Jul 29, 2019
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    1. aliveagain
      Hi Sir, I am not a streamer or anything but would you mind if i played your invasion modpack? It looks like tons of fun and I am stuck at work during slow season lol. I can sign any NDA or promise not to share anything. If you are willing. Happy to report bugs too. Thanks a ton.
    2. JohnnyRisotto
      how do i download journey to the core?
    3. TechOverload
      Hello. I have a modpack I would like to submit called Alpha to Omega. Contact me if your okay about making it.
    4. Slay3r011
      Hi Darkosto I am having some trouble with journey to the core, the quest for dead pine logs didn't appear for me until I had gone to the cave dimension but the quest book said they can also been found in the highest layer but I've been mining for nearly an hour and not found a single one. is there an easier way to find them (also I didn't get any from the starting area because I thought they were useless)
    5. Eternal-Mane
      I am having a bug in Journey to The Core were once I enter the cave dimension blocks respawn after a second after breaking. My graphics are at a minimum and am unsure what the solution is. Any advice you can give me?
    6. ZaidAyman2021
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