Forestry jar makes Revelation unplayable

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New Member
May 30, 2020
When I try to launch FTB revelation, I get greeted with an error screen telling me Binnie Core, Magic Bees, and a couple other mods require Forestry to work (duh). Forestry is part of the pack, and the JAR file is in there with the rest of them, but for whatever reason it just doesn't recognize it.

I've already deleted and reinstalled the instance several times and get the same shit.

Here's my latest.log: https://
Here's the big screen it shows me anytime i launch minecraft:
Here's a picture of the forestry it wants, which is in the folder, right next to the other mods:
Has ANYONE else had this bug? I can't find anything on it.


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May 24, 2020
There is an issue with opening the jar files. It sees the Jar but is unable to open it to read the data which is causing the problem. Do you have 7zip or any program able to open .jar files?