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    • Be respectful. No racist, sexist or homophobic comments will be tolerated.
    • Be polite. Do not use obscenities or engage in name-calling.
    • Post topics in the appropriate forums.
    • No Spam posts.
    • Do not argue with a moderator. If you have an issue with a moderator talk to a global mod. If you have an issue with a global mod contact Slowpoke.
    • Profile pictures should be in good taste, non-offensive. Do not use your profile picture to make a statement about a personal world view.
    • No buy selling or unsolicited advertising of items or services on the forums.
    • Do not use adfly or similar links in posts without prior permission.

    Rules can be added to or changed at any time. Ignorance of the rules is not grounds for breaking the rules.
    Moderators reserve the right to edit delete or change anything that breaks these rules as needed.

    Our policy on ETA's:
    The only ETA for any pack releases or projects that we are working on is: that they will be released when they are ready.

    Any ETA other than this that you get from anyone within FTB is purely speculation and should not be taken as fact.

    Warning points are assigned for rule-breaking and inappropriate behavior.

    • 5 warning points - 1 week timeout from the forums
    • 10 warning points - Permanent ban from the forums.
    If a post is inappropriate enough you may be timed out or permanently banned without a warning. Ban Evading will turn a temporary ban into a permanent one.
Thread Status:
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