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End Portal in FTB?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by TrilluXe, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member


    I need your guys help. I try to find a stronghold with an end portal but there is no stronghold where the eyes of ender bring me.

    I think they just bring me to the place where a stronghold would be on a normal MC map.

    How do you guys find a stronghold? Is there a tool (MCEdit or something) where you can eg. search for a end portal frame and it shows you the location of this block?

    Please help me, I'm getting really frustrated with this.

  2. Zmaster27

    Zmaster27 New Member

    there should be a stronghold in that location, did the pearls start doing into the ground? and how far did you dig?
  3. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    Yep they went down into the ground. We dug down until bedrock and basically dug the whole area within an radius of 50 blocks.

    I'm very sure that there would be a stronghold on a NORMAL Minecraft Map with the same seed but since FTB adds more Biomes, the stronghold might me at another location.

    We also went 5000 blocks in each direction from that one location and the eyes of ender always took us back to that one location..

    I think that we can't find one without using tools.
  4. raiju

    raiju New Member

    between 500-1100 of 0,0 in a ring, can be at any height level below 100 all things considered but I think the spawn is around 30. Each stronghold is a spawn 120 degrees away from the other around the same point. This means that there are 3 strongholds. Strongholds are not the highest priority on spawn though so sometimes they can be partially (or possibly fully) eaten by say ravines.

    If the point you are at is near the coordinate ring (logically it could leave it due to spawning) then I would use some math to work out approximate locations of the others. If you are nowhere near spawn I would suggest heading back to that area and working with eyes from there.

    You can cheat find one by using a texture pack to make everything seethrough except stronghold blocks (stone bricks, ender portal frames, etc.) Would probably be a good idea to show lava as well though.
  5. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    I know all that and I've found several stronholds on normal Minecraft.

    But since this is Feed The Beast, which adds more Biomes, the strongholds are not at the same location as they would be on a normal MC map.

    Does anyone know of a tool, where you can search for a certain block and it gives you the location?
  6. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

  7. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    Already tried that one but AMIDST just gets the Seed from the Mapfile and loads a normal MC Map.

    Just shows where the strongholds would be on a normal MC Map, too.
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  8. raiju

    raiju New Member

    Sigh ok, strongholds spawn at those coordinates regardless of biome. The stronghold I use is in an XLbiomes redwood forest, those huge annoying trees. It isn't damaged in teh slightest and its coordinates are normal. My previous FTB world had a stronghold with normal coordinates, too.

    And as mentioned a modified texture pack will make it incredibly easy to find the stronghold. Go creative or fly with gravisuite or jetpack for a while and you will se it as soon as it is in view distance.
  9. dc0110

    dc0110 New Member

    maybe load the seed in vanilla creative, and clear the area the eyes took you to and locate the stronghold, should confirm if it's FTB related then. I think.
  10. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    Sry to tell you, but you're wrong m8. We checked all three locations an there were no strongholds. I invite you to join our server and check for yourself if you don't believe me.
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  11. raiju

    raiju New Member

    I am at work, but honestly I don't feel like spending an hour checking someone is actually using coordinates correctly.

    This is the only thing I've found which is likely related, and nothing to do with FTB but likely caused by you carrying through new updates on an old server:
    This states for 1.9beta, but it could be true for future updates as well where seeds change based on your server version. If you started your server, updated, then went hunting for a stronghold the eye may believe it is in old position X whereas because you never loaded that chunk, it is in new position Y.

    You do have structures generated... right?
  12. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Fun fact: If structures are disabled, you can't throw them.
  13. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    Structures are enabled, we already found a whole bunch of NPC Villages. The server was set up in 1.4.2 direwolf20 and runs on 1.4.6 mindcrack now..

    Does anyone know if you can search for a single type of block in MCEdit? That's the only tool I found, which actually displays the correct map and not just generates a new one within the program based on the seed.
    I flew around in MCEdit for quite some time to search for a stronghold underground, but this just takes forever. There must be a way to just search for end portal frames :(
  14. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr New Member

    An Ender Eye found a stronghold for me just fine, as expected. Sometimes, even in vanilla, a stronghold can get overwritten by a mineshaft or ravine. An ender eye will bring you to it, but the gate room won't be there.
  15. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    It does not help me at all, telling me that it works for you guys...

    Let me wrap it up again:
    1) The eyes bring me to the same spot all the time, nomatter how far I go away from this place.
    2) We dug the whole area around the spot with a quarry on a second server, there was not a single stonebrick in the chests.
    3) I just need suggestions on a external tool, that could help me find the strongholds
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  16. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    1. Are you in the overworld?
    2. What pack and version was this wold created in?

    And if your server agrees with it 3. An admin uses xray to check if thee is something the the vicinity.
  17. raiju

    raiju New Member

    1) Forgive us if we don't trust you went far enough away.
    2) You won't find out if you hit a ravine/mineshaft that ate a small stronghold by quarrying, like you've been told 2-3 times.
    3) Worldedit/MCedit don't like modworlds, you are just as likely to lose anything mod related as find what you are looking for. Get an invisible modpack, set endportal frames/stonebricks to visible (may even be a pack like this already) and fly around the spawn ring.

    Did you test ender eyes in your "second server" by the way? The whole idea behind the strongholds moving on new MC versions is that if you made a fresh server the eye should point to where the stronghold is.
  18. Saice

    Saice New Member

    This is not unique to FTB as I've seen dud strongholds in vanilla.

    Well if you still want to do it legit note your location where the dud stronghold is. Now you basic are going to want to do a little math. All three default strongholds are around spawn but in three different directions. The eyes always take you to the closet one is. So figure out how far you are from spawn. Then go to spawn and go about the same distance away in some direction other then were the dud is. Start tossing eyes this should get you to one of the other two strongholds.
  19. raiju

    raiju New Member


    0 = 0,0
    S= stronghold 1
    P= stronghold 2
    T = stronghold 3
    r = distance from spawn varying from 600-1200~ blocks.
  20. TrilluXe

    TrilluXe New Member

    @ slay_mithos

    Ofcourse I'm looking in the overworld and the map was generated in 1.4.2 on a direwolf20 server. we are now playing on a 1.4.6 mindcrack server.

    @ raiju

    1) I went nort/south/west/east/north-east/north-west/south-east/south-west for a minumum of 3000 block away from the spawn. The eyes bring me only to that one spot.
    2) I dug the area around that spot by hand for half an hour and checked it with MCEdit. There are no shafts or ravines nearby, only a smaller lava sea above bedrock.
    3) I just use MCEdit to look for a stronghold underground, I wouldn't save and play on the map from MCEdit afterwards.

    I edited the terrain.png from the mindcrack .jar-file and made all blocks apart from the end portal semi-transparent. That did not work out, since Mojang fixed this some time ago - you could not see through the blocks.

    I don't know of any other way to get a transparent texturepack, does anyone have one that works with FTB?

    @ Saice

    I used 3 different tools to get the locations of all 3 strongholds. I also went to the other 2 spots and dug around for a while, no stronghold to be found though

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