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Whitelist Server Directorate 2 - Small Server | Infinity 1.3.4 | Whitelisted

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by JargonTheRed, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    I've whitelisted all of you. Welcome!
  2. loloren

    loloren New Member

    i can't disabled mystcraft!
  3. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    There is no need to disable Mystcraft - I've only made world-creating books non-craftable.
  4. loloren

    loloren New Member

    do i have to disabled anything?
  5. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    Nope :)
  6. mossabt

    mossabt New Member

    My minecraft name is: mossabt
    i hope i can join :p
  7. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    You've been whitelisted. I apologise for the delay, I've been quite sick the last few days.
  8. TrovaGamer

    TrovaGamer New Member

    Servers still open? im looking for mates to play so long witouth playing mc (since 1.5~1.6) [IGN: TrovaGamer]
  9. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    I've whitelisted you. Welcome!
  10. saphiredragon89

    saphiredragon89 New Member

    So I take it chunk loaders from chicken chunks are disabled again? I only just noticed mine was gone from my home. This is no issue because my ender quarry self loads... and I can make my cart chunk load as well with a bit of modification.
  11. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    Yes, unfortunately. They were shafting the map again. Inane amounts of trouble, those things.
  12. TheEpic5

    TheEpic5 New Member

    TheEpic5! Please!
  13. saphiredragon89

    saphiredragon89 New Member

    Hmm well two things: I heard Chicken Chunks adds a config that makes chunk loaders automatically deactivate if their owner hasn't logged on in a certain amount of time, I'm not sure if that is on this version or not. Second, if that isn't an option, perhaps only allowing spotloaders to be placed would be a better option? Since normal chunk loaders can cause such huge swaths of terrain to load spotloaders may decrease server stress at least somewhat, plus they are more then likely also effected by said config option.

    If nothing else we still have railcraft's world anchors
  14. halo eduards

    halo eduards New Member

    Ign - Theonewhohax
    Very weard name i know i am kinda weard so yeh. Banter
    P.S - I don't hack.
    Last edited: May 6, 2015
  15. Bradenman2

    Bradenman2 New Member

    Old Player
    User: Braden_Games
    Old name: Bradenman2
  16. loloren

    loloren New Member

    i can't join the server becuse it says i must have 124 mods but i can only have 160 mod what can i do?
  17. lightstal

    lightstal Guest


    Though i have been banned on a server before in the past (2-3 years) i feel that i have indeed changed for the better i have 0 recent bans or kicks so i hope that you could whitelist me thanks!

    Does this server have any chunk loaders besides the railcraft one?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016

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