in all versions of MC we might see some form of the mythical Mod API being worked on, and modding brought to MCPE.
  15. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    I was thinking maybe they were rushing for a big 2.0 push for next year? ......
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  16. RealKC

    RealKC Popular Member

    Modding MCPE is a thing already
  17. server is up but 0/0 can join whats up with this
  18. WebDragon

    WebDragon Guest

    BTW anyone interested in a nice survival island for Unstable, the seed is 6383601789727106897. pirate ships galore, at least two or more ocean monuments nearby, and a fair boat ride away is a large-ish mesa biome. I can't wait to see more of the infinity evolved mods moving into the 1.10 compatibility; it's nice to see *this* many mods already are.

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