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Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HeffronCM, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Infallible83

    Infallible83 New Member

    Hi all,

    Quick question about Tinkers Construct items, in particular the Electric modifier.

    I was under the impression that adding this removed durability in favour of charge.

    I created a cobalt head and the rest ardite for the stonebound material ability. I then stacked the usual redstone and silk touch that I like and proceeded to wear the tool down to 1 durability to get the benefit from stonebound. Once I had done that, I added a flux capacitor to make it electric.

    However, when I charged it and started using it, when it ran out of charge the tool broke. Re charging it didnt fix the tool it just gave me a full charged broken tool which I then had to add cobalt to in order to fix it.

    This never happened to me when using electric tools, has there been a change recently (Using latest DW20 pack)? Or is this somehting I have done wrong?

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    It adds electricity as a power source ON TOP of durability. So if your tool is out of power, it takes durability instead. Kinda handy on occasion, but as you noticed, it doesn't prevent them from breaking.
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  3. Infallible83

    Infallible83 New Member

    I have been educated. Didnt enjoy the lesson, but glad I know. :)

    Edit: Thought of a follow up question. So now that I have repaired it, I need to drain the charge and wear the hammer back down to 1 durability before charging it again for maximum efficiency?
  4. abobabo

    abobabo New Member

    Or you don't wear it down to 1 durability, keep like 10 or 20 or so you have a margin of error for when the power runs out?
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  5. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    They do seem to distribute randomly as do the pipes. Just use jar labels and that type of essentia will be prioritized to only flow to that jar.
  6. Setari

    Setari New Member

    Oh my god thank you. I was up from 12 to 2 trying to figure out why this wasn't working... stupid chests.
  7. trunksbomb

    trunksbomb New Member

    What controls the ore spawns in Horizons 1.0.13, specifically for Metallurgy ores? I'm looking at the Metallurgy config files and all of them basically say that all ores can spawn anywhere from y0 to y128, but that doesn't seem right. I also ran a world through MCEdit and it is showing drastically reduced or non-existent ore spawns from my experience with worlds generated in 1.0.10 or earlier.
  8. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Luck of the draw, really.

    Consider: if it's picking a random y-value for each vein from 0 to 128, and given that from ~70-128 is generally air (unless it's a mountainous biome), or much smaller than that in ocean biomes, that's ~40% of all veins that potentially never get generated because they would spawn in air or water.

    This is also why in my own custom M3 configs, I've stratified the base, precious, and the "common" magical ores, and made the "rare" magical ores very rare.
  9. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    They might be using COFH to do it, look in the COFH folder and poke at the configs in there.

    Which wiki are you referring to? As for twilight stuff, the light levels (bright dark normal) shouldn't affect stuff but then again the writing system shouldn't just ignore whole sections when you are writing an age and it bloody well does (desert, single biome? Ahaha, no here's your jungle/stepps checkerboard). Having a sun might inhibit monsters on the surface but if it is not for you, the I would recommend magnum torches from extra utilities, they are pricy, but if mystcraft is not giving you what you want, they will. And the newest version of mystcraft does not look like it will break anything, I haven't updated but the worst might be some Item ID conflicts which can be dealt with, Back up before you upgrade.
  10. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    In Monster how many types of ores are dependant on biomes? From reading the Geostrata info it seems it generates its resources depending on biomes(so silt type rocks werent found in deserts etc), but playing around in Monster have left me a bit uncertain. Maybe the generation was shifted to COFH(whatever, I can never remember the right abbreviation :p)?

    I am asking because I am thinking of setting up the usual Mystcraft mining age for quarries. But if I did like I always do and make a flat desert world, I am unsure if I would miss out on a ton of resources.
  11. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Some factorization questions:
    Any way of fully automating the crystalizer apart from using the router? The router is too magical and boring, and totally out of whack with the rest of the ore processing system.

    Any way of stopping the steam turbine from eating up all the steam when no further charge is required? It's heavy on it's steam usage. At the moment I'm just turning it on/off with a lever when needed.
  12. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Pretty sure most of the oregen was moved to CoFH Core, as you said. Really the big ones that may still be separate are vanilla emeralds, BoP "gems", and possiby P:R gems?

    No clue on how Geostrata affects it though.

    You might be able to fandagle something with automating it with AE, but Factorization is one of those mods that I never got far into, even though it does look interesting.

    And perhaps try seeing if the batteries have Buildcraft gate conditions? Or possibly can be wrapped as peripherals via Misc/Open Peripherals?
  13. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak New Member

    i know steve's factory manager can put items into specific slots of the crystalizer, not sure what else besides routers
  14. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    I totally forgot about that one! I still haven't played around with it at all, but I blame that on me focusing almost entirely on magical mods that don't need that sort of automation control.
  15. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    Others have suggested steve's factory manager, but it might be the same level of magical as the routers. Other than that, I cannot think of anything to automate it, although I generally skip the crystalizer unless I am processing something fancy.

    As for the turbine...Ya, it just loves steam doesn't it? I just whack the fluiducts with a hammer to disconnect it although I assume a redstone signal could be used instead. I have tried the everpopular BC Gates to no avail, they don't seem to have any conditionals beyond inventory stuff.

    Ninjas everywhere, stupid slow laptop
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
  16. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    How do I cheat in all the research in Thaumcraft 3 (1.4.7 Direwolf20 pack version)? Is it a config option to make a creative thaumonomicon available? I can't find one in NEI or in the creative item selector.
  17. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    I believe there's a config option you have to enable to turn on a creative mode item (in the Thaumcraft tab) that unlocks all the research.
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  18. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    So I updated my world Monster modpack world from 1.0.5 to 1.0.9 and I got big chunk borderlines and world corruption.
    Mountains were half finished, rivers not flowing into the next biome that suddenly appeared, the borderline between chunks was so ugly.
    Even though I enjoyed the beautiful scenery BoP has to offer this has kinda screwed up my world, can this be fixed/avoided?
  19. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Kindasortanotreally. You would have to revert your BoP (and ATG if you were using that) configs to EXACTLY what they were pre-update, then delete all the newly-generated chunks (MCEdit is your friend here). Then hopefully next time they're generated, they should be smooth transitions.

    Always double check this forum before updating for major changes to packs that will cause issues like this.

  20. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    ...I'm screwed!
    Guess it's time for messing around in creative. :)

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