Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Avous-, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Avous-

    Avous- New Member

    I've been trying for the past few hours to create one and only done so successfully once in a fluke but I can't repeat it so can anyone share a list/order of symbols needed to create one? I'd appreciate it a lot.
  2. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    ocean- single biome- lava- standard terrain + any thing you want to make it stable
  3. Avous-

    Avous- New Member

    Yeah for some reason that's not working for me :p i just get a random world when I enter that
  4. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    don't forget to put in a sun and a moon and you might also want to add stone before the lava
  5. brujon

    brujon New Member

    The order would actually be

    Single Biome - Ocean - Standard Terrain Generation - Everything else.
  6. Avous-

    Avous- New Member

    Ok I just tried that order but Everything else entailed Stone then Lava, I just got an endless water ocean with NO lava.
  7. brujon

    brujon New Member

    Lava should come after Ocean, there's really no need for the Stone Symbol, i think. This only replaces Dirt with Stone.
  8. Auchioane

    Auchioane New Member

    Here is the exact make up i used to create my lava world to power some of my EU/MJ production:

    Single Biome, Ocean Biome, Normal Sun, Normal Moon, Normal Stars, Standard Lighting, Stone, Lava, Standard Terrian, Normal Weather, Clear Modifiers.

    This world is totally stable and I was lucky enough to have 3 forgotten libraries within eye sight of the spawn :)
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  9. danny1992

    danny1992 New Member

    one question if i change the stone page with a iron ore /gold ore page will create all the stone in iron/gold ?
  10. Auchioane

    Auchioane New Member

    Iron and Gold pages only apply (currently) to the tendrils page. As both of those are invalid terrain generation.
  11. Avous-

    Avous- New Member

    Hmmn, nope! that generated a twilight forest cave world for me what pack are you on? I'm on ultimate.
  12. Auchioane

    Auchioane New Member

    I am using DW20 pack but will try the ultimate pack tonight with the exact same page combo. I will post the results.
  13. Icarus White

    Icarus White New Member

    I'm pretty sure the biome is supposed to go before the controller. Like:
    Ocean Biome, Single Biome, etc.

    Otherwise, it won't register correctly.
    Also, I'm not sure what happens if you put two 'adjectives' into the standard terrain - does only one of them work, or do they both?
  14. Auchioane

    Auchioane New Member

    I took that directly from the descriptive book for my stable lava world I made. I have not given it a shot the way you described.

    As for the two adjectives for standard terrain it works fine. for example end stone water standard terrain will replace all stone with end stone instead. putting lava in place of water will replace all water generated with lava blocks.

    Just found this thread which might be related to what your seeing:

    I just tested the exact same descriptive book in the ultimate pack I got everything i wanted except instead of a lava ocean I got a normal ocean. Everything else was stable and working fine.
  15. BananaSplit2

    BananaSplit2 New Member

    To get mine I put Lava before Ocean
  16. Avous-

    Avous- New Member

    Thanks I got it working now!
  17. SmokeLuvr1971

    SmokeLuvr1971 New Member

    Playing FTB Ultimate pack and following this guide got me my lava ocean:

    Following this guide, the arrangement would be - Ocean Biome, Single Biome, Lava, Standard Terrain, ... [rest as you desire]

    According to this guide, the modifier normally goes before what's being modified with the exception being the biome(s)/biome type at the beginning of the book. So for a lava ocean, the lava page would precede the terrain generation page.
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  18. Otterpawps

    Otterpawps New Member

    this is correct. I have made a perfect lava world [at least perfect for what i need it for].

    here is the page order i used:
    Ocean Biome
    Single Biome
    Standard Terrain
    Normal Moon
    Dark Sun
    Bright Lighting
    Slow Weather
    Boundless Skys
    Clear Modifiers


    The symbols I used, I used because I don't have all of them, maybe half. So I just used what I had to fill in the blank to create stability. I used the stone just because i kept seeing people preach the use of it for lava worlds and hey, it worked.

    Hopefully you guys can replicate this. These pages are all pretty common, I all of those on my first age.
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  19. csdave

    csdave New Member

    ^That worked 100% with what ever liquid that is in mystcraft 1.6.4 :)
  20. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    I need to try that... I have a page with Resonant Ender
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