Arendelle Castle (from the movie Frozen) Pictures


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Jul 29, 2019
The Castle of Arendelle

The castle is now all but finished. I am very happy to have it done. Gonna spend a bit of time making sure I haven't missed anything, but yeah, it is basically finished. WIP not any more!

Last Christmas, I went to the cinema to watch Frozen. Then I went to see it again, and again. I fell in love with the film and its characters (except you know who, ha, if only) so naturally I was desperate to try and recreate the castle where the central characters, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, live. Well, after several months of fun (and frustration) I have finished the castle. I should say that it is not a perfect replica. However, I have tried to remain as true to the original build as possible and of course I took tons of inspiration from the film when I was improvising. I also built a huge underground base beneath the castle. It is designed to work as a normal modded minecraft base and you can see more of that later. But for now, I wish to showcase the main attraction. The castle of Arendelle...

Sorry about the UI. Minimising it with f1 causes the sky to dim for me for some reason so I decided to take some screenshots with the UI on.

The bridge was the first thing I built and I am still really happy with it.

Here you can see both main buildings inside the castle walls. the palace and the chapel.

This is the last part of the castle that was completed. It represents the jail which features in a scene during the film.

Scenes from my favourite part of the movie where Anna sings "First time in forever". You can see the scaffold where she climbs up to get a better view of the harbour and the garden where she sings some of her song.

The castle interior is a bit sparse. There is very little unused space and I have done my best to get plenty of nice decent sized rooms in a sensible arrangement. I am happy with the arrangement, but the rooms are not highly decorated. My modpack only has so many options when it comes to furniture and stuff, but I did the best I could. There is of course plenty of room for other people to put their own spin on it. Screenshots of the inside of the castle can be found further down the thread.
Like I mentioned before, I have built a base underneath the castle that has been designed to be able to accommodate everything that I know about in the modpack I am using with just a couple of exceptions. I have given the base the name, Arendelle Industries. It is a subsidiary of OlafCo.

I have already shown some screenshots of the rooms below the base throughout the thread (starting at page 4). But I feel like it would be nice to show some highlights and new stuff here in the OP.

Most of the rooms in the base are designed so that they could fit lots of different types of machines or things in them. Here are two new examples.

I have tried to keep the rooms interesting by changing the colour schemes up and adding features, such as the doors in the second image above there. They are based off the loading bays you get at lorry (truck) depots you see off the motorway (highway). On the other side of those loading bays is a balcony which provides access to the inner works of the base. The walls are mostly hollow to facilitate running cabling and adding new rooms where there is room.

While some rooms are designed to be as universal as possible so that almost any mod can fit in, others have been designed with an express purpose in mind. These usually involve mods which require a lot of space to set up, often with quite intricate multiblocks. Notable among these mods are Blood Magic, Thaumcraft, Big Reactors and Railcraft. Here are a couple of highlights from the specialised rooms.

Overhead view of the rail depot and logistics hub. This is just a big square room and it really can be used for anything but it has a tunnel that leads directly to the land, ideal for railway linkups.

Nuclear Reactor Chamber. I plan on adding a huge array of energy cells and computer craft control and all sorts to my big reactor so I planned this room accordingly. In my mind, the nuke will sit suspended mid air in the middle of room with energy arrays connected nearby and a computer will control the reactor, possibly with a manual override done using touchsceen.

Its not all techmods though, there is room for magic here too. In fact, this could well be my favourite room. I have been messing around with the lighting just a little bit so I am taking these screenshots with night vision on but you get the idea. This is going to be the main hall of my blood magic wing, or as I like to call it, the Sanguinarium.

Essential Mods
Without the following mods, this build would simply not have been possible. So if any authors are reading this, thank you very much.
  • Carpenter's Blocks - Slopes, Better stairs, Better doors, all round superstar
  • Forge Multipart - Similar to Carpenter's blocks, so useful
  • Chisel - A texture for every situation
  • Forestry - Wenge, Walnut and Greenheart is a wonderful combination
  • Biomes O Plenty - Provided the wonderful world gen I got, + beautiful decorative blocks
  • Railcraft - Subtly beautiful decorative blocks. Charming lamps and excellent fences
  • Minefactory Reloaded - Decorative blocks that I will not underestimate again
  • Tinker's Construct - Some really nice designs for chiselled blocks
  • Natura - More beautiful blocks, especially the nether woods + amaranth
  • Computer craft (+open peripherals) - I have a few programs running which make everything so much better. And given how limited vanilla signs are, the monitors are super helpful
  • Random Things - The facelift this mod provides turns the vanilla redstone lamp into one of my favourite blocks in the game.
  • Dartcraft - Spawn resistant gorgeous bricks in all their gaudy glory. I especially love the pink one
  • Project Red - For the redstone contraptions and the lamps
  • Bibliocraft - The only "furniture" mod I have, and it served valiantly
  • Extra Utilities - Connected textures on multiparts has to be worthy of a nobel prize. If not, then the creative builders wand surely is.
  • Thaumcraft, Factorization, Greg's Lighting - Arcane Lamp, Wrath Lamp and Flood Light respectively.
  • Vanilla night vision potions


OK, so by frequently I probably mean asked twice but whatevs

1. Which modpack are you using?​

I am using Resonant Rise (mainline). I am currently running version, but I like to stay up-to-date so this may change soon.

2. Will there be a map download?​

I hope so. I did not start out with the intention of releasing a map download, but community interest has encouraged me. Although I consider the build basically finished, there are still some things I would need to do if I were to release a world download. More information can be found at the bottom of this post.​

Questions which should be being frequently asked.

1. In the movie Frozen, who is your favourite character?​

Why what an interesting question. There are many wonderful characters, but this answer is actually really easy for me. Why its Princess Anna of course!

2. Of all the great scenes in the movie, which is your favourite?​

You're right Mr interviewer, so many great scenes. You really are asking the important questions today. Well, I have considered it and here is my favourite scene

Its like part of your world reprise, but somehow it manages to be even more awesome

Computer craft doings

Computer craft is one of my very favourite mods and I can't resist using it in almost every map. This is no exception, and if you have been following the thread you will already be familiar with some of the ways I am using it. Here is a brief summary of what I already have, what I am finishing off, and what I have planned.

  • Front Gate Control - The front gate uses a sensor from Open Peripherals to detect nearby players. It will open if a whitelisted player is detected nearby. There is also a blacklist to make sure that the gates won't open even if a whitelisted player is in range while there is also a blacklisted player. Adding or removing players from both the whitelist and blacklist is supported within the program without having to restart it or edit the code. The lists are stored on the disc too so you don't have to redo the configuration every server restart either!
  • Multisign API - This is a small API that I have already released on these forums in the last week. All of the signs in the rooms are manipulated using this API. There are ~15 monitor signs in the base all controlled by one computer. It works fine right now and is release ready, although I have further plans for it.
In Progress
  • Railcraft Elevators - In my base I have built 2 elevator shafts to provide access to all of the different parts of my base. I am writing a program to control these elevators in a really cool way. It is not finished yet, although I have made a very messy barely working version already. I haven't had much time to work on it lately but it is a priority. If I can release a world download soon, this might not make it in time. However, I will make it available as soon as I know its working. My plan is for it to work by setting up a server to manage your elevator and then you add a client for each floor (you can freely add and remove clients, and no matter what, because the server knows about all clients, each client will automatically know about all other clients). It will work for any elevator, not just the ones in Arendelle.
  • Password Doors - I have a password door program that works fine, but I want to update it to make it easier to configure and generally more versatile. I will probably be doing some monitor stuff with it too. As far as it being released with a world download, that I won't guarantee. Maybe it will, it depends on how much I get done. In fact, that goes for all programs in the "In Progress" and "In Planning" section.
In Planning
  • An energy store monitor - Over on the Resonant Rise forums, someone has already beaten me to it and produced a really nice looking program to monitor RF storage. I have been planning something similar but I still want to write it out myself because I like to use my own programs. I have only glanced at the code, but the implementation in at least one major area will be different and I think some of the features I have planned (and already done) are not present in their program. I will have to check it out properly, and when I dig it out I will try to remember to link it.
  • A liquid storage monitor - One of the rooms I built I designed to hold a bunch or railcraft tanks. I hope to write a decent program to monitor liquid storage levels. I have done it before and I liked it a lot and I want to improve on it this time.
  • Side gate control - At the beginning of this project I was building a system to control the side gate but I didn't want to use proximity detectors. The program I wanted to write did not go very well though (details in the thread) but I think I could do a better job of it now. This is one I may return to down the line.

World Download

First off, there currently is no world download.

I do hope to have one out soon. I have been asking around to see if there is anything I should know before releasing a world download and there is nothing I find too concerning so hopefully I shouldn't have much trouble preparing the world. I am also going to write a couple of books and place some stuff around the place for fun which will take a fair while.

Here is some important information about the world. The Biome Gen Config is for Biomes O plenty and it is important if you want to avoid ugly chunk boundaries.

I use the version of RR given but I have removed Chickenchunks (it crashes me all the time for some reason). I do not have underground biomes installed. The only optional mod that I can think of off the top of my head that you will definitely need is Railcraft. The others you can probably take or leave.

RR Version =
Biome Gen Config =
Seed = 2062330276
x = 39
z = 349
y = 80 - be careful if teleporting. You might suffocate or take fall damage
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Jul 29, 2019
I have just finished a large part of the construction. The walls are essentially complete. After a little bit of terraforming I will be ready to build the actual castle. I have updated the OP and the imgur album and I will post a few highlights here.

The main defensive tower. Also has room for stables at the bottom.

Anna's garden where she sings part of first time in forever. Naturally, there are penguins.

Detail of the bridge/


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Jul 29, 2019
I'll go back to my little dirt hut now :(
Yeah, I tried doing a big build once. Got the floor done and quit...erased the map. It wasn't in creative. Doesn't matter though , I just don't seem to have the spark for such things.

Just love seeing the things people come up with though. Hope to someday find enough inspiration to actually finish a build that I can look at and say "WoW" to.


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Jul 29, 2019
Yeah, I tried doing a big build once. Got the floor done and quit...erased the map. It wasn't in creative. Doesn't matter though , I just don't seem to have the spark for such things.

Just love seeing the things people come up with though. Hope to someday find enough inspiration to actually finish a build that I can look at and say "WoW" to.
Now that I have got the floor done I am struggling a bit with planning the main buildings. Inside the castle walls there is a Chapel (it is probably the same one as where Elsa gets coronated at the beginning of the film). I am going to use that Chapel as a practice run for the bigger castle, and hopefully I will have it up in the next few days. Since my last update I have been doing a lot of computercraft coding. I wanted the side gate to be computer controlled so that you only have to press a single button if you are on the inside going out but you have to use a touchscreen monitor to enter a pin code on the outside going in. I have never really done any decent button code before and my first attempt was woefully inadequate so I have spent the last day trying to come up with a good way of making buttons. I think I have a decent body of button code now, I just need to rewrite my original program and hopefully it will work better this time.

I also took a bit of time out of coding to do some much simpler stuff. I built an underground supply tunnel between my anachronistic, non-movie accurate railway station and the castle which goes underneath the fjord and I prepped the area under the floor so that I can actually move a whole base into the castle. There are two main floors and a mezzanine. The lower floor is like an enormous shop floor where I can do pretty much whatever I want and it has a mezzanine over part of it just because. The upper floor has lower ceilings and is immediately below ground. It isn't pretty but I have a few rooms in there which may have some specialised purposes, for example, one floor is now given over to being an "AE Core" where I will put all of my central AE related stuff. It has a computer craft locked gate as well. I know that they don't have computers in Arendelle but I just like them.

I might do a mini side update with pictures later today with some details on the side projects around this build. And after that I will hopefully also have that gate fully functional and the chapel will be ready.
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Jul 29, 2019
Yeah, I tried doing a big build once. Got the floor done and quit...erased the map. It wasn't in creative. Doesn't matter though , I just don't seem to have the spark for such things.

Just love seeing the things people come up with though. Hope to someday find enough inspiration to actually finish a build that I can look at and say "WoW" to.
I either build a nice outer structure and have no idea on how to do the interior, or I build a nice looking interior, with an outer structure that's best to hide deep underground


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Jul 29, 2019
Ok, so I have made an attempt at building the chapel where Elsa gets coronated (or should I say conorated?). The high diagonal sides are quite hard to get right in my opinion but I made a stab at them here. They gradually smooth out towards the apex though where it got a bit easier (because it just involved slapping carpenters blocks down).

I either build a nice outer structure and have no idea on how to do the interior, or I build a nice looking interior, with an outer structure that's best to hide deep underground
This was the one of the hardest parts of this build for me. I too tend to be good at making either the outside look good or the inside look good but not both. I think the biggest problem is that two block thick walls are often ugly, especially if you want windows, and it is hard to find a material that works well on the inside and the outside. This is why carpenters blocks has been invaluable to me during this build. Carpenter's blocks have the awesome ability of being able to mimic any standard texture block, but you can also put a facade on each individual side so that you can have one block look different from all sides. For my main walls in this build I used carpenters blocks with white stained clay as the main block with an exterior walnut facade.

Here are some pictures

I am going to assume that the people of Arendelle are Lutherans given the time and location. However, I don't really know what a Lutheran church looks like on the inside so sorry if I got it wrong.

The outside I based as best I could off various pictures of Stave churches I found.

I think this building is ok. I would be interested to here your thoughts on it, especially as this was practice for the main castle. If I can improve anything before I take on that castle I would be happy.

I am going to make another post soon about a couple of side projects I have been up to in the same world.

Oh, also I updated the OP


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Jul 29, 2019
More than just the spare - assorted side projects

I have a few side projects running along side my main castle, all tying into the fact that I will eventually be using Arendelle castle as a normal modded minecraft base. All structures and lighting are done in creative mode, however machines and other stuff (like my infusion altar, tanks, railways etc) were made the normal way - I even mined the materials myself. I just like to switch between modes alot because I hate doing big buildings in survival.

I did some terraforming on the side there to resemble the gravelly beach on the harbour side of the castle - sorry it is not that pretty, but it does the job I suppose. To the left of the gate is computercraft monitor. There is another monitor on the other side of the gate and a computer underneath, all hooked up by wired modem. The inside monitor just has one big button and works fine but I hit a lot of problems with the outside monitor because it has a much more complicated interface.

This is a prototype of the user interface of the outside button. Using the arrow buttons you cycle through a set of numbers to make a valid entry pincode. When you arrange the pincode the idea is that you press the blue confirm button and it if the pin is valid the door will open. However, the first attempt went badly wrong because the code I wrote to make the buttons was sloppy and, well just generally bad. It would never have been able to work as intended so I went away and wrote my own button api which works a bit better. I need to work out a bit more stuff with the api and when I have done that I will be able to write this program properly and the door will be functional. In the meantime I made another secret room where I have put my AE core. It can be opened with an easy button press from the inside but from the outside you have to enter a password. It is so much easier when you are collecting input from the console as opposed to buttons.

When the plot of the movie Frozen is resolved and everyone is happy, what do you think the characters do. Enjoy their happily ever after sitting on their backsides eating lutefisk? Of course not, the characters club together using their brains and ingenuity and begin the development of Arendelle's powerful industrial base - apparently there is a black oily liquid in the sea in enormous quantities waiting to be collected.

This is a huge factory floor area where I will put most of my machines. Sat here on this mezzanine will be a line of coke ovens set in the wall and maybe I will put a load of manual machines here too. Already I have started hooking up an AE network at the far end of this mezzanine. You can just about make out a crafting terminal, and the controller and drives are on the floor above (there is a ~8 space gap between the ceiling of this room and the courtyard floor).

If you go to the back of the workshop on the left there is a tunnel which takes you to my railway station. You connect to a below ground floor but here is the main concourse.

It isn't properly fitted yet because I don't have the resources yet but I have lots of plans for this room and I might showcase them when I have completed them).

I just wanna say before I talk about this room, I love the sigil of light and the sigil system in general. I struggled to get into Ars Magica before but the sigils gave me a hook into the mod and I have enjoyed getting into it since.

So this is my magic room where I have all my Thaumcraft and Ars magica stuff (maybe mystcraft soon). There is also a backroom where I have my enchanting set up. I don't have much stuff to put into this room yet but I will keep adding to it once I get the survival aspect of this world in full swing. Even though it is a bit sparse I really like the way it turned out and I can just imagine Elsa in a room like this doing some cool ice magic. I love the idea of having loads of bibliocraft storage and some other unique storage options too, although I might discretely bring up AE or logistics pipes up here as well.

Here is my enchanting room. So far I have a full dartcraft set up and a vanilla enchanting table and the beginnings of an LXP (immibis) system. Bookcases will come soon. The force infuser is fully supplied with power and force and this is done discretely (because that is how I roll). The force infuser supply system is the only complex machine I have done for ages because I have done so much creative mode stuff but it was fun building it.

I used Enderio so that I could supply everything that the force infuser needed discretely. Everything it needs is supplied through the bottom face. The only input into this system is force logs which provide liquid force to a pair of force engines as well as the infuser. Thank goodness for barrels which sit flush against the wall. I wish that a mod added a chest that did that too.

Enderio item pipes pull force logs from the barrel and dump them in the squeezer. When the squezzer has work it triggers the leadstone cell to supply energy. Liquid force is pumped everywhere it needs to go all the while the power monitor is keeping tabs on how much energy is in the network, turning the engines on and off appropriately. Looking back at this build I have no idea why I decided to use a leadstone energy cell and a capacitor bank instead of just using the bank. Oh well, it works and it doesn't leak energy and it can be hidden away so it I am happy.
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Jul 29, 2019
Try the storage locker (I think from bibliocraft). I think it will sit flush. It opens from the side rather than the top, but may work for what you want.


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Jul 29, 2019
Try the storage locker (I think from bibliocraft). I think it will sit flush. It opens from the side rather than the top, but may work for what you want.
Thanks I will take a look at it.

BTW Sorry if this is listed, sorry if it is. But what modpack is this in
Resonant Rise - if you look in the one of the spoiler tabs in the OP (called "World Info") there is some extra information you might find useful.


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Jul 29, 2019
More than just the spare - Assorted side projects 2

I haven't done much on building the actual castle because I got into the survival side of the game more than I expected to over the last few days. I did have to repair damage caused by a chunk reset though, that was scary - (I do keep regular backups but the reset fortunately happened in a place that was very easy to repair so I just did it).

Even though I don't have much new stuff to show you with regards to the castle, I would like to show you some of the machines I have built. I have done a lot with Engineer's Toolbox, a fantastic mod that is in some of the new FTB modpacks, so if you are interested in that mod then you might find some cool stuff in here.

This was the first proper power gen system that I built and its true purpose is to power the AE system. It contains 12 magmatic dynamos and is capable of outputting 960rf/t. Eventually I will dedicate it to my AE system but as it is all the real power I have right now I am using it for everything. All the power goes directly into a redstone energy cell before being distributed around my base and this cell is monitored by a computer (it is behind my desk in the screenshot below). This computer checks every so often how much energy the cell has and expresses that as a percentage. It relays this information via modem to a computer that is right next to where my dynamos are. This computer then makes a decision on how many dynamos to turn on based on the energy storage level. The higher the energy, the less dynamos run and vice versa. Then some information gets displayed to a monitor saying how much energy storage you have and how much energy you are producing.

I have one computer reading the cell and one computer controlling the engines for a good reason. Currently the cell reading computer has a very simple program where it basically reads the the energy storage and broadcasts it every 60 seconds. However, I plan on expanding it so it does more. It will eventually interface with the ME controller so that I can do some cool ME related stuff with computercraft. I plan on modifying the dynamo controller so that if you want to you can specify it so that it reads data from the cell itself without needing outside support. When that is done + a few other things, I reckon it will be good enough and useful enough to release to the community.

This setup is very good at not wasting a drop of lava. You can specify in program arguments how many dynamos it is controlling (up to 16 because of the limitations of rednet cable).

This has been the thing occupying most of my time since I built the chapel. It was a really fun build. I have also been using Logistics pipes and Thermal Expansion to help make sure all items go where they need to go.

You can look at this page on Emasher's website for info on the machines -

I am using this setup to process all my iron, copper, tin, aluminium and lead. The yields are quite excellent. Running ores through a grinder gives you one ground ore which you can smelt for 2 ingots. Going one step further with the multismelter you can refine that ground ore using quicklime as a reagent (more on the quicklime soon). This gives you three impure dusts which smelt into one of their ingot type per dust. But you don't have to stop there. Run these impure dusts through a centrifuge to turn them into pure dusts. These also smelt to get one ingot but you have a chance of getting a bonus pure dust. The chance ranges from 5% to 33% which is really good. Toolbox adds its own furnace too. Each machine takes about 10 seconds to complete one operation, based on my rough observations. Energy usage can be found in the tooltip.

The 3 machines in the top left are grinders. Itemducts covered by microblocks transfer the dusts to the multismelters (the ones with the orange fronts, in the middle column on top). More itemducts discretely distribute impure dust to the centrifuges. They are the five machines in left hand column. They output to the back to the furnaces (the 2 machines at the bottom of the middle and left columns). All the power comes from that lone machine below the pipes. It has an energy storage upgrade. The great thing about toolbox machines is that you can configure them to transmit power along them. That, along with the fact that thermal expansion pipes are multiparts, has allowed me to make this setup nice and discrete. You can see the piping behind here.

But for this whole set up to work you need quicklime which comes from limestone. In the first picture behind my characters hand is an iron chest full of quicklime which has a provider pipe on it. There is a supplier pipe on the top multismelter which keeps quicklime stocked in the top multismelter (which itself keeps the lower smelters stocked).

I also have a gate on the provider pipe detecting if the chest is full. When this happens it emits a red pipe wire signal which I will return to later.

To make quicklime, you need a kiln. Here is my kiln, affectionately known as old bessy

At the bottom of the kiln where the energy cell is there is the kiln machine. It is a socket machine that turns ground limestone (grind limestone in a grinder) into quicklime. The kiln only works when this multiblock structure surronds it. The diamond jabba barrel you can see is where all the limestone I get lands. Using a provider/supplier pair I supply a grinder on top of the kiln with limestone which grinds it and passes it to a socket which has an activator on it (Engineer's toolbox version of a deployer). I have a project red timer which pulses the activator to drop a ground limestone down the kiln shaft every 18 seconds. It takes roughly 15 seconds for the kiln to bake the limestone. At the bottom of the kiln I have an item collector from MFR. You can use a vanilla hopper but I prefer the collector because it can autoeject into buildcraft pipes, unlike hoppers. There are some pipes under the floor that take the limestone to that iron chest. So that gate on the provider pipe at the iron chest. The signal it emits when it is full triggers a gate on top of the kiln to turn off the timer so the activator stops dropping limestone. That way I get no overflows, just in case.

With three multismelters, I use quicklime faster than I produce it. This becomes a problem when you are doing continuous processing. I had well over two thousand ores backlogged from automining before I started this machine and it took ages. I am hoping that with the more gradual trickle of ores, it will be fine. Else I might make another kiln.

I still have more plans for other ore processing machines. I want to do a factorization set up for some stuff because I love that mod and I am going to have a modest Thermal Expansion or Mekanism set up for stuff that neither FZ now ET can handle like yellorite and osmium.

I didn't know this until recently, but the good guys at team COFH added a nifty use for Gelid Cryotheum and Energised Glowstone.

The cryotheum freezes the energised glowstone and turns it into glowstone blocks. I am using terrain smashers to break them and glowstone gets piped under the floor straight into my AE system. The terrain smashers are set to work on a high signal and I am using an MFR timer to pulse them. This machine makes glowstone at a respectable rate.

I will get back to building the castle soon, but I just wanted to show you some of the other stuff I was working on.


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Jul 29, 2019
I am still planning the main castle at the moment and I still haven't laid out the first stone yet. Its coming soon though, I have been searching for good pictures of the castle to have as a reference and I am planning on getting it done in the next week or so. I have done quite a bit in survival mode though and to be honest, it is getting to the point where I will need to build my castle soon anyway before my FPS becomes abysmal. So for a third instalment of more than just the spare.

In an earlier post I showed you my Engineer's Toolbox system which handles iron, copper, tin, lead and bauxite, but even though E.Toolbox is capable of processing most, if not all, of the other ores I have I wanted to have a bit more variety. And since I love Factorization I decided that for Gold, Silver, Dark Iron, Cobalt and Ardite, Factorization would be the way to go.

I have a solar mirror array off sight powering a single solar turbine to power 5 independent processing lines (+something extra) via a leyden jar. The soiler farm supplies enough steam for about 44mj's worth of steam engines just to put it in perspective. I use the steam to keep the leyden jar full as well as power a Railcraft steam oven and a single steam dynamo.

All the ores get dumped in a chest via logistics pipes. They get pulled out of the chest via itemducts into a fairly expansive network. Each ore lands in its own barrel where it gets lacerated. Then I use another socket module from Factorization to called the item shifter to put the gravel stuff into a mixer. The item shifter is really cool and has similar features to the router in that you can specify which slot it targets. It can also be mounted onto a servo! I have mine set to constantly stream items into the mixer which it does happily so long as it has a redstone signal.

I use fluid transposers to refill buckets. The washed gravel gets sent via itemducts to some slag furnaces (silver has three because there is more of it but everything else only needs one). The itemduct network is completely contiguous by the way (although about half of it is underground). Judicious use of dense mode and servos helps to keep everything in the right place.

After the slag furnaces most things get sent to a crystalliser. The only exception is the reduced lead that you get as a byproduct of the silver chain. I couldn't be bothered crystallising the lead so that goes directly into the steam oven (along with the sludge from the mixer).


Everything else goes to a buffer before one of five banks of five crystallisers (each main ore gets one bank dedicated to it). @Saice recently automated his crystallisers using Steve's Factory Manager. He made a few really interesting videos about it on his youtube and I wanted to emulate it but I am too derpy and SFM confuses me. I have heard that in more recent versions of SFM it has become a bit easier to use so I will try it one day I hope.

In the past I have used combos of routers and infinitubes to automate crystallisers but I have never been satisfied with the results because it is so clunky. I think it is possible to do it with the new servos and I have a bit of an idea about how to do that although that is at least a fortnight of testing away. Instead I fell back on an old favourite of mine. Don't hate me, I used turtles.

I wrote a program that I am really happy with and it splits up reduced chunks pretty efficiently. Crystallised chunks get pulled into the itemduct network all the way to the steam oven to get steamed and then back into logistics pipes along with a ton of clay.

Crystalliser turtle automation

As I said inside the spoiler I wrote a turtle script to automate my crystallisers. It relies on Openperipherals. Every so often it examines a buffer chest that it sits on top of. 9 out of ten times it looks for exactly enough to fit one item in each slot of every crystalliser. I have five crystallisers so it looks for 25 reduced chunks (you can easily edit the number of crystallisers in the variable at the top of the program).

Then it goes through each crystalliser, wraps it as a peripheral and uses the open peripherals methods to target one item in each slot. It will automatically skip over the slot with Aqua Regia in it, no matter which slot it is in (different crystallisers in the same bank can have their aqua regia in different slots). Then it unwraps the peripheral and if it has more material and more machines to serve it moves onto the next machine else it goes back to the start. On the 10th turn it will do a cleanup operation and do its best to divided the remaining bits of reduced chunks across the crystallisers.

Because this turtle's correct behaviour is dependant on it being in the right place I had to right in some session persistence. It does this by having a mainloop function that manages the routine like a switch statement. It records in a savefile at which point in the routine it is and on chunk reload the first thing it does is consult this save file. The main consequence of this is that it made it a bit harder to make passing over the bank of crystallisers into a for loop so I chose a while loop instead. As a result it is very important that you put something in the way of the turtle behind its start point and at the end of the bank of crystallisers. The bank has to be a straight line of crystallisers so that the turtle can move forward and backward only and interact with every machine. Like this.


The session persistence does seem to work (which I am pleased about because I have never got it to work reliably in the past). I have had the program fail before though and I have no idea why. I have made a debug mode which creates a log file and records what it is doing but, typically, it crashed after I deemed the program stable and had turned debug mode off. It didn't seem to have anything to do with session persistence though. If anyone wants to download this program from pastebin and use it with their Factorization set up I would be delighted. I would also be very grateful if you could turn debug mode on and if it does crash could you send me the log. It might help me fix the problem.

The pastebin code is: 1RazFp1K

By default the log file will be called newcrystalLog but you can change that by editing the logPath variable.

The turtle needs fuel to run. I was going to use ender chests but I forgot to make them mining turtles and I didn't want to upgrade them. So I made it refuel from the same chest as it gets the reduced chunks out of (must be below the turtle, sorry). I am afraid that by default it has to use Charcoal. This was to make it so that it could tell the difference between fuel and any type of reduced chunk. If you don't want to fuel your turtles with charcoal you can edit this in the variables near the top in the fuelType table. You can also edit the burnvalue of the fuel if it is different to charcoal's. I made it know about burnvalues so that it only takes as much fuel as it needs (with a bit if wriggle room), so this turtle won't decimate your coal stores. Oh, and of course they had computers back in olden days Arendelle.
I added a big reactor that is currently doing nothing because I am not automining yet, but soon!

I also set up an algae farm and hydrogen plant to power most of everything. It was providing RF to all of my automatic machines and manual machines but if I had to choose between automining and ore processing most of the time and it was getting a bit annoying, hence the big reactor. Soon I will have something to use all that power on. Maybe a large MFR mining drill array, but I also built a galgadorian drill that I want to get up and running soon (legit diamonds but slightly less legit ghast tears, but frankly Ghasts are obnoxious and I wanted a drill). If anyone has any good ideas for about 6000RF/t I would like to hear about it.

I also ventured for the first time into Factorization servos and made a sugar cane farm which I love. The servo is called Ben-e Railbot and he makes sugar cane for me all day long. I set up an arcane alembic and syphon off some of the sugar cane to burn for herba essentia to power a lamp of growth to make the sugar cane grow even faster. I love it. Maybe all that sugar could mix well with that glowstone source I have to make an awesome infinite power source. How does this sound?

Power generation schematic
Power plan.png

Please excuse the presentation, but I think that is a pretty cool plan for renewable energy. There might even be some sugar can left over to turn into paper.

This is a completely power free pumpkin farm that uses the same principle as algae farms to harvest melons and pumpkins as they grow.


It works really well. I might put some lilypads of fertility down there to speed it up especially if I use that pumpkin power idea. Pumpkins and melons get sent down to a new logistics pipes network which manages my farm area which is about 1000 blocks away from my castle. I like playing here because I actually get a decent framerate.

I really like farming and in the next stable version of the modpack I play I might be able to play with Growthcraft and Magical crops. I have been having fun in the meantime with some of the more traditional mods like MFR and forestry. I set up a multifarm for wheat, carrots, nether wart and peat. The peat bog is sufficient to power the farm and produce a surplus. The ash from the peat engines helps make the apatite go further with regards to fertiliser which I really like too. Bog earth and fertiliser are produced on site. I also set up three MFR farms for rubber, cotton and potatoes and they are powered by a E.Toolbox hydroelectric dam which is nice, keeping my farm green and all. An MFR fisher is busy getting fish for me just in case I need to make 500 boots of the traveller. I plan on getting into mariculture soon and I made a little pool to do some stuff in.

I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and decided to make a golem farm for oak trees. They are surprisingly good. The gather golems are a bit derpy though. I have them all surrounded by paving stones of warding to keep it all safe and contained but if a sapling falls outside of the warded boundary they fixate on it and ignore the piles of laggy entities behind them. My solution involved Steve's carts.

Here is a picture of the farm as a whole

I also produce my steam for Factorization here and tesseract it back to base.

Back to steves carts. I made a very simple cart with a standard hull, a coal engine, some internal storage, and two special modules. First to deal with the occasional gather golem issues I added the cleaning machine. It has a range of three blocks in all direction (7*7 centred on the cart) and it hoovers up everything. This way anything that falls just outside the warded area will be picked up by the cart and they will stop annoying the golems. I had been wanting to use steve's carts for another purpose as well. I am planning on having some bees buzzing away spawning flowers so I can make a dye farm. The lawn mower module enables a cart to reach 7 blocks in all directions and harvest any flowers it finds. It will also sheer any sheerable animals so I built a sheep farm around its path. I don't have any bees yet but thats ok, all in good time I guess. I was going to use a solar engine to power the cart but it is incompatible with one of the modules (I forget which). It wasn't that big a deal though because I was already smelting all the rubber wood I was producing on site to keep a jabba barrel stocked. The barrel already had a provider pipe on it so I had a great source of standard fuel already in place for the cart anyway so it wasn't a big issue.
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