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Mac Fix for launcher on mac (Minecraft crashes immediately)

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by portablejim, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Candan Scheuber

    Candan Scheuber New Member

    I have done those exact steps from the second post, and it DID work properly, however there were no mods loaded. If you can tell me if there's anything ELSE I need to do, please tell me :)
  2. SilentWatchr

    SilentWatchr New Member

    Well, that didn't work at all for me.

    Infact, now it just doesn't even load up the launcher
  3. monkeymonk78

    monkeymonk78 New Member

    is there a fix for 1.0.8?
  4. lazymaximus

    lazymaximus New Member

    Got a code like this for Windows PC? I'm having the same minecraft crashing instantly problem
  5. portablejim

    portablejim New Member

    Try from a new folder (i.e. deleting the ftb folder, creating it again and downloading the launcher again).
    You might have to change the location of the "Install folder" (under "Options" in the launcher). This should work for the launcher version 1.0.9.
    No, this is just a Mac specific problem.
  6. MincraftWimp

    MincraftWimp New Member

    Now, I'm having this problem where after I download the launcher (the .jar) I put it into a new folder on my desktop, and when I open the launcher and start up the launch, it downloads the rest of the files into my Downloads folder, and not the one where I put the initial Launcher.jar in. Is anyone else having that problem?
  7. Fizzgigg

    Fizzgigg New Member

    I have a mac and it has always worked :p
  8. Skull_man54

    Skull_man54 New Member

    I made a video for it! Please like and subscribe, it really helps! :D
  9. CaleTheKing

    CaleTheKing New Member

    Does this code have to be run every time you want to open the launcher??? also is there any way to add EE2/RP2 to it??
  10. Pissmaster

    Pissmaster New Member

    still crash for me after Mojang splash screen.
    Only way to work is by installing the mods to the original minecraft launcher and it works perfectly @125fps.

    It would more convenient if i could use launcher because easier update and don't have to transfer between vanilla and ftb by renaming .minecraft..

    iMac 2010 Intel Dual 2 Core
    Mac osX Lion 10.7.4
    Java JRE 1.6

    pastebin log

    Please help. Thanks.
  11. pdeslaur

    pdeslaur New Member

    Hi guys,

    I find this issue quite annoying since I have to launch the terminal each time I want to play FTB. I created very simple Mac OS X application that will just launch the game for me, via the bash (it will enter the exact commands that were provided earlier in this thread) An advantage to this is that it looks great in the dock! (see the image posted with the post)

    - The first time you will launch the application, it will ask you were is your FTB jar file, select it and it won't ask you never again! (which is a problem itself, but for now it works)
    - Next time, it will directly open FTB

    The source code is available on github, it is VERY basic, so don't be afraid to make it better in any way you want!

    Here is a download link for the app itself: http://www.mediafire.com/?f3r4n4y41g7k0vy
    Source Code: https://github.com/pdeslaur/FTB-OS-X-Laucher
    See EDIT below.

    I only tested this app on a MacBook Pro 2011 running OS X 10.8.2, I don't know if it will work on previous versions of OS X.

    ------ EDIT ------
    Following the post from Azhrael, this app is way to complicated for what it needs to do, here is a link to a must simpler and efficient bundle created with the Jar Bundler: http://www.mediafire.com/?ngdtb6zf5zlgceb
    Thanks Azhrael.


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  12. Azhrael

    Azhrael New Member

    Alternatively, if you have XCode installed, it includes a utility for bundling jar files into a Mac application (convienently called Jar Bundler), including specifying which version of the Java VM to use for launching it. It's quick, clean, and dead simple to do.
  13. pdeslaur

    pdeslaur New Member

    Wow, I totally didn't know that, and it works so well! This is a lot cleaner than the other app and it also fixes the issue with mac os x version. Here a link to the bundle I created with the JAR.


    Thanks for the tip, it is really THE way to go.
  14. Shermy99

    Shermy99 New Member

  15. JS_94

    JS_94 New Member

  16. pdeslaur

    pdeslaur New Member

  17. TomScheeper

    TomScheeper New Member

    Thank you a lot!!!
  18. MrMcTripleB

    MrMcTripleB New Member

    huh works fine for me?
  19. Rustik

    Rustik New Member

    i couldn't update to the most recent version of FTB from his download link so I just modified the download to include the most recent version of the launcher
  20. MrMcTripleB

    MrMcTripleB New Member

    When i downloaded it it just always had worked for me i had no problems except that i couldent log in some times. But i figured that out.
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