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Whitelist Server direwolf 1.7 1.0.3 chillcraft_reboot-few band items-new map-small group-16+only

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by hardlinegaming, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    After getting through the tough period at work and home i have decided to get my server back live to you lovely lot.

    This time around i am being a bit more strict on age.

    the rules are simple and as below.


    - No Griefing.
    - No stealing.
    - No un-warranted murders.
    - No cheating.
    - Be nice and polite.
    - No build craft quarries or pumps as causing issues with lag

    Things To Know:
    - Everything is vanilla. There will be no admin-spawned items, hubs, etc. (I will know)
    - The server is on normal,
    - no player made Mystcraft worlds they will be deleted.if you want a certain age just ask me.
    - Problems with other players should be reported here, or you can send me a PM.
    - admin has final say on everything don't abide by the rules and you will swiftly be banned.
    - Ideally U.K only but may be swayed on this one depending on experience

    PVP and pranks are allowed on the server. However, I encourage the use of common sense. Know the difference between pranking and griefing. We're here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

    recording and streaming is also allowed on the server for youtubers and also streamers.

    What you're looking for in a server:

    server ip is

    need to know more just ask the server will be going live on Wednesday 26th November at 1900GMT
    (U.K Time)

    *******rules are subject to change and addition's at any time without notice so keep up to date
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2014
  2. Alastair

    Alastair New Member

    It is me again, I was looking for a new server after this one went to agrarian skies.
    I will probably not even be able to get on the server as much as I could last year beacasue of schoolwork pretty much.
    I am still (don't ask): alicranston_yog
    about 5 years of minecraft
    2 years of dire
    Fun and a place to hang out with my friend, coolvictordj
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  3. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    delay on the start time as still have a few things to sort out
  4. Conoreva

    Conoreva New Member

    Hello again, Glad to see this server back up :D

    Experience:4 years of minecraft and around 3 Years of modded minecraft, I know quite alot of the game and would help others when I can :)
    What you're looking for in a server:A low FPS UK server with a fun community :)
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  5. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    IGN: Ryan784
    Age: I am 18 years of age.
    Experience: I have been playing Minecraft for years now, I have been playing FTB since it's debut and before that I played Tekkit/Technic. I know most if not all of the tech mods fluently, not so much the magic oriented mods, though I do know the basics and can learn fast.
    What you're looking for in a server: Looking for a relaxed server to call home, the nice thing about Whitelists is they allow for a much more community-oriented feeling, so that's one reason. I am also not a fan of having 20+ people on a server at once, so being relatively small is a bonus as well.
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  6. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    all whitelisted server is now live server ip is
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2014
  7. Yammar256

    Yammar256 New Member

    Experience: 4 or 5 years of minecraft and about 3 years with mods good with tech mods
    What you're looking for in a server: looking for a small community to have fun with
  8. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    IGN: anthony098765
    Age: 16
    Experience: 2-3 years with modded minecraft
    What you're looking for in a server: A small group to play some minecraft with :D
  9. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    All added to whitlist enjoy
  10. Skarj0

    Skarj0 New Member

    Experience:2.5 years of vanilla minecraft and around 2 years of modded minecraft
    What you're looking for in a server:looking for a small server with friendly and adequate players to play and have fun:3
  11. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist
  12. Lightcap

    Lightcap New Member

    IGN: Lightcap
    Experience: Have played a bunch of packs from Minecrack first pack to FTB Unleashed.
    What you're looking for in a server: I am looking for a mature community and an active server.

    Here are some of my vanilla survival builds if your interested. http://imgur.com/a/Q5BOS
  13. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist i am in ore of you builds so very impressed
  14. powerfarmer

    powerfarmer New Member

    IGN: powerfarmer
    Age: 16
    Experience: 1.5 years of minecraft and direwolf20 pack
    What you're looking for in a server: looking for a fun server with cool people to play with since my last server got shut down
  15. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    now adding you to white list
  16. powerfarmer

    powerfarmer New Member

    what version do you use i can't join?
  17. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    i am using the recommended version from the client
  18. Pascal van Ratingen

    Pascal van Ratingen New Member

    IGN: Uncle_Orion
    Age: little over 40, (42).
    Experience: Started in old days vanilla, moment FTB launched i fell in love with automating things, and with modpacks, have been playing with and witout grechtech.
    What you're looking for in a server: A friendly, helpfull and great community, to hang out with and do things.
  19. hardlinegaming

    hardlinegaming Active Member

    added to whitelist
  20. Tiby

    Tiby New Member

    IGN: tiby1
    Age: 18
    Experience: began in vanilla days played alot of ftb unleashed and monster, played on some private packs also
    What you're looking for in a server: a friendly small community server just want to have some laid back fun.

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