Bug Can't login using Opera since a few days

Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by CreeperShift, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. CreeperShift

    CreeperShift Well-Known Member

    Since a few days, I think when you changed the home site to curse, I got a login for my curse account, since then I was suddenly logged out of the forum with Opera.

    Whenever I try to login, it refreshes the page and I'm logged out again.

    It's impossible for me to log in using the current Opera version.

    Any ideas how I can fix this? :)

  2. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Please try to clear your cookies and cache on that browser and try again
  3. CreeperShift

    CreeperShift Well-Known Member

    Just did. No effect whatsoever.
  4. Zarkov

    Zarkov Well-Known Member

    I have seen the same issue with Chrome. Are you logging in from two different locations? It seems that there was a change recently, and something is now kept server side which prevents multiple active logins from separate machines / locations. This is only my guess.

    First I was able to be logged in at location A, but not B. Then, after a few (2?) days of not being logged in at location A, B suddenly worked. Then location A have the error instead (page refreshes, still not logged in).

    Also, the bug seems to be mostly cosmetic. While I still have the "log in" prompt to the upper right, I can view a post and reply and then also get the "Log out" link.
  5. CreeperShift

    CreeperShift Well-Known Member

    No, I'm only logging in from one location.

    But the cosmetic part is true. Been posting with Chrome, but just doing it with Opera. Inside a thread, it looks normal. As soon as I get back to the default page it appears as if I'm not logged in. :/
  6. splashblue

    splashblue New Member

    Same is happening to me with firefox just now.
    However, I was using my tablet with chrome this morning, so it could indeed be the multiple locations problem @Zarkov mentioned.

    EDIT: After posting here, I was logged in in this thread. I left to the overview and was logged out again. Seems to be a session issue?
  7. CreeperShift

    CreeperShift Well-Known Member

    Haven't logged into anything but this Opera browser for the past 2 weeks :( Still doesn't work properly.
  8. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    I'm using Firefox and been unable to log in for weeks now, there's no error it just returns back to being logged out. At long last with a lot of button bashing it let me log in.
  9. retep998

    retep998 NoLifeBunny Wiki Staff

    I'm having a similar issue right now. On some pages it'll show me as logged in, on most pages it'll show me as logged out. Really rather annoying.
  10. HangingLotus

    HangingLotus New Member

    having the same issue here. some pages show me as logged in while others show me as logged out. if i try to search for something within the forums i get an error page.
  11. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    Also happening in chrome.
    The fix of going to the logout page and logging out there seems to help. (for now)


    Word is it's possibly a "persistent sessions error" and for now, if we can get back in, to not tick "keep logged in"
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  12. CreeperShift

    CreeperShift Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate that worked :)
  13. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Just ran into this myself running the latest Firefox mobile version. Forcing a logout fixed it.
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  14. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    this has been happening to me for past 2 days, just forced logout and now I can login. tyvm
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