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Whitelist Server Aspire/Direwolf20 pack/ Whitelisted! 40 slots! (no lag)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by tylacurse, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. drivertrain

    drivertrain New Member

    Minecraft name? drivertrain
    Age? 14
    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I love SMP environments, i have been using the direwolf pack for the longest time. Also i have been watching his videos since season one. Ill help out in any way possible on the server.
  2. Jenetix

    Jenetix New Member

    Name: Jenetix
    Age: 19
    Why: I am looking for a server to build learn and use the mods in all there glory in a safe SMP environment.
    i try to help people when they get problems, learning new blocks/mods etc
  3. YoshiiPowa

    YoshiiPowa New Member

    IGN: YoshiiPowa
    AGE: 22/23
    EXPERIENCE WITH THE MODS: Some getting better by the minute
    WHAT COUNTRY DO YOU LIVE IN? (if U.S.A what time zone?): England GMT
    ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY?: I love DW20's lets plays. I play along to the current LP (Season 5)
    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? Looking to make some minecraft friends and just have a really fun time and stuffs.
    Looking to make some minecraft friends and all of that good stuffs! Thanks
  4. xXHaxfracroarXx

    xXHaxfracroarXx New Member

    Is the server down or something? Connection times out when I attempt to join :/
  5. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    sadly it is, this is due to the weather in the uk, the nodes stability issues are attempting to be fixed by nitrous now, there is a post on our website if people wish to look! :) sorry for the inconvienience!
  6. xXHaxfracroarXx

    xXHaxfracroarXx New Member

  7. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    ok i had an update
    Node15 - Failed SSD

    **UPDATE 19/01/2013 @ 14:40** - Upon further inspection by a technician we've found the main SSD containing user files has failed and is no longer being detected in both a test system and the system it was in so it would seem the controller is dead and we've tried but unfortunately no user data could be recovered.

    However if you did make a backup via the backup manager you will be able to restore that on Monday when a new replacement drive is delivered from our suppliers.

    Once again we are sorry about this and will be looking into an auto backup system that we can put in place to backup your files, we do currently state that we take no responsibility for your files but we feel that we should give you an easy option to take responsibility over it so that's why we're looking to add this.

    As per usual if you contact support we will add any lost time on for you.

    Nitrous Networks Ltd

    luckily we have a back-up and will have it running then, in the meantime we shall put more info on our forums!

    CYGNUX New Member

    Minecraft name?


    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute?
    I've buy Minecraft some days ago and after playing many hours with direwolf20 pack I want to start again in a multiplayer server and see what othe people can do with these mods.
  9. thugingawesome

    thugingawesome New Member

    AGE 15

  10. iWantcoal

    iWantcoal New Member

    Please don't write in all caps... Might be normal for you, but don't do it here.
    Applications now go here: [o-o]
  11. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    Server is now up and online again thankyou!
  12. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    We're looking to add a Universal electricity server if people are interested hit us up on our forums!
  13. skstout1998

    skstout1998 New Member

    i would play it
  14. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    hit us up on our forums then :) we need to know numbers before anything starts :)
  15. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    we have currently hit our 40th member and still invite look on our website :)
  16. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    we are still taking people just chuck it up on our forums!
  17. mrhappey

    mrhappey New Member

    Minecraft name: mrhappey
    Age: 33
    Why i wish to join your server: ive been looking for a smaller friendly ftb server
    What i can contribute: i got some experience with ic2, bc, redpower2, te, forestry and always glad to help out in anyway i can
  18. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    we have been updated now to 1.4.7 and also server stability has been increased!
  19. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    had to disable twilight forest until we get a bigger server due to insane lag!
  20. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    we now have an awsome second villiage going!

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