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Exception ticking world

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Syntium, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. Noaga

    Noaga New Member

    Ya I got the same thing... A pain it is...
  2. SnakeHead

    SnakeHead New Member

    same here. wanted to install soul shards 2 on ftb lite, but it crashed. i changed the date and then it worked. but i wanna use it on my server, so i still dont know what to do :(
  3. mrEDitor

    mrEDitor New Member

    How about libfaketime? It's an spike, however... it's gonna work.
    PS. Pardon my french, I speak English awful, I think.
  4. jahangir

    jahangir New Member

    Hi there,

    I am not using FTB, we have a Tekkit Lite server. Just to let you know that this problem is everywhere ;) It seems that this error came with changing the client launcher yesterday. Does FTB use the same launcher to connect as Tekkit Lite does...I don't know.
    I am using mcpc-plus with my server, so I do not get any crashes but every 1-2 second I am getting the errors in the console which really slows down everything. (4-5tps continously for 15-20 players).
    After whitelisting the server...not errors in the console at all. It starts with players connecting and running around. So my opinion was the launcher...that was also the only modification I am aware og since it happened yesterday for the first time.

    EDIT: ah, I forgot. Seems that using mcpc-plus helps not crashing the server. With the normal tekkitlite.jar it dows not start at all. Also turning the game to peaceful (spawn-monsters=false) helps to overcome this situation.I changed this 2 minutes ago, ans no errors anymore in the console, so back to 20tps ;)

  5. James Pollard

    James Pollard New Member

    I also seem to be suffering this problem. Just hope it gets fixed soon, I can't live without monsters!!!
  6. monscter

    monscter New Member

    Arrrgh... thank goodness for this. I've been going nuts all day. Updating this, uninstalling that, test one game file then another, create new worlds, even doing the same on a totally different computer. Remove all mods, remove java, remove minecraft start again from scratch... all to no avail. Couldn't make any sense of it.

    Is there hope that its only a today/tomorrow thing and then everything will go back to normal.... please?

    (oh, and hi)
  7. monscter

    monscter New Member

    Phew.... yes, changing to 'peaceful' does solve the problem.
  8. AOBAsk8er72

    AOBAsk8er72 New Member

    For a server, setting spawn monsters to false does stop the crashes.. However for me it seems to lag slightly now. Plus, whats the point in playing if there's no monsters :( Hope this is fixed soon!
  9. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    This is an Easter egg for holloween built into IC2. You will have to play in peaceful mode until after holloween. Server operators should change difficulty to 0 in the server.properties file until after holloween.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Curbsystomp

    Curbsystomp New Member

    Where is the Options file to change to peaceful? I cannot find the thing. I'm playing Direwold20 1.4.7
  11. SnakeHead

    SnakeHead New Member

    Fixed it. Just turn off Seasonal Module of Railcraft. you must edit the modules.cfg in server/config/railcraft (for servers, in single player i dont know, but its possible, that its the same) and set B:seasonal=false instead of B:seasonal=true. After that everything worked for me.

    MfG SnakeHead
  12. Militarwizard47

    Militarwizard47 New Member

    yup, happened to me too, from hitting a squid with a Vajra or opening my inventory.
  13. Acestein

    Acestein New Member

    Got the same thing, I fixed it by simply putting the date of my windows (the one you find down on your toolbar of your desktop, not the bios date) to a previous date.

    Had no problems after that. When this "event" has passed, I can change it back.
  14. Spike_Oblivion

    Spike_Oblivion New Member

    I erased my world trying to fix this and it was something as simple as that? Actually makes me a little mad that they didnt get this "seasonal" patch right where people can actually use it.
  15. monscter

    monscter New Member

    Not sure abt Direworld as I'm playing Mindcrack - but I edited the 'Options.txt' file in the minecraft folder. Change difficulty to 0 and it should be good.
  16. sealchan

    sealchan New Member

    Oh, the irony of having to decrease the difficulty and/or not allowing the spawning of monsters in Minecraft on Halloween. Developers everywhere are feeling the disturbance in the Force!
  17. Beaterz

    Beaterz New Member

    Any news on when this horrible event will end so we can turn peacefull off? I hate peacefull and im taking a break from minecraft untill its fixed. and my server still crashes even though its 1 november now...
  18. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

  19. UK_Lone_Wolf

    UK_Lone_Wolf New Member

    I got mine to work by doing this

    and i made sure it changed to false before i loaded the world

    Thanks guys worked a charm. Kudos
  20. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    I started seeing mobs with pumpkins on their heads last night/this morning after it hit the 31st. Maybe that is it. If not another mod must be doing it. I am playing unhinged and I use the java arguments you can find on these forums to make it run better. Mine did not crash.
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