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    If you're familiar with working in a terminal, you can use "ls -a" to show those hidden files (ls, by default, doesn't list files that start with ".").

    If you're using Finder (or if you're in the familiar OSX file browser dialog box), you can press [Shift]+[Command]+[.] to show or hide hidden files, or [Shift]+[Command]+[G] to open a second dialog box in which you can just type the file path you want to go to.

    I don't know why OSX has so many keybinds that do useful things that aren't possible to do any other way and no built-in keyboard shortcuts guide (at least, none I've been able to find), but it does. The keybinds I do know showed up in Google searches.

    Writing a post on the IC2 forum and copied it to my clipboard in case the forum derped and deleted it, because I do that.
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    Public wifi local IP. Trying to ping it with a ping tool and it's refusing my connection. *Shrug*
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    Poking about with file paths in relation to a programming project. Potentially identifiable directory names redacted.
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    kill @e[type=WitherBoss]

    because there is an infernal wither loose on a server with 7 extra abilities, including 1-up, weakness and vengeance. And, me being an admin of that server need to fix it.
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    After the fog cleared Morana froze as she saw her sister or rather what was left from her. Mahlah was missing both her left leg and arm and many of her organs were torn out of her body and scattered around the floor.

    She ran towards her sister, hating herself because of her failure and the fact that Mahlah paid for it. Morana kneeled down next to Mahlah and prepared her magic in a way she never did before, for once she would try to stop someone from crossing the line between life and death.

    Using her magic this way proved difficult and with every second that passed Morana could feel how Mahlah got closer and closer to crossing the line. Suddenly Morana heard a voice, she tried to ignore it, she needed all her attention to help Mahlah but it was too late. She couldn’t feel Mahlah anymore, she had crossed the line.

    Morana cried, her dead sister in her hands when she heard once again the voice, it was Mahlah’s voice, but that couldn’t be true, could it? Morana quickly opened her eyes and saw Mahlah or rather her spirit.

    Morana couldn’t believe it, she thought that she failed and that she lost her sister but somehow she didn’t, somehow she managed to keep Mahlah’s soul into this world. Mahlah jumped towards Morana and hugged her. Normally Morana would have fallen backwards but now, with her sister being without a body it was all weightless and her sister felt distant and non-existand.

    “Get up!” Morana suddenly heard, it was her father who spoke. “Pay some proper respect to your sister and give her a grave, then give yourself one as well.” Morana could feel Mahlah’s spirit becoming warm, warm of anger. Before Morana could do anything she felt a strange force on her, as if she got pushed out of her own body and soon after she noticed that this had indeed happened and that Mahlah had entered it.

    She then saw how Mahlah channeled her own magic and aimed it to their father. Torben didn’t expect this and fell on his knees with a scream of pain as the bones in his legs shattered.

    “No one talks to my sister like that!” Mahlah said as she threw a new volley of pain to her dad. This time his flesh started to tear and fall apart. Morana rushed to her body, hoping that she somehow gain control of it again. However before she managed to even get to her own body Mahlah unleashed another spell and with that Torben fell on the ground, blood flowing out his mouth.

    Morana pushed Mahlah out of her body, taking control of it and ran towards her dad hoping that she could save him the same way she did with Mahlah however not soon after she kneeled next to him and started to try and get him back she felt a how a knife got trusted into her shoulder and while she screamed from pain she got pushed to the ground.

    “ I won’t let you sign your own death” Mahlah said to Morana while she kept Morana on the ground. “The only reason he wanted us to do this was so that he could see who of us was the weaker one and he didn’t care if she would die.” Morana couldn’t believe her sister, there was no way that their dad didn’t care about them. Surely he wouldn’t want one of them to die?

    “When I was near the edge I saw our mother. She warned me of his plans and tried to push me back.” Mahlah continued when she saw that her sister didn’t believe her “Since when do you believe what our mother says? She was evil! You know that without our dad she would have killed both of us.”

    Mahlah loosened her grip on her sister, it would be too late anyway for her to get their dad back and took a deep breath “Right, that is why she tried her best to not have me die not to mention the fact that the only one that ever told us that story is our dad. Do you really think he wasn’t holding something back from us even though we are never allowed to go outside?”

    Morana had to think for a moment, what Mahlah said made sense. “What now? Our dad is dead, so is our mother and you are a ghost.” Morana says with tears in her eyes after taking a deep breath herself.

    “I have made a friend in the few times I’ve sneaked outside. She can help us.” Mahlah answers “but it is getting late, even a ghost needs rest” Mahlah says while yawning.

    {The following day will have Mahlah and Morana discover that the wound made by Mahlah is gone and Morana will meet Raven and fail at explaining correctly what happened. This causes Raven to go into a rage before Morana could show ghost-Mahlah and thus Mahlah is forced to take control again and use her own magic on Raven to safe Morana. Though Raven survives she now hates Morana with her whole heart due to thinking Morana killed Mahlah and Mahlah now being fully gone. Mahlah is in response angry at Morana as she now lost her only friend and was even forced to hurt her. }
    Because I wanted to work on Morana's and Mahlah's backstory a bit and my laptop/browser seems to dislike google-docs where it is stored and makes editing on that a pain. As a result I just copied the part I needed over to my normal text-editor which I prefer to write in over google-docs anyway
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    Confirmation code for something or other.
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    [WARNING]Swear words in that pic. I was chatting on a discord server, someone posted a pic using ShareX on and shared it on the server and said to not upload a pic to that site, I uploaded that pic there, and said "I'll think about it"
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    Nothing. Well then...
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    Found on our geocache hunt with the [REDACTED] crew.

    I let my uncle borrow my laptop.
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    Because this is a thing!!
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    that apparently happens if I copy a .png to my clipboard if I view said png using caja. interesting...
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    Looking through a crash report
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    Lovely image :)

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