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Dumb Modular Powersuit Tricks

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by KirinDave, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks Popular Member

    Whoa, sounds good.
  2. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    Yeah, and then I've got a BUNCH of screen GUI stuff that would make a LOT of sense added to MPS as modules (on screen armor status, debuff/buff status, directional HUD, etc. InGameInfo XML would be much harder to set up as a module, but maybe a module for certain pieces of information like that [x,y,z; light level; biome; time;etc]). And for more ideas, there are loads of awesome HUDs in MechWarrior games.

    In fact, perhaps a MPS Mk2 which uses your Mk1 suit to interface with the Mk2 suit, which is a four meter exosuit. And, if we're going for broke, a Mk3 which is a eight meter mech. Yeah, I'm going to go over to the MPS thread and make the creator hate me, now!

    EDIT: http://machinemuse.net/todo.php All is right in the world.
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  3. WitherSauce

    WitherSauce Active Member

    Cool tricks? Being cheaper than quantum but almost as awesome. Not so cool? Building an entire quantum suite, which takes forever on gregtech hard mode, only to find out MPS would be added to the server 2 days later >.<

    I think i would miss the torch from the quantum helmet, as well as the anti-burn effect of quantum armor.
  4. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    I don't think it has anything that matches the Ultimate Solar Panel Helmet yet, but quantum armor is absurdly expensive for decent gains. MPS is better balanced to allow you to have more gradual rank up in power, it seems. But I'd rather MPS over quantum armor if it came down to it based upon what it looks like will be added in the future. And the MPS looks a whole lot cooler.
  5. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Just a note: the jetpack does not disable the sprint assist feature and in fact sprinting before flying makes your flight a bit faster. You get faster still by ALSO using the jump assist.

    And I am not sure my current armor is "cheaper" than quantum. I'm considering setting up a FZ pipeline just for iron...

    You can also disable and enable any feature at will. I turn off my jetpack and flight control unless I need them because they're pretty power hungry. Its also cool to have the armor cloak on toggle. Think about potions...
  6. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    Potions my left eyeball, this is MechCraft or I'm a dead coconut shell on a turtle's back. And it is AWESOME!
  7. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter Over-Achiever

    If there is one thing that MPS does better than quantum armor, it has to be the glider wings. Being able to fly alongside the Ender Dragon itself? Can I get a resounding "HELLS YEAH!" people?
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  8. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    I didn't notice too much of a problem using an IC2 jetpack, although the power limitation was horrible. A mining laser on scatter, and a platform away from the energy crystals is a great way to keep him bouncing around and kill him without destroying the energy crystals.

    But yeah, much more advanced flight modes has to be one of the best features. Along with EVERYTHING ELSE. Heh.
  9. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    Talking about cloak, it's only a visual effect. It's not like mobs ignore you, like what happens when you drink an invisibility potion.
    Probably because for invisibility to work with mobs you can't wear armor or hold any tools. And yes, I did try making the armor invisible.

    Not that you really need it with the amount of armor it can have, but it would've been nice so you can build things in (or near) darkness without having to worry about creepers blowing stuff up.

    Edit: btw, I found what disabled the sprint assist. It's the flight control module. It's easy to turn off though, but it's something you have to get used to (just like the flight controls with and without the flight control module).

    I'm still newb-ing around with this mod, but overall I'm really liking it so far :D
  10. Revemohl

    Revemohl Well-Known Member

    There are only two things I dislike about MPS:
    - Energy is drained from the bottom to the top, if you're wearing more than one piece of the suit. This means that if you have a full set, your boots are going to run out of juice first, which might mean their abilities get disabled as well (I haven't tested that yet, though). This could also be troublesome if you're using the energy armor module on everything and the game doesn't count the energy levels of the entire suit as a whole.
    - The Thaumcraft addon for the helmet doesn't show what things are in a cauldron or warded jar :( I can live without being able to see nodes, but that's a bit disheartening.

    I love how fast you can go with them, though. At first I wasn't entirely convinced that the cost for the Jetpack part would be worth it, but then I tried it on with a large battery and... oh god. Then I put the Sprint Assist module on and oh god. This quickly became one of my favorite mods in these FTB packs.
    Also, I really love how fast they charge in a (Crystalline) Charge Pad. Haven't tested if the basic one works, or how much more absurdly fast the Lapotronic one works, but I don't really have any need to.
  11. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    This is not the case, I'm happy to report.

    This is actually a partial implementation. But as it stands I think it's actually a fairly good balance point on its own; no one piece of armor should be better in every situation.
  12. Chaosoul

    Chaosoul New Member

    I have almost all the modules crept for the underwater thing for the helmet all set at max power and was wondering since end game the only weight comes from batteries so what's your setup guys. I currently have 10m on my torso and pants combined plus 5m more on my tool which means I'm slightly slower with my tool selected on hotbar but otherwise normal speed. If someone could do the calculations to get the most energy with the least speed losts? Also saw that full use of the thaumcraft goggles is being added in the todo list.
  13. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    Here's a tip that most people aren't aware of yet: it's possible to get a top-end Power Suit with 10 million joules in the tank without going over 26kg, the point where the movement penalty begins to take effect.

    Couple this with the jetpack, jet boots and flight control systems and you can enjoy travelling about 9000 blocks in about 3 minutes. Try this only if you have an excellent computer though!
  14. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    It's... erhem... over 9000. It's about 14.5k.
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  15. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it's not intended to be able to have quality parts and be lightweight so I suspect this will get changed in the future, but it's fun whilst it lasts.

    The trick is that energy shields provide maximum protection but have no weight. The extra strain on your power supply is offset by the huge battery you have backing it up and the fact that nothing's going to fight you at maximum altitude.
  16. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I'm confused why having a technology curve with sharply increasing costs would be a balance concern. The entire point of the energy-based systems is to end up with something like a gravity suit. And having built one in a real game, I can assure you my entire group was yelling at me about iron consumption. The TE recipes all use copious sums of electrum!

    The only place where we might see a change is w.r.t. tool weight costs.
  17. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    All that's fine, it's just that with the current design it's possible to throw the curve completely. Reducing the movement penalty threshold or something equally subtle would be all it would take to tighten up the mod.

    I assume that it's not intended as previous balance changes in the mod have all pointed to trying to shut down the possibility for max speed and high power.
  18. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Such as? All I saw was an increase in thrust cost, which seemed to be a re-affirmation that max speed was reserved for people who could manufacture multiple T3 capacitors and several control circuits. In IC2, this is just "post-automatic-mining." In Gregtech recipes, that is like "A really big deal."

    I am a bit surprised the night vision doesn't take any power though.

    EDIT: Obviously, I cannot read MM's mind, but what I've read and seen suggests when we say "power curve" we mean "a monotonically increasing line of awesome" as opposed to "maximizing over various functions." I think the big wins come from compound component resource cost, and part of the balancing act is removing all enchantments from the picture and making even walking cost power.

    It also seems like the next big feature set includes on-site power generation and heat management. I suspect that's where a lot of our weight will go for those of us near maxed out looking at 2x maxed HV capacitors and 3 energy shield units.
  19. Freakscar

    Freakscar Well-Known Member

    Question: I "upgraded" from an electrical jetpack to the PS torso with its jetpack. And I regret it, for now. It feels clumsy and wonky and shaky. If I fly straight up, all's well. If I dare to as much to only look at my forward key, I move forward - and rapidly downwards. Next, when you fly up straight and hit a block above you, that's it, you're going down AGAIN. Right now I seriously consider going back to the old electrical jetpack.. yeah so it only has 10k battery life.. but at least it gets the job done way more precise than the PA-torso jetpack.

    So, is it just me being spoiled by the IC² Jetpack, or am I doing something horribly wrong? I tried the "K" for keybindings.. it's not letting me do anything apart from seeing my two pieces of armor. I'm at a loss. :(
    Oh and before anyone starts writing: I do consider going 9k blocks per second quite a useless feature for me, as I do not really travel all that much. That's what I got portal guns and Mystcraft for. ;)
  20. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    Try installing the flight control module in your helmet.

    It's still different from the IC2 Jetpack and will probably take some getting used to, but it will give you more control over your flight.

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