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Whitelist Server Beat The Beast [Infinity]{1.3.4} small close community.

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by trephor, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Bratyha_mandarin

    Bratyha_mandarin New Member

    ign: FFUUUsha
    age: 22
    where are you from: FROM MOTHER RUSSIA
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why: never
    anything you think you should add: want to play as soon as possible
  2. CozzaG

    CozzaG Guest

    ign CozzaG
    age: 17
    Location: Australia mate
    I have not been banned from a server before
    i enjoy playing in close communities and teamwork
    i am very experienced with many mods and can help
    a lot of people with getting started
  3. Mangobernt

    Mangobernt New Member

    ign: Mangobernt
    age: 18
    where are you from: Trondheim, Norway
    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why: Not in my knowledge :p
    anything you think you should add: Im just looking to join a community. My previous experiences hasn't been the greatest (Feels like singleplayer). Vacation is comming soon, so I'll probably put alot of hours into it.
  4. Tyk

    Tyk New Member

    IGN: _Lyko
    Age: 20
    Where are you from? Canada
    Have you ever been banned? Nope
    Would you like to add anything in addition? Not really. Hoping to enjoy Infinity with a small group.

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