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Feb 10, 2013
Hi, running into a configuration? problem perhaps. I have a private server for Infinity Evolved and we are running in normal mode. When using the AE2 crafting terminal and NEI, I look up a recipe and shift-click the ? icon to populate the crafting grid with items. Unfor its not pulling normal minecraft items from the AE inventory but will mod stuff. Such as iron, redstone and dirt. Any ideas where to look to fix this?
Are any of the items in those recipes that don't want to shift-click for you items that do not stack in normal inventories, such as tools and filled buckets? If so, that's a known issue.

I've had a really weird thing going on for a while now, not sure when it started, or what is causing it...

After certain events (such as opening a vanilla chest, then closing it), my world gets darker, like its sunset... but it immediately begins to lighten up, and within 5 seconds, it's normal daytime again. Why is this happening to my games (doesn't seem to matter what pack I'm playing)? How do I fix it?
I've had precisely what you describe- with the screen dimming whenever I open and then close my inventory, and then fading back to normal over the course of a few seconds- sometimes on certain packs. When it happened, which was rare, it would keep happening until I rebooted my client, which would usually fix it. I never managed to reproduce it reliably (nor did I really try to); all I do know is that it only ever happened on a certain even-then-pretty-horribly-outdated instance of Infinity on which I'd updated a few mods (such as Botania) and added a few more (including Clockwork Phase and some of the Reika suite).

Are you on a Mac, by any chance? I am, and I've gotten a few other weird apparently-platform-dependent bugs in Modded MC as well.


Was posting that on another thread, and then the forum looked like it might be about to derp, so I copied it to my clipboard (as I do when I think I'm at risk of losing my post), and then thought "Hey, I could put this on the clipboard thread!"

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Feb 10, 2013
Nahiri sat done some distant from Cait as it didn't seem like she wanted to talk. She wondered how the others of her group were while she made her sandwich, the name Linessa did ring a bell but she was unsure who Linessa was. Perhaps she did some smithing for her in the past?

Linessa listened through the Spider Hunter's introduction, taking mental notes along the way. The front lines? Raiding an orc camp? Great... Linessa had never fancied herself as much of a front-lines sort of person; she'd much rather hang back, clear away obstacles, push incoming projectiles off-course, and so on. But, she was here and in no position to complain about it, so best just do what was asked.

Linessa fixed a sandwich, then sat down next to Nahiri, recognizing her as the blacksmith's apprentice. "Hello", she said, and took a bite of the sandwich.

"Hey" Nahiri answered. "You must be Linessa?" Nahiri definitely recognized her but again failed to remember from what exactly.

"I am indeed," answered Linessa. "Say, what sort of magic do you use? I know you work with the smith, but you never really seemed like the fire-mage type to me."

Nahiri seemed indeed right by thinking she knows Linessa from somwhere, or at the very least Linessa knows her. "I'm indeed not a fire-mage, I wield lightning magic." Nahiri grabbed one of her Hedrons before continuing "Though I use it to charge these machines rather then throwing it blindly at people." Though the Hedrons weren't fully done in Nahiri's eyes she had to admit she was proud of creating them and as such didn't mind talking about it especially now that having Linessa know about them could help them later on

"That makes sense, I guess. I don't know about blindly throwing magic, but I do throw these." Linessa pulls a damp shuriken out of her pouch and holds it up. "I'm a wind mage. I've found that I can use my magic to propel these pretty efficiently. It works well- they don't weigh much and have a lot of surface area for the air to grab onto. You and your father do a pretty good job of making them."

Dubhan held himself much in the same way Cait, paying little attention as he awaited to be sent to killing some more orks, it'd be just like every other time he'd done so, save for having to deal with more "allies", most likely getting in his way.
He didn't eat quite in the same way as others. grabbing a piece of bread in his right hand, he held it and it gradually withered before him, becoming little more than dust. He did the same several times, and stopped when he felt that he had had enough. He did not converse, did not look around the room, simply waited, staring at the wall as he had done for so long, once.

"Thank you" Nahiri happily replied with to the compliment. "So, you use your magic to effect the speed and direction of them? That is an intresting way to use your magik, probably an effective one as well. I always like it when people use their magic in intresting ways, and though the idea of using wind to throw things isn't that special I will admit that the fact that you went ahead and searched for a projectile optimal for this purpose gives a nice touch to the idea, especially as not many use shurikens. I am intrested to see what you can do with them."

"Well, I suspect you'll see that first hand soon enough." Linessa returned the shuriken to its pouch, stacking it neatly among the others. She made a mental note to air them out sometime- don't want them to rust, after all- and returned to eating her sandwich.

"So." Scivoloso said to Dubhan through a mouthful of his sandwich. "What made you kill your dad?"

"I displeased him by becoming an earth mage, not a holy mage like he wanted. For this, he locked me in his church's cellar until I "saw the light". The pitch black darkness and the weakness that overcame me withered my soul until all was gone from it, and all I knew was blackness. My darkened soul was found there by magik equally dark, until it was all of me. I carved a sigil in the door, similar to my hand, and when next he opened it, I used it to rend his life energy from his body, and absorbed it entirely, walking from the cellar whole again, leaving him dead.
"But that is not why I am a criminal, no. If you were to go to that village, where all there loved their god Arawn and loved my father as their spiritual leader, you would find only the bones of the village, slain. That is why I have been thrown in, with you, the ones expected to die first.
"Did that answer your question?"

Throughout the entirety of Dubhan's monologue. He drew no emotion from this story, no anguish, no anger. To him, it was resolved, by the death of those he killed. He stared unblinkingly, unsettlingly so, into Scivoloso's eyes, waiting for his answer.

Scivoloso looked at him for a few seconds, then leaned back. "Huh. Well, takes more to piss you off than me I suppose." Scivoloso resumed eating his sandwich.

A whole village... dead... Nahiri thought by herself as she tried to wrap her head around what she just heard. Of course she felt bad for Dubhan for what happened to him but still...

She then heard Scivoloso's reaction, does she even want to know what he had done? Nahiri put her food down, she was done eating, her hunger spoiled by what she just learned.

Linessa continued chewing on her sandwich for a bit, while the hooded man's story sunk in. He destroyed his entire village? Granted, locking one's own son in the cellar to die, just for using the wrong kind of magic, was unthinkable to her, but... It doesn't really matter at this point, she supposed. What's done is done, and he's now serving his punishment simply by being here, drafted into Pert's militia and sent on this mission.

Linessa finished her sandwich, then looked up at Dubhan and Scivoloso and broke the silence, posing an open question to them both: "So, what sort of magic do you use?"

Dubhan looked up at Linessa, answering plainly with "Dark."

"Water, but I don't use it like those other shit mages. I use it like shadow magik." Scivoloso replied, sneering as he mentioned other water mages.

"How do you use it then?" Linessa asked in response.

"I can turn into a liquid, I can trap people in water, and I can attack people with water. I got unlucky with my magik, so I turned it into shadow magik." Scivoloso said.

Linessa nodded. A bit of an unusual way to use water magic, sure, but if it works, it works.

She then turned to the only recruit at the table who had yet to speak. "What about you? What magic do you use?"

Cait blinked as she turned to face the one who had spoken to her. The blue haired mage was looking expectantly at her. Magic? There was only one way to describe her spells. "Death. My magic slowly chokes the life out of those in the vicinity, before I dominate their souls to use as I will." A slow, sinister smile crept onto her face at the thought of slowly squeezing the life out of a whole community of orks, made more disconcerting by the blank unblinking stare with which she fixed the mage. "It is magic well suited to the genocide we will perpetrate." She turned away, finishing her meal before staring vacantly into space once more.

Linessa wasn't entirely sure how to respond to the woman's description. That sort of magic was nothing she had ever used or even been in contact with to any great extent. The way she said it, seeming to enjoy the thought of doing such horrible things, further put Linessa off. Best not get on this one's nerves. Or in her way, for that matter.

Linessa replied only with a slightly overwhelmed "Okay..." before putting the death mage's thoughts of genocide out of her mind for the moment and turning to ask the other two captains at the table the same question: "What about you? What is your magic?"

"Wind." said Violet simply.
"I trap and blind others with light, and my eyes are enhanced by light." Palavalo stated.

Linessa nodded and said "I see," apparently content with the captains' responses. She then fell silent, trying to memorize what the others had said about their magic.

Pretty much the same reasons as my last post here.

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Feb 10, 2013
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Quoting a comment in Thaumcraft 4's config file to use it on a Werewolf post.


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The Chuckan History is a very interesting thing to learn about, and thus it is taught to kids as young as 9.
[Floatleft][box]Table of Contents
1 Prehistory
1.1 Stone Age
1.2 Bronze Age
1.3 Iron Age
2 Ancient History
2.1 Classical Antiquity
3 Middle Ages
4 Modern age[/box][/floatleft]

[Anchor=Preh]Prehistory [/anchor]

[Anchor=stone]Stone Age [/anchor]
[Anchor=CuZn]Bronze Age [/anchor]
[Anchor=Fe]Iron Age[/ANCHOR]

[Anchor=AncH]Ancient History[/anchor]
[Anchor=Clas]Classical Antiquity[/anchor]

[Anchor=MiddAge]Middle Ages[/anchor]

[Anchor=ModAge]Modern Age[/anchor]

Stuff for my nationstates factbook


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Jul 29, 2019
The 1972-2009 report on dropout and graduation rates is quite lengthy, but the take-home point, for our purposes, is that very little has changed since the early 1970s regarding the graduation rate of racial minorities. Black and White students graduate more often now than they did in the 1970s, but the difference between the two racial groups has remained relatively stable, with only a slight improvement in the 1980s. This shows that there was no meaningfully successful effort to improve the education quality provided to Black students in the United States.

Currently writing a speech on this topic. I'm a sociology student.

Link slightly redacted just in case.
The link that that points to includes the changekey value.