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Whitelist Server Aspire/Direwolf20 pack/ Whitelisted! 40 slots! (no lag)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by tylacurse, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member


    Aspire have opened up a thriving community on our direwolf20 minecraft Server! we a friendly community allowing people to join us who are also friendly and willing to help out on projects and everything! nothing is disabled but mystcraft is limited due to how much of the server it takes up!

    no greifing
    no arguing
    no harrassing
    no stealing

    To join us please go to: www.ftbaspire.enjin.com

    and and answer our 3 simple questions in our forums!

    The future!
    We plan on expanding to have multiple servers in the future for all different types of minecraft including tekkit/votlz/vanilla if people contribute and we find people to run these Servers!.

    Our aims are to start a huge gaming community for minecraft and many other video games! so anyone wishing to help us please contact us on our website

    Tyla and the rest of the aspire community!
  2. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    just as an added info more information on the server is available if people wish to ask!
  3. doobz

    doobz New Member

    Minecraft name? Dooobz

    Age? 23

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I'm looking for a new FTB server and this is a perfect fit.
    I like IC2/buildcraft a lot but I'm getting into redpower a lot. I could build a community power room or setup a farm
  4. scrazen

    scrazen New Member

    name: scrazen
    age: 22
    why I want to join: I want to join a server where I can show off the stuff I build and also see everyone else's builds. Being a new server is a plus for me because I can see it grow. I am still learning but I know quite a bit about the mods involved and have been playing minecraft since alpha.
  5. Awesome_kid1230

    Awesome_kid1230 New Member

    Minecraft name? awesome_kid1230

    Age? 13

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I want to join because i love no-griefing servers and no hacking ones. I also want to join because i've been finding (trying) to find a server just like this, and this is perfect! I also like building creations using mods like IC2 BC2 and EE3. (I've been playing MC since 1.8.) I CAN CONTRIBUTE BY MAKING A NICE MACHINE ROOM.
  6. marcotesoalli

    marcotesoalli New Member

    name: thexkillerx
    age: 20
    why I want to join: Looking for a server where I can simply play with nice people and build crazy mod automation setups :p . Plus I like starting on a fresh server :)... I can contribute a lot of knowledge about the mods and minecraft in general (I like to answer questions in general chat) ... playing Minecraft since the early beta versions.
  7. Hurrah

    Hurrah New Member

    Minecraft name?: BinsoXO

    Age?: 16

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute?: I'm looking for a nice server to join that won't lag. Also, i want a server where i can play for a long time not one of those server that closes down a month after opening. I am willing to contribute some machines and materials for the community.
  8. newert

    newert New Member

    Minecraft name?: newert

    Age?: 18

    I am a person who love to make many automated machines and i love progresssing through the game so I hope i will be able to build systems others can use and I will help others when need be
  9. NikeTitan

    NikeTitan New Member

    Minecraft name? NikeTitan

    Age? 19

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? To be honest, I'm new to the FTB Mod Pack, but I would love to learn and be involved in a community that can help me do so. I can contribute with just about anything. I know a good bit about thaumcraft, but getting raw materials and basic designing is my thing.
  10. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch New Member

    Minecraft name? sSasquatch

    Age? 17

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I want to join a whitelisted server where there are cool people who I can play and record with. Im good with turtles and getting better at bees. Im also going to try to start recording on Youtube and stream.
  11. Zealalot

    Zealalot New Member

    Minecraft name zealalot

    Age 20

    Looking for a FTB server i can contribute to with what i know. I know the basics for most mods in the Direwolf20 mod pack looking to advance my knowledge of the mods that are currently available and then ones i don't know to much about. And with that said i hope to join the server.
  12. KillNasty

    KillNasty New Member

    Minecraft name? xKillNastyx

    Age? 18

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I'm pretty new to the whole "Minecraft Mod" scene but my friend suggested this mod and this seemed like a really cool mod to start with. I've been a Minecraft fan for a long time, done a few series on YouTube of my own, I'm very good at creative building and stuff like that. Maybe we could do some sort of series on YouTube on my channel if you guys didn't already have plans for one yet?
  13. Jonsson89

    Jonsson89 New Member

    Minecraft name? jonsson89

    Age? 14

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I have searched for a server for days, and now i found one.
    I like to team up with people and build a nice underground base with a redpower frame elevator and a machine room using thermal expansion to begin with. Then move on to IC2 and a sorting room.
  14. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    your whitelisted![DOUBLEPOST=1358324734][/DOUBLEPOST]
  15. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

    Whitelisted! and that would be cool, i think i have alot of poeople on here interested in doing one so start asking them as they come online![DOUBLEPOST=1358325057][/DOUBLEPOST]
    white listed!
  16. donbaba

    donbaba New Member

    Minecraft Name: Donbaba
    Age: 19
    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I was looing for a server with the direwolf20 pack which is new so no one is realy ahead of others. I have basic knowledge of IC2 and Buildcraft and know quite alot about Thaumcraft 3. I could build an Introduction room to Thaumcraft 3, an Community Thaumcraft room or something like that. :)
  17. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member

  18. hatemeh

    hatemeh New Member

    Minecraft name: HateMeh

    Age: 21

    Why you wish to join our server: I'd like to join this server because its one of the few dw20 servers around, and while i own my own dw20 server i'm easily tempted to use admin stuff making the experience less fun for me.
    What i can contribute:I have decent knowledge about ic2, buildcraft and mystcraft. I am usually very dedicated in making things and i also am a friendly player eager to help others with problems, builds, resources etc
  19. aple

    aple New Member

    Minecraft name? apleaple

    Age? 30

    Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I simply want to play with nice people and build crazy mod builds
  20. tylacurse

    tylacurse New Member


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