Building my base - Starting a new with Infinity!


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Jul 29, 2019
Okay Big update a lot of images!

Well you all know me.
Plainside the Great.
A great achiever defeating the strongest creatures and returning alive where others have failed.
I thought I would give you all some insight on what I use to be this great!
Here you can see a list of my tools I use many different tools to get around(16 pics!):
















Later when some merchants came knocking on my door... well gate.
They told me they were selling these special bricks called Blast Furnace bricks and Coke oven bricks.
After I bought some of them they left me a note Blast 3x4x3 and Coke 3x3x3 not sure what they meant with this but I guessed they meant building sizes.
After some careful guessing what each of the dimension were I figured it was WxHxD.
I was suprised when the structure came "alive" I have never seen any thing quite like it.
After some experimenting it seemed that you need to power the Blast furnace with coal coke which was made with the coke oven.
The making of the coal coke also left some type of liquid behind which I saved up in a large tank I've called it creosote oil.
I have yet to find a usage for this maybe I will meet those merchants some day again and maybe they know more what I can do with this.
Any ways I was able to capture some images of the structures for the world to see:


Left is the blast furnace and next to it the coke oven.

After the amazement of that day the following day I received a letter delivered by one of the villagers next to my village.
A message from a wizard came in with a building request.
The letter said the following.

"Dear Plainside,

You probably have never heard of me but your achievements have been heard all over the lands of minecraft.
Building a stronghold, defeating wretched creatures in the nether and even killing a wither!

I must say I am amazed so I have a request.
I would love to live inside the strong hold and practicing my magic.
In return I will teach you the secrets of the Thaumonomicon.
This book hold secrets known only to a select few wizards across the lands of minecraft.

If you are interested build a house for me to stay in I will arrive within two days.


Retch Lid."

The letter was a bit cryptic to read but I thought why not a wizard in my village who wouldn't want that!
Seeing how he didn't say how big or what type of material I should use I went out and found a tree the villagers call Greatwood trees.
According to the villagers these trees are full with magical power so I cut a few down and started building with it.
The saplings that dropped I saved probably a nice gift for the wizard when he arrives!
Any ways this is what I found to be appropriate for the wizard:

The small size is on purpose he can't have a bigger house then me!
If he wants a bigger house he has to earn some respect first.
But I can't wait till he arrives I have never been able to cast magic.
Maybe self teaching isn't the best way and that hole i made with some random thought up spell isnt going to disappear sadly.


Magic can be a dangerous thing so I need to keep that wizard in check and make sure he doesn't any thing crazy.
Luckily this was in a another land where the mountains are tall and no one will notice.

I did wish I was able to use this on the wither I defeated just today.
Collecting 3 wither skulls wasn't to hard but thinking of a way where I wouldn't destroy my base was hard.
I started experimenting with some combinations in the alloy smelter.
I came across a interesting recipe called Reinforced Obsidian.
A village nearby had some information on this so I went there and asked what it exactly was.
This is what they told me:

"Reinforced obsidian!
Now that is something only the elder knows about."

After this the villager went and requested a audience with the elder for me.
He said the following:

"Ahhh... Reinforced Obsidian, it is one of the strongest blocks out there we know.
Legends tell it can withstand the explosions of the wither."

After that I ran out back to my base as quickly as I could!
I had to make this and test it foolish as I was IT WORKED!
This is the structure I build:

He dropped a few interesting items of which Im not sure of what they are.
I am familiar with the nether star but this red tablet and golden heart Im not sure what to do with.

Sadly holding the nether star to close to my cleaver it got absorbed and there seemed to be room for improvement.
I will remember this and use this when I need more improvements on my weapons maybe even my tools!

This all happened in a span of 3 days.
I really wonder what my next adventure will be.

Day 6, log 1.

Plainside the Great.

Disclaimer, I will try to do these story type of updates more often!
This was the plan from the start but never really gave it a try until today.
Ofcourse the day notation is wrong, minecraft days go faster but I will do them by real life days.
Also I wont do the older updates seeing how this took me well over than half an hour.
So enjoy it for now and please give me feedback!

Also Im looking for "actors" who can do short 30 min(or longer) appearances on stream to act a little(through chat).
PM me if interested!
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Jul 29, 2019
Streaming again tonight at 7pm GMT +1
Extra long stream because vacation and weekend!

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Jul 29, 2019
I found a tablet a old one it seems a time where dragons were still roaming the overworld.
A small inscription reads
"Draconic Evolution Information Tablet"
It contains so much information its incredible.
I've collected a resource from the end dimension called draconium dust according to the tablet.
I went ahead and made myself a sword and a set of Wyvern armor.
With this armor on I feel invincible I can jump really high with no fall damage I do not know how to explain this feeling!


As for a bit more boring part I wanted to get a mob soul from a wither skeleton.
These souls are really rare I've must killed about 200 wither skeletons and found none yet.
A villager informed me that there is a enchant I could get that would increase the chance of it.
He said it was the Reaper enchant I have never heard of this enchant myself but I will have to experiment with the enchantment table if I want to get this.

It is a interesting system I must say!
For a while I couldn't get the damn spawner to work completely lost.
After a while I went to different villagers asking about the auto-spawner only one villager knew about it.
Loge Go he was named, here is what he told me:

"Ahh an auto-spawner.
Yes they are quite difficult to understand if you are inexperienced.
I can tell you how it works but you have to do something for me.
Our village is small and nights are hell here we need some one to defend us for a few days while the new guards arrive.
The lasts ones were posers and stole a lot of our food and riches."

This was quite interesting to hear I thought this was the least I could do for the information I need.

"Also I want you to hunt down the poser guards!
They were wearing Red robes with black outlining or at least the mages were.
The knights were wearing black with gold helmets and red armor with black outlining"

Now I have seen quite a few knights and mages but I had never heard of mages and knights wearing this type of armor.
Was this a new kingdom on the rise, should I watch out and increase the defenses of my stronghold?

I surely wasn't planning on hunting them down so I ignored that request.

He continued,

"We can pay you with what we have left!
Just help us for the coming days we need some one please help to defend this village from the night!"

After some careful thinking I thought by myself:

"I can't take the payment they have barely anything left let alone say they can trade with the merchants for more food."

So I took the offer but declined any payment just a roof over my head when it was day so i could safely sleep and fight at night!

After 4 days passed new guards arrived.
To be sure they didn't pull anything like the posers did I stayed for a extra week helping building up the defenses and more.
It became clear quickly that these guards were the real deal.

I returned to Loge Go and asked about the auto-spawner again.

"Yes of course this will be your payment then!
The auto-spawner uses Essence, this you can create with some sewers they take the pure form of experience orbs.
Then they get transformed into Essence but you have to pipe it out into some kind of tank or directly into the auto spawner."

With this information my quest of almost 2 weeks came to a end.
I've searched for the poser guards but sadly couldn't find them.
But I will remember the description from Loge Go so if I see them they shall perish.

And before I forget here is the setup haha!


After all this I went on the search for a Division sigil.
A division sigil is used to create unstable ingots a very dangerous ingot.
These ingots explode and kill you after 10 seconds you craft them.
Now I used them to make myself wings..... yes real wings.
Well not real wings its a ring you wear which gives you the power of flight.
It is some unknown type of magic I believe maybe Retch Lid can tell me more about it when he arrives.

Here is how it looks when you wear the ring:


After a few days I got bored and I needed a new adventure a dungeon or something like that.
So I returned to the elder I had spoken to a few weeks ago.

"So you returned.
Last time you left I didn't catch your name nor did you got mine haha!"

This became weird he smelled like booze not like last time.
I'm sure there was something wrong.
I answered with the following.

"My apologies for that.
My name is Plainside the Great.
I am a well known adventurer and knight."

Well I am Led Re.
Ohh how i miss adventures nowadays im just drinking the sorrow away.
My son went into a dangerous dungeon and hasn't returned yet.
I fear the worst"

"May I ask where this dungeon is?
I can search for him if you'd like."

I said without any thought.

You can try.
He went into a Runic Dungeon.
These dungeons are old and dangerous.
A lot of people who go there never return even with the strongest of diamond armors.
And you think you can go into that little costume of yours hahahah!
Go ahead see if you can find my son I doubt you will even get past the first rooms."

Holding back my laugh and keeping my wyvern armor a secret from him I awnsered.

"Okay tell me how do I get to this dungeon?"

"On this note you will find the instructions.
But you need a magical staff.
Which requires 3 Magic chalk, 2 emeralds, 2 diamonds and 2 gold.
How you craft it you go find out yourself!"

After that I said good bye to Led Re and made the portal to the dungeon:


Sadly after searching for days I did not find the elders son, only some remains.
I send this back to the elder with a letter with my condolences.

He has yet to respond I think I will visit the elder soon to see how he is coping with it.

And the runic dungeon its amazing!
I get why a lot of people perish here.
This place is crawling with monsters.
I have yet to find out how to open these locked doors there seem to be keyholes but where is the key?

Any ways this is where I sign off.

Day 7, Log 2

Plainside the Great.

If you liked this please give me some feedback!
I do this in my spare time I'm in no way a professional writer!
Also still looking for "actors"!
Hope you enjoyed Log #2


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Jul 29, 2019

I think some of the Wither skeletons have taken over the tardis!
WE all have that one moment where you know you're gonna have a lot of fun today!
This all for a mob soul btw....

you would think killing that many would give you 1 soul but nooo we dont have souls we were freaking gingers apparently >.>(no offense)


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Apr 12, 2014
Your looking in the range of a few hundred to several thousand mobs per mob soul on average. For me it's about 500 mobs per soul. I'm now using diamond spikes (enchantable) with the Reaper V enchantment to get them. 24 souls from about 7,500 mobs.


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Jul 29, 2019
Your looking in the range of a few hundred to several thousand mobs per mob soul on average. For me it's about 500 mobs per soul. I'm now using diamond spikes (enchantable) with the Reaper V enchantment to get them. 24 souls from about 7,500 mobs.
Weird thing is the drops are inconsistent.
In about a range from 100 to 300 I got 3 so 1 in 100.
Now I've killed thousands and yet only retrieved 1 with Reaper V enchant.
But anyways its always fun creating a pack of mobs in your bbase withouth really thinking about it xD


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Jul 29, 2019
Resurrection of the dragon - Chapter #3

When I first came to the end where the Ender dragon normally roams it was already slain.
An adventurer before me had slain it not knowing of what it would drop.
This made me mad I slayed tons of enderman just for that reason I quickly went back to the overworld trying to shift my focus on something else.

The tablet holds even more information then i ever could think!
But it seems a aura is emitting from it, it seems to be very weak so I do not think it can harm me.
Or that is what I thought at first.
After a while I started hearing whispers coming from the tablet in a language not known to me.
An old ancient tablet talking to me I must be going mad is what I thought.
One day I fell asleep with the tablet near me I saw images of dragons from which I didn't know they existed.
Then the aura appeared in my dream.


My name is Maw Cell Di I am a spirit of knowledge.
I have been trying to contact you since you discovered the ender dragon had perished.
There is a way to resurrect him but keep in mind every time you resurrect him he becomes stronger."

After that I jumped out of bed.
What was this dream was it true how do I resurect a dragon!
I checked the tablet and it was right there how did I miss this before!
Maybe Maw Cell Di just inscribed this I dont know whats going on any more.
There seems to be even more knowledge on this thing then before time to get to work!

To ressurect the dragon I needed the following:
1 Ressurection stone
4 Glowstone blocks
4 Obsidian
4 Diamond blocks
4 Charged Draconium blocks
12 Quartz pillars.

I noticed this wouldnt be easy to do.
I needed to charge draconium blocks with 100Million RF just for 1 charged block.
I knew my current system wouldnt be able to handle this so I made this:


This ball can store up to 9 Billion RF!
But me being impatience as I am I setup the required power crystals to send and retrieve power.
Each block of draconium gets put in the energy infuser where the blocks will charge with 100 Million RF.
This process takes long I got a small big reactor set up in the back powering just this part!

After some time I finally got what I wanted the Charged blocks!
I made the rest of the requirements and went back to the end to resurrect the dragon there.
Carefully I set up the blocks like the tablet now said.
It said to be careful if I did it wrong the charge on the draconium would go away.
Needless to say I didn't want to wait that long again to charge them.

Everything was set up carefully and I made sure they were set up properly.
I activated the ritual.
Thunder happened all around I had never seen thunder in the end.
I knew I was doing something I shouldn't do but I just needed an item from the dragon.
His heart.

The only way to make awakened draconium is using a dragons heart.
There are other ways then the Resurrection ritual to do it but I heard that option was only for those who had the Awakened draconium availible.
Nor would any one speak to me about it muttering some words as they walked away.

After I got the hearth I went home it was a easy fight not that hard just flying close to him and hitting him with my sword sufficed to kill him.
And it dropped I offically have 1 dragon heart but I need a few more so I have to do the ritual again and again.
And not forgetting what Maw Cell Di said to me each time the dragon grows stronger.

For now this was more then enough excitement for me and im off to go back to bed.

Day 3, Log 3.

Plainside the Great


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Jul 29, 2019
Blegh sorry for the inactivity!
Lots of parties and vacation getting in the way.
When I go back to school I will continue this!


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Jul 29, 2019
I somehow corrupted my whole world beyond recovery.....
Starting something new tonight!
Not sure if it will be Infinity again or something else!
Something.... magical

Okay so i am doing a short stream 1 hour-ish is the plan starting in about 20 minutes!
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Jul 29, 2019
Okay so everything keeps crashign at my end.
I will sort this out tomorrow im a bit furious at the moment and not really in a good mood to stream.
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Jul 29, 2019
I have decided after many fails of many diffrent HQM maps to just go back to relaxing Infinity....
New world new start - new story <3


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Jul 29, 2019
A new story - Chapter 4, Amnesia.

All that I can recall is a heavy hit against my head.
Not sure from who or what.
My name is...... Plainside(?)
Everything is so vague and I am not sure who I am.
Some sentences keep coming back to me.

"You have caused us so much pain, trouble and distrust.
Therefore we banish you to another dimension.
Where you have to survive and start a new."

I am not sure whose words those are.
And not sure what pain, trouble and distrust I cause I do know that it must have been severe for them to banish me.

So I did what the unknown voice said to me and started a new.


This is all I have and i am not sure If I had more then this in my past life.
For now this will protect me I have to get some sleep maybe I will remember something after.

Day 1 - Log 1,


A new story where Plainside the great has done something so wrong he was banished from his world and now has to suffer the punishment.


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Jul 29, 2019
I woke up early my back hurt a lot.
Sleeping on a stone floor isnt the best thing.
I spotted a few sheep yesterday I will have to slay them for their wool so I can make a bed and get some lamb going.


I am hoping to find some seeds for wheat so I can make bread.
Vaguely I remember that I had a way to analyze the seeds to see how fast and what gain they would have.
As soon as I thought about that I remembered how to make the seed analyzer and how to mutate seeds so that they grow faster and have more gain from them.

I also made a smeltery I found a village nearby and in the night I went there and stole the smeltery they had there.
I know the villagers don't have the right knowledge to use it seeing how they didnt have a tank or controller setup for it.
They probably wont even notice that it is gone.


This is all I could achieve this day sadly I am still tired and confused about what happend before.

Day 2 - log 2,