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Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by DrowElf, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. DrowElf

    DrowElf New Member

    Here is the spiritual successor to my MF thread. This is just a place for people to share builds, strategies, vent their anger, and ask questions.

    Once we have a decent amount of a advice, I will organize it all here in spoilers, but for now, this is empty.
  2. swifter24t

    swifter24t New Member

    Fun fact: You can activate a TC4 runic infusion with an iron capped wooden wand if you have full thaumaturges' robes.
  3. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    A few pieces of advice.

    One, make wooden stairs in the "Home Sweet Home" map. It saves you from jumping a lot.

    Two, don't eat all your apples. One quest involves making ten apple juices. I used up most of my bone meal the first time trying to get ten more apples for it :p

    Three, TiC has a non-leather formula for making books. And you can also pulverize logs to make paper instead of using sugar cane.

    Four, you can make vanilla hoes. And running water works for hydrating farmland.

    Five, if you're given a choice between non-bag rewards, either choose something you can't get easily/at all (slime water) or will keep you alive (the pan in an early quest can cook silkworms).
  4. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    Save your wood and use the slabs/columns that the map is littered with to build stairways wherever you need to go up/down.
  5. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Time saving tip: When you first get lava and set up a cobble gen, don't just mine up a bunch of cobble just to place it down to turn into gravel/sand/dust. It's far easier to smash it up right out of the cobble gen.

    Even most of the Youtubers i've watched didn't think of that and wasted a bunch of time placing cobble just to break it back up.
  6. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    With the added benefit of not loosing any to the lava. Hammered products go straight into your pouch, at least if you're close enough.
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  7. Loki557

    Loki557 New Member

    Just tried this, another fun fact about this technique that I discovered. It seems like the gravel goes straight towards you more consistantly instead of sometimes being eaten by the lava. I didn't have a single piece of gravel get eaten in 3 stacks.

    EDIT:Wow ninja'd xD
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  8. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    Ummm...is there a way to get back the quest book if, oh, say, you fall off the world with it in your inventory, then fall off again with the backup in your inventory? :D

    Actually, hah, I just discovered it's craftable a moment later. Never would've guessed - stumbled on it while looking up something else!
  9. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    Has anybody used infusion crafting to get Greatwood? That recipe/spell looks very, very nasty. If there is any easier way I want to know it.
  10. vertagen

    vertagen New Member

    Pro tip: Right Click your crops instead of breaking them. It will give you more products and you wont need to replant it at the same time.

    Not so Pro tip: You can fill barrels with buckets. Also place your water in the cobble generator first and a back up in a barrel just so you dont need to wait to rain in case you derp.

    Tip: Wheat is really good crop as you can cook the bread to make toasts which heal for alot.

    Do not forget tip: You cant shift click on Microblocks.( You can but it wont keep you from falling). Do not, for your own good, do not stand on the road block.

    Derp tip: Thaumastatic harness doesnt work in the void.
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  11. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    What the derping deuce, how did I not think of this...
  12. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    might aswell link to some of my posts in my Agrarian "Derp" Skies topic

    do note, these were written before the HQM was released, so it's a bit outdated

    a few more things I realized while playing, hammer you gravel/sand ore to have a small chance of getting more pulverized/dust ore.
    you can pulverize dust ores like if you're pulverizing a normal ore, so you'll get the bonus dusts aswell, like ferruous from iron
    throw you fishing rod upwards while standing in water, this way you can even fish in a 1x1 pond
    don't bother creating large grass areas to start spawning animals, instead use 9 arrows in a crafting grid to craft 1 chicken spawn egg.
    an egg surrounded by either wool, pink wool, leather or fishing rods create sheep, pig, cow and squid spawning eggs
    go to the nether, quickly catch an imp in a safari net, and run back to the overworld, this is the fastest way of getting leather so you can make a cow spawn egg.
    other option for getting leather is smelting fish in a crucible furnace. the best fish for this is cod, as you can fish cod without having to breed them, and they produce quite alot of fish oil.
    you can use reactant dynamo with a grinder to make an automatic mob farm. the dynamo can run off mob essence and gunpowder, producing more power then what's needed by the grinder.
    gelid and liquid glowstone can produce glowstone blocks. for more information on how to do this, click this link http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/22jw4s/an_average_of_18000_glowstone_blocks_per_hour/
    get carrot seeds as a quest reward and craft yourself a juicer. this way you can make yourself juice, which heals 1 drumstick each. this way you don't have to constantly smelt your food.
    use sewage in a sewage boiler to get resources like sand, dirt, soul sand or mycelium. it also produces alot of clay which you can use.
    if you want a toggleable nether portal, use a drawbridge to deploy 1 obsidian that's part of the portal, this way you don't need to mine the obsidian yourself
    when you need rain early on, don't sleep at night, as it'll drastically decrease the chance for rain
    if you need alot of string, start a sheep farm with a rancher, you can pulverize the wool into string
    you can use microblocks with lighting. for example you can place a torch in the floor, and place a microblock ontop, this way you can light up your island without seeing all the torches around
    start a simple 9x9 dark room that's 3 high when you start out, this way you don't need to build a big mob spawner and you've a chance of spawning endermen. don't forget to build this dark room away from your island, otherwise mobs won't spawn
    if you put a barrel in a dark cobblestone area and fill it with water the barrel can slowly create mossy cobblestone, which you can use on your tinker tools to get repair, this way you'll use up less resources and need to repair your tool less often, thus increasing the chance of losing your time by repairing it too often

    there's alot more to write down, but I guess this will do for now ;)
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  13. Seraphinedreams

    Seraphinedreams New Member

    Tips I have found:
    -When you get the wooden sword with silk touch as a quest reward, use it on the tree leaves... lots of dirt potential.
    -Don't get stuck in the first section of questing, and early reward in hells kitchen is 4 iron bars, and you'll need iron more than any other metal.
    -First mob spawner of the game should be up as soon as you have torches to light your main island. An easy way to do this with no risk of death unless you derp is to pick a side you aren't expanding for awhile and build a fenced in, covered, and lit bridge to a fenced in platform Have a gate placed where the bridge meets the island and another where the gate meets the platform. As long as you are on the island, mobs will spawn on the platform at night, then the sun comes up and burns away the skeles and zombies. Run to the gate to the platform, open it quickly and run back past the other gate and close it. Creepers trying to get you will follow onto the bridge and you can blow them up while leaving the bones, arrows, and rotten flesh on the platform intact. The reason it is two high is so that you can hide underneath and stare at endermen until they come to kill you and whack them without risk of death. and as long as it has the fenced in sides and is only 1 block wide, the spiders can't get to you when you start hitting them. This setup is a good way to get bones for bonemeal, arrows for spawners, and rotten flesh to dry into monster jerky. And it takes nothing but some wood and torches.
  14. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I did this for a little while and then stopped, worried i might want silk touch for something later. Now I wonder: is the darn sword repairable simply with wood? If it is, I feel dumb.

    What's the advantage of this over an enclosed dark room with a slot that lets you whack them w/o retaliation? I use a long 3-tall, 1-wide darkened hallway, with microblocked planks to give me an easy view of their legs. Bonus: For whatever reason, endermen refuse to teleport away while being killed like this.
  15. Seraphinedreams

    Seraphinedreams New Member

    The advantage for me is that it gives me a way to get the creepers away from the skeles... Creepers still see me even if I use the leg-level slot version somehow, and they keep blowing up the drops I actually want!
  16. Dis iz Chris

    Dis iz Chris New Member

    I did the infusion, and yea it was nasty, a bit of advice: spam candles/head/crystals, pretty much anything you can to reduce the instability, have extras of everything, including essentia, and id also reccomend setting your spawn nearby, i got lowered to half a heart twice during the infusion >.<
  17. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak New Member

    if it happens again i recommend just spawning it back in since it is a MAJOR part of the map

    EDIT: or you could turn keep Inventory on which is what i did because when i wasn't paying attention i walked backwards off the map and had to restart the entire map.
  18. Antice

    Antice New Member

    If you don't want to go into the nether to get imp hides for crafting cow eggs, then do what i did. make a lit 3x3 fenced in area with grass out north of your platform (so you get out of the desert area), then proceed to kill all non cow passives that spawn out there as soon as they show up, it won't take long before you either have loads of meat, or a pair of cow's.
  19. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak New Member

    for some reason cows wont spawn on my animal farm. everything else will. even horses.
  20. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Try a diff arrangement. I've never had a creeper notice me :)

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