Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Avous-, Mar 17, 2013.

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    This is amazing, I made an Ocean Biome word with Ars Magika Liquid Essence. what a great way to power a neutral nexus.
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    How to make a spell.
  3. This worked for me when I used a Liquid Yellorium page rather than lava too!

    However in 1.12.2, Liquid Yellorium has no use what so ever, and so I wanted to fix this with a journey through internet forums. Most people are fine, as most modpacks are on 1.7.10, and so the addon for Tinkers' Construct, ExtraTiC, adds functionality for yellorium blocks and ingots to be outputted from smelteries; this unfortunately is not the case for 1.12.2 users as ExtraTiC hasn't yet been updated to 1.12.2, and there are no other alternatives or any mods at all that add any use for Liquid Yellorium. However, I came across Crafttweaker (continuation of MineTweaker) which is updated for 1.12.2. Using this mod, I was able to add a crafting recipe to the game: 1x Liquid Yellorium Bucket = 4x Yellorium Ingots. For those interested here's my script:

    val yelBuck=<forge:bucketfilled>.withTag({FluidName: "yellorium", Amount: 1000});
    val yelIng=<bigreactors:ingotmetals>;

    Just copy and paste this into a .zs file and place it in the "scripts" folder in your modpack directory. You can call the file whatever you want and you'll need to restart your game as "/ct reload" or "/mt reload" functionality was removed due to changes in how forge works in 1.12.

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