FTB is 1 Year Old

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. LegacyRose

    LegacyRose New Member

    Happy Anniversary Slowpoke! You and your crew have created one of the most awesome gaming tools in a long time. I love FTB and will continue to promote it however I can! :) Gratz and keep up the great work!
  2. Yami

    Yami Active Member

    Happy Birthday! But heck, I didn't know how it started, very interesting story. Especially didn't know that Dire somwhat started the whole thing.
  3. 99Johnsy99

    99Johnsy99 Member

    i dont think i have enough money to donate money to every modder :( i guess i will have to pick out my fav's
  4. BraveStone199

    BraveStone199 New Member

    Happy Birthday, and thank you so much for developing a really fun and useful modpack that you and the team put so much work into!
  5. xSINZx

    xSINZx Member

    :( I'm sorry to hear that would love to flick you guys a donation myself for the great work you all do. Any Chance/Plans you could set up some kind of Trust/Holding Account for the Mod authors of your packs that we could donate to. You could then distribute to them evenly or percentage based?
  6. jatie1

    jatie1 Well-Known Member

    That would be really great, and would benefit all the modders at the same time. But I don't have a credit card to donate :(
  7. ryanjh5521

    ryanjh5521 Well-Known Member

    It's not like the funds come out of their pockets. They are sponsored by Creeperhost and get free hosting
  8. jjw123

    jjw123 Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    we receive no money whatsoever, the sponsorship from creeperhost is purely server hosting
  9. ryanjh5521

    ryanjh5521 Well-Known Member

    Ok. Noted, Thanks
  10. kolikooo1

    kolikooo1 Active Member

    forgot to say... HAPPY B DAY FTB and congrats slowpoke
  11. Shadow

    Shadow Active Member

    Thought since I was mentioned I should probably say hey.

    I remember way back then, we were sitting around and I suggested making stuff appear as you put it in, you asked me to show you what you meant.
    After a couple of hours I had a concept design built of a few items going in and appearing.
    When i showed it to you, you said you liked it so i got stuck in with making the map and a few hours later I had a working map with a "surprise ending" (personally my favorite ending ever).
    Then a short time later you had the idea of making direwolf20 and nearbygamer compete head to head, so we jumped on a world and messed around with ideas and then I said "Slow I don't want it to be square again" so we made the sides diagonal.
    You asked me how hard would it be to add a reward system (not sure if you expected "easy" to be my response) but i got it done.
    Then when I put the stuff in it (may i add with it being very OCD) I thought to myself now that I have everything in lets start filling these RP batboxes.
    Now I bet your all thinking he just spawned in full ones and placed them down, or I spawned in full batteries to fill them.
    Well no youd be mistaken.
    I filled the entire outside with redpower solar panels and stuck a huge cable all the way into the bat boxes.
    Why I hear you ask.
    Because I was stupid and probably suffering from a brain melt down after spending so much time being OCD about the internal wiring especially since we had rewards this time.
    That is pretty much all I have to say just thought these guys might want to know something that I'm not sure if its been told on a stream and if i'm wrong on something i'm sure someone will tell me.

    Anyways thanks for reading and thanks to slowpoke for letting me be a part of his team at the beginning and to everyone that plays FTB.
    Shadow Peace Out

    P.S. look slow no swear words :p.
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  12. Nishtown

    Nishtown New Member

    What did shadow do?
    hehe jokes.. For those that are interested I have found all my copies of the original maps and depending on how I am for time this weekend ill be streaming a playthrough of some of the maps
    Keep an eye out on twitter or twitch to see it happen!!
  13. Molten

    Molten Well-Known Member

    Direwolf20 head to head with Nearby and watching them trying to work out how to get iron is the best thing on you tube.
    Also with bonus of Nearby giving us a death every 2 minutes :p
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