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Dumb Modular Powersuit Tricks

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by KirinDave, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Sara Dr In te House

    Sara Dr In te House Active Member

    Boots give vertical flight and chest give horizontal flight. Use both together for proper flight.
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  2. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    Also it's important to specify the version you're using. MPS has been in very, very heavy development and the one included in the DW20 pack by default is really, really old now. I'm using I think the build in DW20 is
  3. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Well with practice you can move forward. Your total acceleration is fixed with this model (unlike with the jetpack which basically gives you powered jumps with no floor point), so right now you don't have enough acceleration to hold against gravity and fly forward. THe flight videos I posted use the jetboots as well. However, this combination uses a ton of power, and until you have at least 5 megajoules of power storage I recommend against it.

    An inexpensive alternative to the second set of ion thrusters is the glider module. This gives you nice horizontal flight options and can reduce fall damage on landings. You can also hold down your jump key while on the glider to get your thrust applied while the glider is on, letting you slowly ascend in glide mode. For long-distance overland flight, this is better than an IC2 jetpack. For leaping around your base, consider just using leapjumps. Servo motors are much cheaper than ion drives and people have been quantum leaping around like pro basketballers for a long time; the skills should be there.

    That's interesting because I never experienced that. My drive system lets me paste myself against the ceiling if I want to. But I do note that it halts your velocity, so if your thrusters are a little weak then yes, you will fall.

    Like many things in MPS, no single system is the solution to your problem. It's all about synergistic effects and a slow power curve with this mod. Try increasing the output on your jetpack and adding a glider and you should find a more usable system. I personally have always found the IC2 jetpack to be a weird and awkward beast, and I felt very happy the first time I tried the glider module.

    Oh, and be careful about your suit's total weight... weight does seem to affect flight.

    You will become addicted once you get the full drive system assembled. Especially when you have flight control on toggle. I should post a video of me hunting ghast tears in the nether (I died shortly after making it because I failed to click "logout", so I should use that footage and pour one out for my awesome sword and having to spend another bujillion iron rebuilding 2 pieces of my suit), because it's really fun covering that much ground.
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  4. Sara Dr In te House

    Sara Dr In te House Active Member

    In the latest build, you never seem to run out of energy. There are modules to generate power by moving and solar helmet. I never charge my suit at all. Flying, running, jumping all charge suit. I can't believe I am saying this. but it is way OP.
  5. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    How expensive is it to get to that point, though? Are you testing via creative mode? The MPS is a pretty near endgame thing, after all.
  6. Sara Dr In te House

    Sara Dr In te House Active Member

    Full legit SMP. I love MPS a ton more than quantum/gravi. It takes quite a few resources and it is nice choosing between TE an IC2 recipes so I can choose to favor which resources I have more of. Had more gold than copper so I used gold/iron solutions when ever possible.
  7. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    Mm, well I have yet to try MPS myself, so I cannot really further comment on that. But what might be nice would be direct config level balancing, as opposed to using other mod states (GregTech/IC2/etc) for balance. In either regard, though, MPS seems to be one of those mods that will become a "I cannot believe I lived without this!" fairly shortly.
  8. Sara Dr In te House

    Sara Dr In te House Active Member

    Lava Immunity is all I need. I do like the helmet upgrade for eatining. It takes all the food in inventory and as long as you were it, your food level will not drop until supply is gone. Just need an indicator for level and I would have it's children.
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  9. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    There is an upcoming heat mechanic. But are you aware that there are equivalent mechanics for the gravity suit? There are solar array helmets now on. They just give you entirely tolerable nausea.
  10. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Can you have multiple tools? I'd like to have separate ones for melee/plasma and axe/pick/shovel. Also, there are times I would prefer a blocking function over a plasma gun function.

    One of the awesome things about this mod is that you can have different settings bound to different bindings. One of the less awesome things that I have discovered about the FTB pack is that there's a LOT of keys that already have something bound to them. The keyboard is getting rather cluttered up at this point...
  11. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Why wouldn't you want one epic uber tool as opposed to having lots of individual tools?
  12. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Eh, I'd prefer to have one uber tool, and one uber weapon rather than one item that does it all. For one, power consumption would be less. For another, it is my spinal reflex to switch from my drill to my chainsaw when I hear that all-too familiar hissing sound behind me.
  13. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Currently the modular powersuit tool is not an uber weapon, so problem solved. :)

    Weight is determined by your total inventory, and power is shared amongst all pieces. The only time you want a battery in your tool is if you do not have power in any other piece of your armor. In other words: when you don't have other pieces.

    Overcome your limitations. Forge your own tomorrow!
  14. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    I respectfully disagree with this assessment, having seen the DW20 spotlight.

    Power draw is still an important consideration. I'd much rather have a longer mining trip with fewer rides back upstairs. Sure, you could have the maximum battery on all four of your other pieces... but there's other things drawing power as well, and no matter how big your reserves, it will eventually run dry.
    Eh. I'd probably just skip on the combat ability and use it as a multi-tool, then use a sword for defense. That way, I can block as well. Oh, and enchantments.

    Mmmm... now there's a thought... using your TC3 air-blade with Sharpness and Repair in conjunction with a MPS suit... who needs IC2 anymore?
  15. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    Recent builds have the option to enable and disable tool functions and mode switching for your power tool, so you can switch it between combat, mining and a safety mode on the fly without much trouble. If you really want separate combat and utility items here it looks like you're out of luck. Personally I think it's much better having it all in one highly configurable unit but that's just me.

    The beauty of a modpack, of course, is freedom of choice. :)
  16. Katrinya

    Katrinya Well-Known Member

    So far I've only got the fall damage, step assist, sprint assist and jump assist modules. Spent all weekend bounding around my base as if the gravity was 1/10th what it had been. I love it! Can't wait to build some of the flight modules... I'll be back once I've drained my world of iron.
  17. Denaton

    Denaton New Member

    I don't know why but i can break bee hives with power tool
  18. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Assuming you can find a free key to bind anymore. Kinda hard to do these days, what with all the other mods in the pack requiring their own unique keybinds.

    I would disagree, having one highly configurable unit, but requiring multiple keybinds to engage that configurability on the fly, just means a bunch more keybinds taken up on your keyboard, which you are unlikely to be able to keep track of when you hear that 'ssssss' noise from behind.

    Personally, I would be entirely disinclined to use the tool as a weapon, since it would mean a greater power drain in general. In particular, I would never install the plasma cannon module, because I would forget it is in there and right click by habit and blow myself up. I had the same problem with the Zistonian Battlesign in Vechs' Super Hostile Maps... I would instinctively right click to block... and plant my formerly beautiful battlesign. I lost more battlesigns that way, far more than from player death and unrecoverable stuff.

    Fortunately, I have Thaumcraft 3 to provide me with a decent sword with good additional traits. I just wish there was a decent gun mod out for 1.4.7. I find it silly that Steve can create extra-dimensional tesseracts, mining lasers, and quantum suits... but not guns?
  19. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Xeno's Reliquary is in DW20's pack and it adds a fantastic handgun system. My favorite weapon of all time; easily blowing away the Thaumcraft weapons (which I also like very much).
  20. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    I would experiment in Creative with the mousewheel mode toggle before dismissing the power tool entirely, it's extremely potent. Especially now you have the teleportation gun mode and the crafting bench.

    Actually, I've devised a tiering system so I can tune my Power Suit to be as leet or basic as I want at any given time. I have five keys to serve as toggles: - = P [ ]

    They make a nice little group on my keyboard. Each one toggles a specific set of uberskills that aren't always useful to leave on:

    P is the "core" keybind that toggles the key mobility features; the suit behaves like a Quantum Suit with just this tier toggled on
    - toggles my tools
    = toggles my transparent armour and invisibility modules
    [ toggles my enhanced jumping ability and jet boots for when I want very advanced mobility
    ] toggles my jetpack and flight control for when I went to break the sound barrier

    This works well for me and gives me much more control over the suit in general. It's also fairly easy to remember! :)

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