Dartcraft, why even?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by wolfenstein19, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Dee_Twenty

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    I'd personally rather that not happen, since I don't really use them for anything other than making a couple force engines, shears, and claws force gems are a great and plentiful source of precantatio essence for me that saves me the hassle of wasting either my vis shards or my time crafting the type of sandstone that gives some of it.
  2. DoctorOr

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    The only tome you need is Tier 4. You can solo the wither (with punching), with a Tier 4 tome. You can punch TiC nether armor to mine it, without any tome at all. Tier5 lets you reach the absurdities of Fortune IV on your drill, but you don't need it.

    After Tier 4, it's fluff. Tier5 for ender - which isn't even part of the worst abuses, and then nothing you need. Even Sturdy is superfluous.

    You just said the cost of a tree farm "isnt [sic] all that much", and you don't need the armor for the drill. You'll want the armor, but it's not a part of the drill. You can reach tier4 in a matter of minutes, certainly less than an hour, and it's a permanent resource for your game not a consumable for the production of your drill. The only significant cost of the Power Drill is....<drumroll> The IC2 drill it's made out of.
  3. BananaSplit2

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    Balance doesn't really a direct link to Difficulty. Balance means keeping everything at the same level. Something can be easy, but then made more tedious, less useful.... Something can be hard, but it must be worth it, powerful.

    Dartcraft is easy AND powerful. Thus it isn't balanced yet. Balancing has to be done
  4. cynric

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    In a matter of minutes is pushing it (unless you get the best spawn ever) but sure, it is a one time investment so who cares about a few minutes either way. You still need the power to supply your drill, and you need a big power supply for that, unless you want to dig a hole the size of a creeper explosion and then want to sit around for half a minute untill your drill is recharged again. If you click once every second (to make it easy to calculate) you need a steady 150 EU/t power supply or, using the conversion rate of 2:5 (from ae IIRC) 60 MJ/t. With that kind of power, I usually have atleast one quarry running, but then I really don't like manual mining. Then you need to store that power somewhere, so atleast a lappack (batpack won't do, 20 second trips between return trips isn't really that great).

    Suddenly your 4 minutes plus a basic IC2 mining drill have turned into hours if not days (if you don't focus entirely on your tool). So yeah, the drill is somewhat balanced. Does the balance work at the high end? Not really, balancing by power usage doesn't really work if you have unlimited power.
  5. Zelfana

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    Am I not entitled to my opinion? I am mining manually myself you know and I feel it is good enough. You don't have to get tons of stuff you don't need and would just hoard in barrels etc. GregTech does need a lot of stuff but you have to remember DartCraft is not in the same pack with that.

    Btw, there are no "tiers" in automation other than supplying more power or making more machines. You'll have to name what is lower tier and what is higher tier if you want to make an argument with that. If frame machinery is higher tier it would make no sense to compare the force drill to that since time investment is vastly different. Force drill you just make, frame machine you have to first figure out how to make and then actually make.

    You don't see real world manual tools outperforming industrial machinery and I'm sure some of the mods are trying to simulate real life to a degree. I'm sure this argument will be just shot down with the "it's a game" argument.

    There's one major difference in manual mining versus automation. Manual tools can apply Fortune and Silk Touch but automation has neither of those apart from Arcane Bore but that is balanced by its research and usage requirements. Now people want manual mining to be as fast as automatic machines while still applying enchant effects? I would be quite fine with the super drill if you couldn't use enchants with it on AoE mode.
  6. DoctorOr

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    And you need a power supply for that quarry too. 50MJ/t isn't cheap or easy. 60MJ/t if you're going through a tesseract (and then you need all the infrastructure for that)

    You can run the quarry for less MJ per tick but then it's slower, and then you're waiting on it as well and the drill at comparable power production would still be faster.

    At 3k for a 3x3x3 area is 111EU/block, or with a standard 2.5:1 ratio, 44MJ
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    Speaking of quarries. From now everyone shall refer to me as "Poppycocks, the amazing manquarry"

  8. DoctorOr

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    tsk tsk, some of us don't leave ugly holes in the ground.
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    Eh, hollow hill, needed to let some light in to stop the spawns :).
  10. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    Fairly simple and stright forward. I'm not talking about Dartcraft over all but your statement that easy = better and convienance is king. Hence why I actually say that in my post.
  11. Daemonblue

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    I think this should be said since people keep bringing up Dartcraft and TiC. Regarding TiC's fortune, you can apply a single lapis to an item and via using it increase the amount and get fortune on it. For example, you can put a single lapis on a hammer and eventually get fortune 3 just from clearing cobblestone.
  12. casilleroatr

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    What exactly are you saying? That the act of mining alone increases the potency of your modifiers? Or are you saying what would happen if Dartcraft mechanics were applied to TiC?
  13. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    It takes more then a singel lapis. Luck does nothing until you get enough to have furtune I and it takes 450 lapis to get to fortune 3
  14. rymmie1981

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    Tell me again how 1 lapis on a hammer turns cobblestone into more lapis? I've never experienced this functionality.
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  15. Daemonblue

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    If you use a hammer to mine, you gain points towards fortune even if you've only put a single lapis on the tool. I have a hammer I stuck a single lapis on to and now it says it has 51 lapis on it, and it now has fortune and looting 1. This essentially means you can get fortune 3 from a single lapis if you use the tool very, very often.

    Edit: Also, it doesn't care WHAT you mine, just THAT you mine. You can also get looting on a scythe by killing mobs with it, for example.
  16. Poppycocks

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    The thing in your siggie matches my facial expression after I read this.
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    I hear ya, that was my initial reaction when someone else stumbled across this by accident. I confirmed it via creative in that thread and just tried it in my survival world and it works pretty darn well. In about a minecraft day of mining with a stone hammer it has gotten that high, but right now I'm focused on getting a steel hammer instead so I can get high level fortune on it and hit some diamonds.
  18. Symmetryc

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    Guys, what Daemon is talking about it as TC feature where you can increase your Luck with mining as well as applying lapis as long as you've already applied at least one lapis to the tool. He is saying that using this you can get Fortune 3 by just mining with one lapis.
  19. RandomMoped

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    What if the reason everything in dartcraft has the word force in it is because he's trying to force you to use his mod by making everything overpowered?
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    I'm really starting to regret the 450 lapis I put on my battleaxe and the other 220 I've dumped onto a pick...

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