FTB Mage Quest {ALPHA} Bug Reports


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Jul 29, 2019
So first off, fair warning this pack is likely never going to be updated. You may be better off recreating it yourself via the AT Launcher or similar.
However, if for any reason you would prefer not to do that:
Swiftness is water bottle, nether wart, then sugar, not blaze powder.
If the map mod currently in use is Journeymap, there are settings you can access via the fullscreen map menu (options) that change how it maps underground and overworld, and other such things.
Odds are if it's Voxelmap or similar, there's a similar options pane somewhere. Check controls in the pause menu to see what the key to access it might be.
Post anything else you have issues with here, and either i or someone else will try to help. :)