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    Two years ago FTB and Curse first came together to form a partnership. Since then both parties have worked together to create a new client designed for installing Minecraft mods and mod packs. A few months ago Curse released a new client on Microsoft Windows and recently have released this new client to OSX/macOS. Whilst there is still some way to go before we completely retire the FTB launcher. We have finally reached a position where we are happy to fully recommend the Curse app as the preferred method for downloading FTB mod packs on both Windows and Mac.

    Over the coming months new features will include the ability to download server packs from directly within the Curse app and also the ability to upload crash logs directly to FTB or the relevant pack designer. An API will also be added which will allow server hosting companies to directly access server side packs. Finally, work has started to test the viability of a Linux based client. The Curse dev team has a few Linux enthusiasts among them, so they're really excited about bringing the app to Linux.

    Our current plan is to have both the Curse app and the FTB launcher continue to co-exist over the next few months. This is to give Curse the time needed to add the last few remaining features required for feature parity, at which point the FTB launcher will be retired. Once our launcher is retired then we will debrand it and remove all existing download links from our websites and finish the process of moving all FTB mod packs and other related content over to the Curse app. We still plan to make a bare bones version of the launcher stripped of all branding and FTB content available for those packs that remain on the client and cannot move for one reason or another. We have yet to determine whether download links for this stripped down version of the launcher will be hosted, however it's likely that this will be left in the hands of the pack developers that remain on the old launcher.

    Finally those who are about to use the Curse app for the first time . Curse have some basic video guides already on their youtube channel which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm8BE-dVxqWjYO29zMWstb7WoFIb3zwgM and further guides will be made available in the coming days.

    We as a team sincerely hope that everyone enjoys using the Curse app as much as we do and whilst our focus will now move more and more into mod pack development, as a team we will continue to work with Curse to help them provide the best user experience possible for everyone.
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  2. Henry Link

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    I know of the features that still needs to be implemented is downloading server packs. That is the only feature I still use in the old client currently. The curse client does have a lot of nice features around multiple instances and ease of add/removed mods from a standard pack. So overall I do like the curse client.

    Also, is there any plans now that MAC version is out to also support Linux?
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  3. Bluedog444

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    Personally as a third party pack dev this change frightens me for the following reasons:

    -The launcher is currently entwined with curse voice, as a modpack launcher the only thing I want to be able to do is to easily install, run and edit modpacks.

    -The second reason I dislike this is because the third party modpack system that currently is used by FTB is going to be scrapped. This means that getting your pack recognized is a lot harder (in my personal experiences). It also means that not all third part mods can be used only mods hosted on curse and on [This list](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BX4fFRnfANPvWjnkPlfGx03RlBq5JkmuBvwEO_6gdbE/edit#gid=0) (This has grown however)

    -Thirdly I feel like this will split the community. People have already stated that they are going to switch launchers once this is in full swing. The main reason for sticking to FTB as a third party pack dev is because most the player base is in the FTB community which means that more people get to experience your work.
  4. erindalc

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    During the Town hall, someone (slowpoke I think) said that there will always be a linux option, whether through Curse Voice or another option.

    I totally agree with you. I would like to see a Curse Launcher WITHOUT the social features of Curse Voice, or make them disable-able.
  5. Lacunanight

    Lacunanight New Member

    This is a real bummer for me as I utterly hate the curse launcher, the only redeeming quality it had was an uninstall feature. I guess once the FTB launcher goes away I will be switching over to AT-launcher, sorry FTB.
  6. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Any specific reasons?
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  7. Quetzi

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    This is covered:

  8. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    Love you @Bluedog444 . Watchful can back me up with this but we are going to make sure the switch has as little impact on packs that are syncing to curse from our launcher. I would hate to see people that love to build packs and have placed them on our launcher for the community to play and enjoy, suddenly be hurt by the loss of the launcher. I will see if we can find away to still feature great modpacks that would other wise go unnoticed.

    Much love for all the pack Devs out there
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  9. tarzan1376

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    this honestly seems like a bad idea, some old players " me personally " might not like the switch as the curse client is to cluttered, laggy, ugly color layouts, orange and black? the only other website or brand with that is . . . and I don't wanna be reminded of that when I play minecraft.
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  10. Fortanono

    Fortanono Well-Known Member

    Just made an FTB pack that can't be hosted on Curse due to Factorization. Couldn't have worse timing. :p
  11. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Factorization has recently moved to the MIT license. You can use this form to request it's addition to the third party list.
  12. Techly88

    Techly88 Guest

    I am still confused on what I will have to do as a private pack dev. What will happen to private packs that are currently on the FTB launcher when the launcher will be trashed?
  13. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    I think you guys need to edit this and explain what this means for pack devs, for open, private, semi private packs. whats changed and whats not changing, it doesnt help just saying " were switching and adding a few things to curse "
  14. Bluedog444

    Bluedog444 New Member

    The FTB launcher is not getting scrapped, it will still exist but as an unbranded launcher. Any pack that is on the FTB launcher will still be there however no new packs will be put on the FTB launcher.
  15. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    We haven't completely worked it out yet. Likely we'll put tools in place to help those pack authors move over to curse.
  16. Your download link now links to this new Curse App. As someone who uses your launcher to access a private server, I am now totally lost how to use the Curse app to access my private FTB server. The Curse app is chunky, confusing, and has dozens of features I do not want, and doubt I will ever use.

    As an example I had to create a login to use the Curse app. This was not required for the FTB launcher. Once logged into the Curse app searching for FTB does nothing. I can discover New Communities and FTB is listed there, but I am under the assumption by the word community it will not link to the server I am looking for, and linking to one does not appear to download the FTB mod pack on this computer. The whole reason I was looking to download the FTB launcher on this computer.

    Additionally the Curse launcher claims something went wrong and reconnects approximately every 5 minutes. The Curse app is upset my video drivers are out of date even though there are no updates, and the video card on this computer is just ancient. The good thing about Minecraft is it plays on fairly crappy computers with out of date video drivers. There is some voice features, and you can make phone calls I guess with the Curse client. That will never be used. I run my own private voip servers, and don't need whatever version Curse is forcing on me.

    In fact that is what this feels like. The FTB team forcing the Curse app on me. It is unwanted, and unneeded. Yet I can't install the FTB mods on a new computer without it now. The worst part is I still don't know how to achieve just that, so I can play on my private server. Tonight I will be home, and back on the old FTB launcher. I assume it will still work and still connect me to my private FTB server. I guess I will have to wait until tonight. Then reconsider if I wish to continue using FTB.

    After going through the Curse app settings with a fine tooth comb I found the Minecraft plugin which was not enabled. Once enabled I was able to figure out how to install my servers FTB mod pack, and got it installing. The thing is Curse still disconnects every few minutes or so, and that pauses the install. Keep in mind the download part is done, it is just installing. It will be beyond annoying if the Curse app does not allow offline play. I imagine I'll find a dozen more annoyances before I am done. I guess I ask why Curse? You had such a good thing going with your own launcher...
  17. Techly88

    Techly88 Guest

    So your saying the FTB launcher downloads are already pulled offline??
  18. Robert Myers

    Robert Myers Guest

    After having my computer repaired, I am now trying to reload FTB .... and YES the launcher is no where to be found as before!!! The "Download Now" Tab on the Main Page now has you installing a Curse App ... and there is NO where after that, that I found, where I could download the Launcher and create desktop Icon etc. to (hopefully) re-join my FTB servers.

    The Curse App is pointless, as well as (at this point) almost a "re-direction" to something I did NOT want on my computer :(
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  19. Techly88

    Techly88 Guest

    Look underneath the big Download button..

    You should be able to find the "legacy" downloads thingly as quoted.
    It gave me the FTB launcher when I clicked the Windows one at least.
  20. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    There are some big pluses to the curse launcher. The biggest is the ability to create multiple instances of the same pack. This allows you to an instance dedicated to a specific server that might be staying on certain version of the pack or may have disabled/added a few mods and still have another instance that is the most recent version of the pack with all of the defaults. It is also much easier to download and install additional mods into a pack or create a custom pack on. While I could do with out some of the other features of the launcher overall I like it and use it. Not a big fan of its look and feel though but I've gotten used to it.

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