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Discussion in 'Watchful11' started by Watchful11, May 24, 2015.

  1. Afr0SamuRay

    Afr0SamuRay Guest

    hello guys, how i can decrease the number of mobs spawn? i cant play because everytime i spawn on map have almost 5 to 10 AoA monster mobs. any idea how decrease or modify a file fot fix that. thanks.
  2. Themrowlpie

    Themrowlpie New Member

    I can understand Tinkers' weapons being damage-limited for being cheap and overpowered nonsense, but why are some of the weapons implemented by AoA itself affected by the damage cap? A few examples noted here (http://imgur.com/a/j4JLW) being the Deep Bow rated at 34 damage, the Dark Beast rated at 82 damage, the Mineral rated at 77 damage, and the Skeletal Archergun at 16 damage, and the Terminator (http://imgur.com/MYvVhw6) at 70 damage (although it seemed to change between being capped and not capped either by mob or at random). All of these weapons will only do 25 damage to AoA mobs. Is this a bug or intended?
  3. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

    I'm not sure about that either, you can turn the AoA damage cap off in the config, however, I believe the Tinker weapons will still do 25 damage.
  4. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Then that should be done. Without powerful AoA weapons, the bosses become unintentionally difficult.
  5. Themrowlpie

    Themrowlpie New Member

    If I may make a suggestion in officially removing ExtraTic from the pack? I wouldn't see too much of a problem keeping normal TiCon tools in as the early game can be pretty brutal, but the fact you can use AoA's metals to make tools that overshadow or oversimplify the mod itself is a bit counter-intuitive.
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  6. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

    I agree to be honest, even with the Tinkers nerf, everybody still uses Tinkers due to them being so popular.

    Like, why would you ever work hard to get an AoA weapon when you can just pump a crossbow full of damage, knockback, life steal, and self-repair, and much more BS

    See all these creative AoA weapons?
    Nah, just get a crossbow

    Tinkers is unbalanced, its OP, there's no beating around the bush, it's also overdone
    The only solution to this is too just simply remove Tinkers from the pack, even if you've nerfed them, everybody will still use them due to how useful and well-known they are, and how they make 90% of tools from other mods obsolete, and I thought the point of this pack was to make Advent of Ascension more well known, maybe it has, but I'm not sure about all the guns, archerguns, cannons, and snipers being well-known due to good ol' Tinkers making all of that obsolete.
    Please, @Watchful11 , take notes of this.
  7. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I'd say just remove the weapons, as AoA doesn't have much to offer in the way of tools anyways, so tinkers tools shouldn't be a huge deal.The weapons however should be nuked. Manyullyn is overpowered in just vanilla tinkers. Limonite does more damage and is much easier to get your hands on. Limonite throwing knives are better than most AoA bows.
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  8. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

    Good point, while Tinkers tools are powerful, at least they don't make the whole pack easy-mode unlike the weapons.
  9. DBrickShaw

    DBrickShaw Guest

    One suggestion: In the server download, the config property "allow-flight" should probably be set to true. There's several mobs that can levitate the player, and with the default settings the server will kick you if you get levitated for too long. It's a quick fix when you figure out what's happened, but it makes for an awfully frustrating way to die.
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  10. dave69

    dave69 Guest

    Hello to all the community.. I just started two days ago... I am STRUGGLING to find any metal that will allow me to dig limonite or any tier 3 ores, I can only get iron copper and .. that's it.. where are the diamonds? where are the other ores I was using to make at least redstone thinker tools????
  11. Themrowlpie

    Themrowlpie New Member

    Something just dawned on me - Tinkers' Construct tools don't activate traps in the Deeplands. Do what you will with this info.

    Edit: For good reason it seems. Nibblers are the scourge of all existence
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  12. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    How do I deal early game with some mob that drag me around from behind the walls? I'm effectively paralised without being able to do anything.
  13. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    By a guess, I'd say that's a death hunter. Try digging toward the suction to find it. They aren't too tough, just the suction can be horrible.
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  14. hi529

    hi529 New Member

    Suggestion: Remove Spice of Life. It's the most obnoxious mod ever created. Having to find food from the beginning can be difficult on its own sometimes. This mod makes that even worse. Find a horde of pigs? Well too bad, because two pork chops later all pork is useless until you find another food source! I'm sick of not being able to play on servers simply because I want to actually play with AoA, not spend the whole game farming or looking for food. Holly Tops are all the farming I can stand, and that's because it's worth it for the OP bows that use Holly Arrows. But having to farm 100 different crops because of SoL? Boring! Please remove it.
    Also, update AoA, there's a lot more content in the newer versions!
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  15. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    Looks like SoL was already dialed down in setting to 5 foods history. It's quite easy to rotate 5 foods with growing very few stuff and just cooking them in different ways. For example, apples just by themselves can be eaten as it is, drunk as a juice, and I think you can make them salad too. Add jerky and stock that you can make from vanilla mob drops, and you get 5 foods already.

    On the other hand, those 5 foods take up inventory space, and this mod would fit way more with more relaxed environment, not AoA crazy lifestyle.

    Speaking of which, suggestion to pack designer: alter Spice of Life settings to


    and change food.history.length so it matches nutrition of the high end craftable foods. Then if you put effort to cookscomething fancy, you can avoid having to fill more than one inventory slots with food.
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  16. hi529

    hi529 New Member

    Yeah, I hate SoL in general but just realized that they DID update AoA.. *facepalm*

    Also, bug: everything in WAILA shows up as unnamed.
  17. hi529

    hi529 New Member

    Okay, what is going on? AoA alone runs fine, but something about the other mods gives me 0.1 to 1 fps! Does anyone know the mod causing the issue? It's not AoA, It alone runs fine as I said before.
  18. Ashendale

    Ashendale New Member

    So is this modpack still gonna be updated? I read that there were to be no releases unless they're to fix bugs...
  19. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

    AoA is getting a pretty big update soon-ish that's planned to be released in February if everything goes right, this update includes 5 new dimensions, plus some new content being added to the current dimensions.

    I believe the modpack will be updated after the AoA update releases...
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  20. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

    Might as well revive this to update some people:

    TL;DR plans were changed, the AoA update is being split into 3 updates: 2.5-2.7

    However, 2.5 as it stands is "released" as an open beta, basically, a snapshot, you can go to the MC forum AoA post, go to the latest page, go to page 1813 (I think), and there it is, keep in mind, there are bugs, hence the "open beta" mentioned earlier.

    @Watchful11 will Departed be updated once the 2.5 AoA update is "officially" released?
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