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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome one and all! After much bumbling and bamboozling, Shazing has finally accumulated a whopping five messages on the shared account. We can post links. Party hard.

Anyway, hi! Shazing-Trajzam-Streetdrug here with the game thread, ending the longest wait since Christmas or something. About time.

# Deceptionwolf

## Concepts
In Deceptionwolf, every player can do a few actions. Roles only add other things. All roles start out with a semi-random amount of starting money, calculated with `(random number 1-5) * 10` as the amount. The amount of money in the game is limited by how much it started with unless a role or ability adds more. This money is called Gold.

## Roles
### Village
Wins by killing all wolves
  • Villager - Your standard do-nothing role
  • Spy - May tail one person a day and is told the titles of the conversations they participated in, as well as who they used their ability on.
  • Seer - May pick one person each night. Is told the role of that person. If they have the 'reformed' trait, they are informed of that as well.
  • Detective - May pick one person each night. They are given two roles, one of which is that person's role. Is not told of the reformed status of the person.
  • Priest - May ressurect one person every three days.
  • Jailor - May select one person every two nights. That person is put in jail and can only post once on the game thread for the next day. In addition, they cannot use their powers that night. The next night, they gain the trait 'reformed' if their role is part of the Anti-Village team.
  • Bodyguard - May choose a person to guard each night. If this person is attacked, the bodyguard is targeted instead.
  • Veteran - If is killed by a non-lynch method, shoots the person who attacked him.

### Wolves
Wins by killing all villagers.
Listed in order of who carries out the kill
  • Wolf - Your standard wolf
  • Alpha - Vote counts as two
  • Traitor - A villager who switched sides. To a seer he appears to be a villager.

### Anti-Village
Wins by killing all villagers and surviving to the end.
  • Serial Killer - May kill one person a day.
  • Witch - May curse one person each day. This person will grow fur and appear to a seer as a wolf. This person is **not** notified of this happening.
  • Necromancer - May ressurect one person every three days. This person gains the trait 'zombie'.

### Neutrals
Individual win conditions.
  • Fortune Teller - Has three tarot cards. Can draw one a night for a player of their choice. There are Death, Gold, and Prison. Prison makes the player unable to be killed or take any actions for a night, Death kills the player, Gold gives the player 20 more gold. Wins when all Anti-Village are dead.
  • Matchmaker - Every three nights, can pick two people. These people now win by keeping the other alive. They are also notified of the other's role. Wins by surviving until the end.
  • Mailman - Has a proxy alt. People can give him messages to send to other people by paying two gold. They supply a message, a person to deliver it to (in PM) or an instruction to post it on the thread, and the Mailman gains this information along with their name. Wins by surviving until the end.

## Traits
Traits are similar to abilities in normal games, however nobody starts out with one. They're named traits for description's sake.
  • Zombie - Same win condition as the Necromancer, as long as at least one person with the Zombie trait or the Necromancer is still alive. Is in a convo with all other people with the 'zombie' trait and the necromancer.
  • Mayor - Elected by the town. Once the mayor dies, a new eating contest takes place. The mayor's vote counts twice.
  • Reformed - This player wins with the village, while keeping all abilities of their role.

## What Everyone Can Do
* Vote for a player to lynch
* Give Gold to another player
* Spend 60 Gold to gain an extra life. You are ressurected immediately upon death if you have an extra life, and one extra life is used up. Note that your role is **not** revealed.

## Other Stuff
* Any player can give another player Gold. This allows bribing.
* Resurrected players are given back the Gold they had when they died.

|End of Day|

  1. dylanpiera [DEAD] (Bodyguard)
  2. RJS [DEAD] (Seer)
  3. SpwnX (Priest)
  4. Pyure (Jailor, Zombie)
  5. J (Witch, Reformed)
  6. Heilmewtwo (Fortune Teller)
  7. Exedra [DEAD] (Traitor)
  8. Etyllyamsheon the Entirely Spellable (Necromancer)
  9. SoraZodia [DEAD] Alpha
  10. VikeStep [DEAD] (Detective, Zombie)
  11. Victini [DEAD] (Spy)
  12. Leth [DEAD] (Mailman)
  13. Someone Else [DEAD] (Serial Killer)
  14. Strikingwolf (Matchmaker)
  15. ljfa (Veteran)
  16. TheEpic5 [DEAD] (Wolf)

Let the games begin!
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Aug 14, 2013
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vote vikestep.

Its a totally meaningless vote on D1 but I dislike being a party to giving the wolves a free kill right away.


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Jul 29, 2019
vote RJS, no, can't do that again, damn.

vote playerismc, you're my new best friend, again.
... fuck. can't do that either.

vote Someone Else (37) , I guess i was forced to vote someone else this time.

I'll also point someone else (37) for mayor.

Someone Else 37

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Feb 10, 2013
vote RJS, no, can't do that again, damn.
... Why not? He's #2 on the list in the op.

vote playerismc, you're my new best friend, again.
... fuck. can't do that either.

vote Someone Else (37) , I guess i was forced to vote someone else this time.

I'll also point someone else (37) for mayor.
Vote Spwn (X) unless he decides to switch his vote or too many people joke vote.