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Whitelist Server Beat The Beast [Infinity]{1.3.4} small close community.

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by trephor, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. trephor

    trephor New Member

    stickabiga just to answer your concerns we have been playing together as a comunity for over 2 years and talk every day and in that time have never been without a modded minecraft server

    and as far as the server its self is concerned i have a fair amount of experiance with servers but if there is something i can not fix i host with a company thats support is second to none the will do anything we ask very quickly no matter how big or small i pay a fair amount of money for this but it is always worth it as we have happy players from all over the U.S all over europe and as far away as australia so id say your home internet will be the only connection you need worry about.
  2. AproposoftheSnow

    AproposoftheSnow New Member

    ign.... AproposoftheSnow
    age.... 30
    where are you from.... I am from York, Pennsylvania, USA
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why.... The only time I have been banned from a server is from my own server as a joke by my peers.
    anything you think you should add.... As I just mentioned, I do own 2 servers. Both are fairly successful vanilla servers. One is a survival server and the other is a PVP server. I will not post the IP's here, as I do not want to advertise why I am applying for your server. ;-) Also, I have been playing minecraft for over a year, and I, and my friends, are all very good at playing with mods and will need almost no help from the staff on the server to be able to get up any running. Finally, because I have a server of my own, I have great leadership skills, I am able to make the hard decisions when necessary, I know a shit ton about commands and command blocks, and also I know a lot about running a wrapper program to be able to keep a server up and running, when it is necessary to have one running... I do not think I have ever been an issue on any server I have ever played on, and I would really like the opportunity to play on your server as well. My email address is [email protected] and my skype name is manofsteelcomplex (I think, if you are unable to find me on skype via that name, just write me an email and I will give more personal information for you to be able to find me on skype.)

    Thank you for reviewing my application... :)
  3. Loadedspud19

    Loadedspud19 New Member

    Hey AproposoftheSnow I have reviewed your application and I have deemed you worthy enough to join our server and all our shenanigans that follow. So as always welcome to Beat The Beast. =D
  4. Kbc1493

    Kbc1493 New Member

    ign: kbc1493
    age: 20
    Where are you from: California
    Ever been banned: Nope
    anything else to add: Been playing modded minecraft for quite some time and have been trying to find a good server to play on for a while now. Hopefully this could be the one:D
  5. trephor

    trephor New Member

    kbc1493 please see the link below and you can contact me in private if you still want to join so we can discuss this.

  6. dino_lol

    dino_lol New Member

    Hey, sorry trephor, i misspelled my username, My username is CardiacArrest and not CadiacArrest, really sorry for the mistake, so i can't log in to the server
  7. Zephie

    Zephie New Member

    Ign.... Zephie
    age.... 24
    where are you from.... Finland
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why.... I havn't
    anything you think you should add.... nothing that comes into my mind but, if you got anything to ask, let me know.
  8. Dinale54

    Dinale54 New Member

    IGN: Dinale54
    Age: 25
    Where are you from: NY, USA
    Have you ever been banned on a server and if so why: Nope.
    Anything you think you should add: Looking for an active community. I tend to be the only one left playing on servers by the time I get to the late-game mods that I love... it's just no fun if your not playing with other people! Favourite mods include Thaumcraft & Blood Magic. I'm absolutely terrible at aesthetics... but I'm great at making my area functional.
  9. trephor

    trephor New Member

    Dinale54 , Zephie

    both accepted see yous ingame.

    CardiacArrest no probs its been sorted
  10. Kbc1493

    Kbc1493 New Member

    I sent you a message about this trephor.
  11. trephor

    trephor New Member


    accepted see you ingame glad you contacted me.
  12. Tepig4321

    Tepig4321 New Member

    I have not ever been banned on a server
    I would really like to join because I have yet to find a server that I like.
  13. trephor

    trephor New Member


    accepted see you ingame
  14. Tepig4321

    Tepig4321 New Member

    ohhh thx
  15. trephor

    trephor New Member

    still accepting apps guys.
  16. Knut

    Knut New Member

    IGN: En_Terrorist
    Age: 17
    where are you from. I'm from Norway
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why. I dont think so no, i'm not sure actually.
    anything you think you should add. Well. i have experience in almost all mods, i know alitlle bit of all of some sorts :) i like building and doing automated stuff. (with fail safes)
  17. trephor

    trephor New Member


    whitelisted see you ingame
  18. skunkdonkey

    skunkdonkey New Member

    pm.... skunkdonkey
    age.... 12
    where are you from.... Uk
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why.... Once I will discuss it in pm
    Anything you think u should add... I have been looking for a small ftb infinity server to play on and this looks perfect
    anything you think you should add...
  19. Razielxv

    Razielxv New Member

  20. trephor

    trephor New Member

    sorry pal but a 12 year old with a ban for dishonesty is kinda the reason i run a whitelist server i wish you well in finding a server but it will not be this one.

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