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Whitelist Server direwolf 1.7 1.0.3 chillcraft_reboot-few band items-new map-small group-16+only

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by hardlinegaming, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist
  2. benw11

    benw11 New Member


    Just saying the pack version 1.0.2 (recomended) now..

  3. cjb005

    cjb005 New Member

    IGN: cjb005

    Age: 19

    Experience: vanilla minecraft I have played since 1.0, then I spent most of my time on creative making adventure maps. My experience with mods started out as manual installation and not packs. I've only ever played on one modded server, it was yogscast complete. Machines? easy peasy... my true expertise, however, lies with thaumcraft which will be my main focus other than some essentials from other mods.

    What I'm looking for in a server: A small community of people I can trust where common sense reigns and plugins do not.
  4. Nahaniel

    Nahaniel New Member

    IGN: Olfington

    Age: 31

    Experience:I can survive in Vanilla and got a TON of knowledge about 1.6 modded, not so much in 1.7.10 cause i started like a week ago :D

    I am looking for cool people to play with WHICH WILL NOT STEAL MY PROJECTS :p and i need to improve my english knowledge ^^

    Much love to you ^^
  5. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    whitelisted and olfington you know you are always welcome here
  6. arranms96

    arranms96 New Member

    Experience: i think i played on your previous server plus played ftb for a long time now know alot of the mods and AE2 is the best
    What you're looking for in a server: reliable server that is stable and will be up for a long while that i can log on not to find it crash etc. and if it is an easy way to get it solved/fix
  7. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist
  8. powerfarmer

    powerfarmer New Member

    server is out.....:eek:
  9. Nahaniel

    Nahaniel New Member

    Mabe the Hosting Service is down.
    Maybe i killed the server with twilight Forest (I hope not).
    But thats the way of Betapacks :D Nothing is really stable.
    Just wait for some time and hope the best.
  10. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    also looking for some creative people to come on to a second server i have which is a build server in creative mode
  11. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    server reset when 1.0.3 is on the server

    whitelist will be reset for new map so please comment to be re added beyond my powere it is server side
  12. Cory Morgan

    Cory Morgan New Member

    IGN: lazycory12
    Age: 16
    Experience: I've been playing Modded Minecraft since the original Tekkit/Technic (back when both were banned words on modded streams) and I've been following Dire's videos since early in his Season 3 let's play. I've played countless amounts of maps and servers, both alone and with friends. I'd say I'm an expert on a lot of the mods, I know the majority and have tinkered with them more than twice each.
    What you're looking for in a server: I've been on a search to find the 'perfect' server for me to play on, I absolutely adore playing alongside people (not directly, but playing on the same server where I can chat and joke) and having community projects & activities.
    A little bit about yourself: I'm a mature, friendly, knowledgeable 16 year old who has been playing Minecraft for a while. I've been on my journey to find a great server for a while, but unfortunately every server I've got accepted into hasn't lasted long.
    Skype: DeadlyLazy

    Edit: I thought I'd also mention that I'm from the UK (Wales to be exact), where under normal circumstances I'm able to play for about 2-4 hours on a weekday and possibly longer on weekends.

    Thank you.
  13. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist
  14. Nahaniel

    Nahaniel New Member

    We update once 1.0.3 gets recommended right?!
    Or do you plan to do it earlier :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope you had a nice party!!!
  15. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    aint doin a party and it ios in process now well should be
  16. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    still loads of room for new players
  17. Greenan

    Greenan New Member

    Application: AJ
    Age: 16
    Experience: I am a veteran of the direwolf20 pack playing since the early 1.5 updates. I have looked for many servers with a small commuinity with active users and a teamspeak server for communication.
    What you're looking for in a server: A good playing well ran server with active admins and other players interact with. I will be recording for my youtube with my 8,800 subs and will be promoting the server in any way i am aloud.
  18. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist and do all the recoprding you like i will be starting myself on a new reset in a couple of months also we have teamspeak
  19. powerfarmer

    powerfarmer New Member

    it seems that something in the new digger is crashing my entire client everytime i login...

    crashreport: http://pastebin.com/cfsJvS9Q

    hope it can be fixed soon:D
  20. powerfarmer

    powerfarmer New Member

    also reinstalling doesn't work

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