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Whitelist Server Directorate 2 - Small Server | Infinity 1.3.4 | Whitelisted

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by JargonTheRed, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    Whitelisted! Welcome.
  2. Florian80

    Florian80 New Member

    Great to see you're back :)
    IGN: Stodtie
  3. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Server seems to be offline again.
  4. GingerYeti

    GingerYeti New Member

    Its super laggy
  5. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Yeah, it went back online but the lag was really bad. I also wish the server had /sethome and /tpa so I can go to others without a problem.
  6. Jdmus

    Jdmus New Member

    use mystcraft books
  7. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    I thought he banned them?

    I will be playing though once the lag is solved, usually I can deal with lag but this is like a 2 minute delay.
  8. harmy7

    harmy7 New Member

    I cant seem to connect for a few hours now.
    I got on 3 hours ago and the lagg was really bad then.
    Its something weird causeing this.
    The server was very stable and good all day yesterday
  9. Jdmus

    Jdmus New Member

    mystcraft ages are banned but i believe we are still allowed to use mystcraft liking books to travel around
  10. mt_2a

    mt_2a New Member

    Only descriptive book that create ages disabled. Linking book still works.
  11. TheMightyPickaxe

    TheMightyPickaxe New Member

    Are we going to update to 1.3.1?
  12. TheMightyPickaxe

    TheMightyPickaxe New Member

    Also can we use Rf tools dimensions?
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  13. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Ah, okay I have to get the linking book then, I never messed with Mystcraft before.
  14. mt_2a

    mt_2a New Member

    Is the server dead now? Or just me?
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  15. ocfris

    ocfris New Member

    This server is baller, please fix it soon :p
  16. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    I'm really sorry for the issues. I'm not sure what's causing them, and I can't get to the server at the moment - I'm off skiing. I'll see if I can get someone to reboot it for me.
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  17. JargonTheRed

    JargonTheRed New Member

    Okay, an on-site technician (my sister) has reconfigured the main power coupling (pulled it out and plugged it back in again) of the server, and it _should_ be online again. I found a couple of things that were severely lagging out the server, and I've disabled a couple of them (tracing all block actions taken by quarries? what.). More fixes as soon as I'm home and can trace things properly!

    Wow, is it 1.3.1 already? Update will come as soon as I can, unless there are breaking issues with the new version.
    I have no idea what RF Tools dimensions are, but they should be available. If they're violating the server performance-wise, I will disable them.
    I have no plans so far to add /tpa or /sethome, in order to keep the community together - it's also one of the reasons I won't allow descriptive books, in addition to the performance impact.

    Everyone who posted whitelisting requests in the interim, you've all been whitelisted. Welcome back to some of you!
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  18. vzapata

    vzapata New Member

    Server is back on
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  19. Jdmus

    Jdmus New Member

    rftools is a mod similar to mystcraft its a mod that allows you to make worlds but the worlds need to be powered my rf power so if u make a diamond block world its very expensive but some worlds like void worlds are cheap to power
  20. Trailmix23

    Trailmix23 New Member

    And the good thing about RFTool Ages is that unlike mystcraft worlds there is a lot less lag.
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