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Best Assembly Table Setup?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by DZCreeper, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    Sorry but not quite sure what your trying to explain to me...
    What I was talking about was the 8 lasers the TS was asking about. Either its a bug on my end or the lasers want 100MJ/t input because my setup with 8 lasers wouldn't work full blast otherwise.
  2. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe Well-Known Member

    You said:

    I was suggesting to check your setup, providing maths and pictures that show you do not need anywhere near 1600MJ/t over 16 cells to make that work. And that 'full blast' visually is actually around 25% less then the lasers will take.
  3. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    Thanks for taking to time to help. What I forgot to say is that the reason is because the lasers drop in MJ output for some reason they drop to about half of the output after 1-2 items are made that's what I meant by "full blast" not the color. I know its not my system because the RSC's are way above empty and I'm using the REC for wire. When I added more RSC's the problem was solved so I have no idea. Either way its not that big of a problem because I also run everything else off of these now.
  4. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth Popular Member

    Where are the other 5 walls of the super Assembly laser Cube? Come on ya slacker ;)
  5. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe Well-Known Member

    I knew someone would see that coming..

    So one wall is clearly not enough. We want to know the upper limits of a single table, surely! And make our villagers "ooh" and "aah".


    Of course, you have to build yourself "in", to get the maximum laser count of 602, dictated by the 4-space requirement of the table.


    Power that disco up! After swimming through the sea of blue and irreparably damaging our eyes (doesn't make for a good photo, either), we get our expected result:


    So to the OP, who probably never intended this kind of derail .. 602 lasers and a handful of energy cells will have your table spitting out golden chipsets at about 1.5 per second.

  6. Dylan Meurs

    Dylan Meurs Member

    that is probably the most ridiculously delicious setup for lasers I've ever seen in my life lmfao
  7. jnads

    jnads Active Member

    Now the question is..... how do you get the item out?
  8. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe Well-Known Member

    Tesseracts. Lemming to the rescue, yet again!
  9. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    You'd need 18 36HP boilers to fully power that set-up. I'm so tempted to build it on my survival server and power the whole mess with biofuel.
  10. jnads

    jnads Active Member

    But then the Tesseract interrupts one of the lasers.

    Try again :)
  11. tunnen

    tunnen Member

    Does a portable hole work on Lasers and Energy Conduits?
  12. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to stick a tesseract bumper sticker on it. From a "logical" perspective (i.e., you aren't magically teleporting out of the cube), you are already inside to retrieve the item. It is the only way to finish the cube :p

    And .. nope.
  13. Exasperation

    Exasperation Member

    Getting the items out is easy: put a transport pipe directly under the assembly table. It won't block the lasers, but it will cause the assembly table to drop all completed items out through it. Put a powered obsidian pipe under that spot on the floor, and it will suck the items up right through the floor of the cube.

    Getting the ingredients into the assembly table and telling it what to make from them is another matter entirely...
  14. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Mystcraft linkbooks?
  15. Exasperation

    Exasperation Member

    Possibly, but it's not an option in the modpack I'm using (mindcrack).
  16. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE Well-Known Member

    Put in a frame door?
    HeffronCM likes this.
  17. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    It would be very, very difficult to do, which just makes it all the more awesome when you pull it off.
  18. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe Well-Known Member

    No, really. I was serious about building yourself inside the cube. You can't place the final laser from the outside and have it face properly (that's how I got the reading). You power up all the cells beforehand, and bring the mats in with you. Place items, take loot, and choose whatever means to exit (smash stuff, myst, avatar tesseract,beg Schrodinger, etc).
  19. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve Active Member

    Whoa whoa whoa. Avatar tesseract? If this is a real thing (though I doubt it is) tell me when this happened, and if its not a real thing, well it should be. And yeah yeah yeah IC2 has teleporters and myscraft link books, but a Thermal expansion MJ based one would be amazing. :p

    Any way back on topic, no idea what the best setup would be, but as for what I decided to build in my world is 6 36HP liquid fueled steam boilers currently powering 40 or so industrial steam engines which then go and power 77 lasers in a cube around the table. makes a golden chipset in about 4-5secs. A little overboard but I had to do something with all my diamonds and energy. :p
  20. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper Popular Member

    o_O at some of these setups. I will settle for some RES blocks and the TE power pipes. 9 lasers should be fine, I only wanted a few high tier gates and logic pipes.

    Feel free to discuss this more, but I already got my solution in place.

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