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Open Server DeVco | Regrowth 0.7.4 | Open | PvP | 24/7 | Pex | QuickShop | GriefPreventionPlus | GPPCities

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by devryb, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Jippiking

    Jippiking New Member

  2. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Updated to 0.7.3
  3. Jippiking

    Jippiking New Member

    i like the server very much :D
  4. MihaiRuskaya

    MihaiRuskaya New Member

    Nice server, a bit laggy sometime but the server is great.
  5. Yeokrast

    Yeokrast New Member

    When will it be updated to 0.7.4? I didn't have an option to upgrade to 0.7.3 on the FTB Downloader.
  6. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Its updated now :)
  7. mark1armor

    mark1armor New Member

    Really fun server. but cant do a quest tree
  8. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Please log a /ticket in game if you're having issues with the quest book. Also make sure its functional in single player first though ;) the pack is still in alpha
  9. Madness.EXE

    Madness.EXE New Member

    While I do have my complaints (But that's just me being picky, see) It is a good server. I enjoy playing on the regrowth server.
    Might I suggest putting towny into the regrowth server? It would allow more feasible factions that would be able to thrive in a community way.
  10. devryb

    devryb New Member

    We are using an addon to gpplus called gp cities. If you type /c in game it will give you all the cities commands and how you can setup your own town.
    For more information look on here: https://github.com/KaiKikuchi/GriefPreventionPlus-Cities
  11. AdmiralEinstein

    AdmiralEinstein New Member

    They have put a lot of time into their regrowth server and I am enjoying it, thanks!
  12. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the feedback!
  13. russhin_3ngiiner

    russhin_3ngiiner New Member

    Wow, looking back at the comment....Sadbro..lmao...sorry for language but he's one big fajjit lol....anyways great server recommend for everyone and even friendly community and staff well exept for a couple members but I can deal with them. Lots of effort put into all the server really like that! Minimal to no lag and some crashing when working with botania(Im pretty sure it's just my client). Again recommend this server plz ignore Sadbro. Lmao
  14. BeavisBuilder

    BeavisBuilder New Member

    We do not support bigotry on our servers. Im not sure what FTB forums stance on it is, however if you are caught ingame saying that kind of stuff you will be banned.
  15. russhin_3ngiiner

    russhin_3ngiiner New Member

    Sorry but thats pretty sad getting caught red handed with evidence and trying to dodge that
  16. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Think you're referring to this thread :)
    Ya that was pretty annoying with him ...

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