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  1. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    Summary of the problem Cant Enchant Mesh

    Pack Version 3.0.0

    What is the bug? Placed a fortune book and a mesh in an anvil doesnt work unless you go into creative. Im in 3.0.4

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Be in survival, Place any mesh in the left slot of anvil, place an enchanted book in the right slot and you cant enchant it

    Known Fix Do this while in creative
  2. Adversarius

    Adversarius Guest

    Are you trying to enchant it with "Fortune" (Vanilla) or with "Sieve Fortune" ?
  3. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    as said mesh enchantments are there own thing that cant be made with the ender io enchanter only enchanted via vanilla enchanting
  4. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    That would make sense if the creative way wouldn't work.
  5. Adversarius

    Adversarius Guest

    In creative you can enchant any item with any enchantment, even dirt if you want to.
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  6. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    As Adversarius mentioned, doing it in creative doesn't mean anything.

    You're using the incorrect version of the enchant. Ex Nihilo has its own enchants and those work just fine.
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