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Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Alec Farmer, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Alec Farmer

    Alec Farmer New Member

    We are a completely new server! We are a very friendly server! We run 24/7! We'd love for you to apply! Mods will soon be added when we get more Moderators!​
    Be respectful to the staff and other players
    No hacking/glitching/cheating
    No racism or other offensive remarks.
    This is a mature server so please keep the cursing and foul language to a little.
    No griefing/stealing/finders keepers. If it is questionable then contact a staff member.
    Please do not ask for items, we generally will do lots contests, often to assist you.
    Chunk loaders are allowed, but we require them to be removed/turned off before you go offline
    Whitelist Application:
    All applications are researched heavily. Be honest or you will be denied. I will PM people who are accepted.​
    In-Game Name:
    Time Zone:
    How often will you play?
    Have you ever been banned? Why?
    Server specifications:
    Location of data center: Chicago, USA
    Slots: 85 Players
    RAM: 4GB
    SSD: Unlimited
    Connection: 100/100
    Disabled mods: Mystcraft (Maybe)
    All whitelist applications will be processed as soon as possible or within a few hours of your request!
    We do ask that you keep RP2 timers above .8 (We won't ban you if you don't) and sparingly use any type of chunk loader. Please keep in mind that chunk loaders will unload when you log off.
  2. chowe

    chowe New Member

    In-Game Name: Chowe010
    Time Zone:EST
    How often will you play?about once every day
    Skype? no but i will if needed
    Have you ever been banned? Why? never been ban I have run my own server once and it turned out well but had to shut it down due to lack of funds but i do know how to run a server pretty well.
  3. Alec Farmer

    Alec Farmer New Member

    You can join
  4. dwultachill

    dwultachill New Member

    IGN: dwultachill
    Time Zone: west
    How often will you play? attempt at once every day (school and things)
    Skype? yep I will tell you the skype in secret.
    Have you ever been banned? Why? never been banned.
    Experience/Reason: giving people the best gameplay experience has always been a reason for me to apply as a mod/admin on servers. I truly want to give people the best experience and make sure that the trolls only there to ruin peoples experiences gets banned.
    Other: I also have a youtube and is starting to grow http://www.youtube.com/user/Axearoth
  5. Alec Farmer

    Alec Farmer New Member

    You can join
  6. dwultachill

    dwultachill New Member

    I also noticed you need admins might I become one to serve the cause.
  7. iPython

    iPython New Member

    In-Game Name: iPython
    Age: 17
    Country: Brazil
    Time Zone: - 3 GMT.
    How often will you play? Whenever I can due to sports and school it can get pretty crazy, but I'll be on when they're not filling up my schedule
    Skype? Prefer not to send it out until I know people well enough
    Have you ever been banned? Why? No, I have never been banned.
    P.S. I can be one of your admins. The reasons why I qualify is due to me having experience of already filling up that position on multiple servers. But if you find one more capable than me feel free to give it to another user.
  8. chowe

    chowe New Member

    please reload the whitelist as i can not join saying that i have not been whitelisted
  9. bocag18

    bocag18 New Member

    you should be added now
  10. chowe

    chowe New Member

    no it still says im not whitelisted try just chowe010 no capital C
  11. iPython

    iPython New Member

    Run the command /whitelist reload

    Also mind looking over my application?
  12. orjan11

    orjan11 New Member

    Hi my name is Ørjan !
    Hi my name is ørjan and I am from Norway. I am 14 years old and I love to play feed the beast ! I would like to join a whitelisted server more than anything ! no grief or pvp just build as much as possible and get better at feed the beast. My IGN is orjan11 and my skype name is orjan-lunden1. I am often online! I'm online alot ! xD I don't think I ever have been banned before ? I always follow the rules. I hope you will make me whitelisted that would been very cool to play on you're server
    - Ørjan L Lunden
  13. Pyriell

    Pyriell New Member

    In-Game Name: Pyriell
    Age: 24
    Country: England
    Time Zone: GMT
    How often will you play? Every day for a few hours hopefully
    Skype? I have it, for obvious reasons won't post it here :p
    Have you ever been banned? Why? I have not.
  14. Nathie1000

    Nathie1000 New Member

    In-Game Name: nathie1000
    Age: 19
    Country: Netherlands (Got 120 ms, think that's plausible)
    Time Zone: CET (GMT +1)
    How often will you play? Try to fit in an hour minim a day.
    Skype? Nathie1000
    Have you ever been banned? Why? Nope
  15. DrShark12

    DrShark12 New Member

    In-Game Name: DrShark12
    Age: 20
    Country: United States
    Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
    How often will you play?: I play when ever i can, but at least an hour a day, but in a week about 8-9 hours
    Skype?. N/A
    Have you ever been banned? Why?, Never been banned
  16. bocag18

    bocag18 New Member

  17. Lisugau

    Lisugau New Member

    In-Game Name: Lisugau
    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    Time Zone: CST
    How often will you play? Probaly a lot, depending on a variety of factors
    Skype? Lisugau.minecraft, no mic though, so just use it to contact me if need be.
    Have you ever been banned? Why? nope :)

    In-Game Name: xstream_fish
    Age: 15
    Country: Canada
    Time Zone: MST
    How often will you play? Fairly commonly
    Skype? N/A
    Have you ever been banned? Why? no

    In-Game Name: Jdude42
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    Time Zone: PST
    How often will you play? Pretty often
    Skype? N/A
    Have you ever been banned? Why? No

    I'm going ahead and setting up apps for me and my friends because the server we play on may or may not have got shut down ( been down a while, and the owner is not on often so we think it got closed). Hopefully you can accept us and we can have a new FTB home :)
  18. Ninbrandon3

    Ninbrandon3 New Member

    In-Game Name: ninbrandon3
    Age: 17
    Country: USA
    Time Zone: Central
    How often will you play? 4-6 hours a day..?
    Skype? None, but I can get if required.
    Have you ever been banned? Why? I was just banned on a Voltz server, because the mod was mod cuz I was ahead of him.. Hopefully this server is different? :eek:
  19. snarr

    snarr New Member

    In-Game Name: snarr
    Age: 18
    Country: USA
    Time Zone: EST, yo
    How often will you play? A couple hours daily :)
    Skype? Yess indeed, snarrfarse is the username.
    Have you ever been banned? Why? I have not been banned.
    I was also part of Lisu and them's server, and really need my fix of FTB. Real bad.
  20. bocag18

    bocag18 New Member

    ok, you are all good to go

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