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Whitelist Server EclipseCraft|Direwolf 5.2.1|Moderate Whitelist|15 Slots|24/7|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Kyle2803, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Shundax

    Shundax New Member

    In Game Name: Shundax
    Real Age: 22

    Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better):
    First of all, I am looking for a server that is rather 'hard' to get in. Meaning not every application gets through, and you seem to take the applications very seriously. Which means only good players/mature players get in. Also less grievers, which is obv nice, who likes that, right ?
    Next, a smaller community like this is better to my playstyle, as I can easily get irritated if there's too much chitchat going on (read: 20+ people talking same time).
    I am not the best with all the mods though. I would also like to learn a lot here. I have played mostly IC and TC, but my knowledge of the other mods is still very much lacking. And I'm hoping to get the knowledge on this awesome server. (This will not mean you will be spammed with questions!, I am capable of looking at other people's builds and researching on the internet)

    Why should I choose you over other applicants?:
    Because I am a very friendly player, you will never, ever, see me grief or pvp without the other party's consent.
    I have a lot of respect for other people's builds and items.
    Also, I am very creative, I tend to build a lot in my head, and massive builds! In reality though, I build stuff that's like a shadow from the original :( which does not mean it's bad. I like to make things as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

    Optional Info about me: I live in belgium, and I'm currently a student in the art of gamedesign. Meaning, I will have finals at some point, or even night which I will not be able to connect due to school still being priority. But that does not mean I don't come online a lot. I am a frequent and dedicated player, I'll play 5h+ mostly a day. If I should ever be offline for a period, I shall warn you beforehand.

    Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!):
    I have some, I have basic knowledge of most of the mods, but I'm confident enough to say I know a bit about IC2 and TC3. The other mods, I haven't really tried out that much yet, as I had too much fun with the rest. Eventually I'll start learning more about the other mods

    Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional):
    I wish I could, but I'm not a huge fan of playing Single Player which gets kinda boring. And the last servers I was on, the admin decided to quit, meaning I've had no time to take a screenshot.
    If it should mean anything: last build I did was a very natural looking, huge floating island (about 350-400 blocks diameter)
  2. Kubkin

    Kubkin New Member

    In Game Name: Kubkin
    Real Age: 24

    Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better):
    I am looking for a new place to call home. My previous home no longer exists, unfortunately.
    You seem to take recruitment very seriously, which translates into a great community, as far as I can see.
    Quite a few of the other servers are hosted in the US, ruining my ability to enjoy Minecraft because of the high ping. EclipseCraft gives me low ping times, I like that.

    Why should I choose you over other applicants?:
    I respect other people, their buildings, their items. I wouldn't enter their creation or use their machines without their permission. If there is a spawn town, I want to build a little place that looks nice, because that is what I enjoy doing. If there isn't, I'll work even harder on my own place. I don't enjoy PVPing in Minecraft, I prefer to play peacefully and simply build.

    Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!):
    This question confuses me a little, because of the "Where?". If you are asking about moderator experience; I was asked to admin on my previous home after a few weeks of playing. Mostly for helping others placing items that had the same ID's as banned items. I don't really know the commands that come with the different plugins that help server owners/admins. Also I had my own small vanilla server in the past, just for a couple of friends.
    I don't know all the ins and outs of all mods, but I can google. Usually, if I want to know how something works, I google before I ask.
    I have some experience with Buildcraft, ComputerCraft, Forestry, Railcraft, Steves Carts. I haven't played the DW2 pack much, except for a few hours in single player. My experience comes from the Mindcrack pack. I got really excited when I read you can now program things in Minecraft (ComputerCraft), because I'm a software engineer in real life. Unfortunately I was disappointed by the options offered, so I don't really use ComputerCraft anymore.

    Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional):
    Not so much of my buildings, since I don't normally take screenshots. Don't ask me why, I don't know, I just don't.
    But I was trying to get certain type of bees and half the information on the internet isn't correct or not presented in a suitable way, so I used a whiteboard. There's some mistakes in it, picture is a few days old. Hopefully it demonstrates how passionate I am about the things I enjoy doing. Picture here It's a foldable whiteboard :D
  3. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    2 of the best applications so far, I would be stupid to say no, welcome to the server!
  4. jalfje

    jalfje New Member

    --In Game Name: basketballcanuck
    --Real Age: 14

    --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better): SSP is rather boring, and a bunch of other servers that I've played on in the past have closed down. As for this particular server, it seems (especially from the length of other applications) like it has a really high standard with its members, and thus it seems like it would not have the problems that other servers usually do (griefing, stealing, etc). I want to play around with the DW20 pack as well, and I want to try playing on a somewhat established server. I also like making interconnected systems, which SMP is really good for. In short, this server is almost certainly the best server I have ever seen advertised, and it seems like it would be really fun. I also would like to contribute something to such a cool place.

    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?: Because I really love to build with other people, and help them out. I don't really care about myself, I'd rather make something the community in general can use/look at. Also, I've recently gotten into general building (e.g. making cities in creative), so I think I can make the server look a little better. I also am very respectful of other members, and always try to help them out. I never start PVP either, in part because I'm really bad at it :p.

    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!): I've been playing around with mods ever since I started to play minecraft - around November 2011. My first experience was with Equivalent Exchange 1, in the yogbox, and I have since played with numerous custom modsets, I've played around with tekkit on a few servers, and I've played a bunch of FTB. I beat the pyramid map on normal, in about 5 hours, by myself. In brief, yes, I have had lots of experience with mods.

    --Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional): I don't really have any way to showcase any, so yeah...
  5. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Accepted, whelcum!
  6. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Server is down due to... unforeseen block errors *cough*ToadAndL3*cough* should be up in a few hours after some bug squashing.
  7. Bradrocks

    Bradrocks New Member

    Errrr its technically not my fault, but eloraams for causing this problem with managers.
  8. Shundax

    Shundax New Member

    Thank you very much ! Too bad it's down now, GL fixing it ! Cya ingame
  9. m_digit

    m_digit New Member

    --In Game Name: mdawg86
    --Real Age: 17

    --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better):
    I want to get in the server because Ive been hopping around from place to place trying to find a place to call my FTB home. It sounds like you've managed to make a very successful server/ community (like those of the mindcrack) and i would be honored if i could be a part of that. I see that you take your application process very seriously and i think that this shows how dedicated to the server you are. Ive been playing minecraft for a while now but i have only recently downloaded FTB. I believe that you and the other people could help he tremendously and maybe one day i could teach you guys a few things. ;)

    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?:
    I believe you should choose me because i really enjoy playing and building with other people. I don't plan on being greedy nor mean. I plan on making structures to help out our community and look amazing as well! :D
    I also play minecraft for about 4 hours a day on the weekends and about an hour or 2 on week days. So why not play with you guys and your amazing server!

    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!):
    I have a bit of experience with FTB but not a whole bunch. I have however been playing tekkit for about 3 monts and i kick butt at it if i do say so myself ;)

    --Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional): I wish i could take videos/ screen shots but i don't have a program to do so.
    But the build that im most proud of was where i built my house in tekkit! :D

    I look forward to hearing from you! :)
  10. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I am taking the chance here and accepting you. So welcome!

    GOOD NEWS - Server has been fixed and is up and running, however the base belonging to l3 and Toad has been reset to how it was when the world spawned, BUT, I should be able to backdate his base specifically to only a few days back so get applying! 2 slots left!
  11. ShadowStriker

    ShadowStriker New Member

    --In Game Name: coolblockj

    --Real Age: 14

    --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better): Well, the main reason I want to join is for good gameplay, meaning no lag or greifing player. Although, I would also like to join because it seems there would be a nice and good community, which i am all for. I have been to many servers, and not a lot of them fit that description, but I am hoping this server will.

    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?: I am a very kind and mature person for my age, I try to help out anyone I can, and often try to make a public station for electricity or somthing similar, I also know Lua programming, among many others, but this can be used for advanced computercraft usage, which we could start a whole community around the internet in minecraft or somthing similar.

    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!): Yes, lots of it, I am mostly familiar with Computercraft, Redpower, IC2, and Buildcraft, but i know a lot about the others as well.

    --Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional): The only image i have of my work was after a disaster in our flying city with a bomb, and we had an admin help us out with some materials that we lost, and this is what came out of it: (Imgur is down, will edit this post when it comes back up)
  12. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Not enough detail, sorry.
  13. twilightking

    twilightking New Member

    Hey Kyle sorry for not being on so much... college midterms and such. I'm at my dad's place right now and he's being a little internet paranoid right now (after they went on a "i want all the internet" spree after changing isps) so i may or may not show up on the server right this week. I might be able to swing on ts sometime this week though just to see whats been going on since i went awol.
  14. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Thanks for letting me know, (would have preferred this in a PM!)
  15. twilightking

    twilightking New Member

    kk ill do that next time ;)
  16. killkid3600

    killkid3600 New Member

    --In Game Name: Answer Here:killkid3600
    --Real Age: Answer Here:11 Im quite young i know but don't expect one of the ragers.
    --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better): Answer Here:I need a place to play. Some place that doesn't cheat. Some place that doesn't use Bukkit and doesn't care about age!. I want to make some new friends and want to play multiplayer. I also want to get into mystcraft. And code on my Computer/Turtles.
    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?: Answer Here:Cause im a builder! Im a Engineer! Does it matter? (even though it does) But really i want to help new players and build. Thats what Minecraft is for no?.
    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!): Answer Here: Yes. On tekkit, And a bit of FTB. Oh and Computer Craft. IC2 and none at RP2 but that might change.
    --Showcase some of your work (Video, image)(Optional): Answer Here:I sadly don't have anything to put here.
  17. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Sorry not enough information (look at the detail others have included) feel free to re-apply!
  18. killkid3600

    killkid3600 New Member

    Could i just edit my post please? i hate rewriting posts :(
  19. craio95

    craio95 New Member

    --In Game Name: craio95
    --Real Age: 17
    --Why do you want to join us? Well, my friend (twilightking) plays on the server and he said nice things about it. I like playing Minecraft, but I like Feed the Beast even more. I am a lot into programming ComputerCraft and doing nuclear stuff (safe, I promise) with IC2. I'm more or less a mad scientist. I like building big efficient things that don't lag the server. I hope to find nice people on the server and have a lot of fun together. :D
    --Why should I choose you over other applicants? Good question. No idea. Ask twilightking.
    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? I played a lot of Tekkit and Mindcrack Feed the Beast. Also, I hosted my own server for me and my friends in the past (using modpacks made by me, usually industrial mods).
    --Do you have a working microphone? Yes.
    --Do you have Teamspeak3? Yes.
    --Showcase of your work: I don't really have anything to show, but I like building big. And I have OCD, so no imperfect stuff. Also, nuclear!
  20. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I wont get a notification if you just edit it, you will need to re-post so I know you have done.

    No I am afraid, not enough information.

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