Agrarian Skies: Sugar High

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    Hello and welcome too Agrarian Skies: Sugar High! This map is built using the flat platform map as a base for the nodes and the biomes, but the only thing remaining of the actual platform is the road All Praise to the Road

    Now the screenshot:

    The starting equipment is:
    • standard books provided in a regular map
    • a rain muffler (rain is so freaking annoying)
    • a watering can, so you can actively make your sugarcane grow faster instead of standing around waiting.
    There are 32 sugarcane plants on the map, 64 of which is immediately harvestable.

    Now you may be thinking "Without saplings, how the heck do I get wood?!" Well I have you covered. This map has a suite of custom recipes to make the map actually possible.

    Alright, so first things first. You're going to need food. Fast. Without access to stone, iron, or trees, your options are a precious few. By few I of course mean none. We'll have to improvise here. By violently mixing a bunch of sugar in a mixing bowl, you can make caramel from the friction alone. This process is rather wasteful, destroying 1/4 of the sugar used in the process.

    Once you get a furnace or other heating apparatus (frying pan wink wink) you can heat up a sugarcane to melt all the sugar inside. You can then open up the sugarcane and scoop out the resulting caramel.

    Hmm... I need wood. I should be able to weave some sugarcane together to make a plank-like substance. This should suffice for most, if not all, items I need to craft.
    One can also thread two bundles of sugarcane together to make a stick.

    Should the mood strike me, or god-like wizards request it of me, I can remove the natural coloring from this thatching to make it indistinguishable from a wooden plank. All it needs is a bit of sucrose.

    I might also need a log to craft certain things with, and I should be able to compress some planks and make an artificial 'bark' with some caramel.
    One can also craft this log back into lime planks, if you so wish.

    Now I need string. Lots of string. I would rather not kill 50 spiders to do this, I should be able to pick some fibers out of the sugarcane to make some string and spool it tightly around a stick to give it stability.

    So now I have several barrels and some string,, and have even managed to get a cobblegen going, but I have yet to find a tree seed. Time to get creative. By taking 9 dirt (in compressed form) and applying some sugar to it, it should strengthen any acorns that happen to be inside, and make them grow to be more noticeable. then I can tear through the dirt with some flint, revealing a sapling. This process is almost guaranteed to get me a sapling.

    Also included are custom recipes that allow crafting of oak barrels, oak sieve, mixing bowl, and wooden sword with lime planks.

    Some things to note about how the recipes work:
    • Exiting the world and loading back in without exiting the client will duplicate recipes in NEI. This can be fixed by restarting minecraft.
    • Other worlds will not have these recipes unless you load one after playing Sugar High without exiting the console.
    • I didn't test this on a server, but the map should work like any other on a multiplayer server. If you do play this with a friend, you have my permission to cheat in a watering can for each player. If anyone can test this on a server and tell me how the recipes work there, I would be very happy.
    • During development, I have experienced the client freezing up when I try to load in a world. This is most likely because I tried to edit a script while the game was still up, but it might still happen. Be wary of this.
    • You do not need to do anything special to install this. Simply unzip the zip file into the saves folder and presto, it's installed, recipes and all.
    • If it says there are missing IDs, ignore that. You don't need any mods not shipped with default agrarian skies.
    Downloads at curseforge:

    Since curseforge isn't very happy about me uploading recipe updates, I'll be posting links here. A max of 4 updates will exist at a time.

    These files contain only recipe files and can be installed without harming your save. Simply install it like you would a regular map and replace any files it asks you to.

    v1c: Changed string recipe to require 4 cane and a stick instead of 9 cane.
    v1d: Changed sword recipe too output a wooden sword instead of fusewood.
    v1e: Added recipe for water droplet, water source, and sand.

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  2. vertagen

    vertagen Active Member

    Really nice concept, I am giving it a try now.
  3. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    I am definitely gonna download this world and play it sounds awesome

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  4. ryter78

    ryter78 Well-Known Member

    This sounds amazing. Downloading now.
  5. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Yay people are downloading it! :D Please do not hesitate to tell me of any issues or feedback you may have.
  6. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk Lover of Steel Plates

    bravo goreae, good map
  7. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    I am going to start playing it now

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  8. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I'm still doing balance testing, so some recipes might be tweaked here and there, but I got it to the point where it's playable, and I was so excited to release it and I had to go to bed so yeah. I released it. I'm glad everyone likes it so far!
  9. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    Has anyone else made maps for this modpack[DOUBLEPOST=1400173765][/DOUBLEPOST]it says that i am missing botania
  10. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Oops. Meant to say something about that in the OP. Just ignore it. There aren't any botania items in the map and it doesn't require anything that isn't in the default modpack.

    As for other maps, there are several posted on these forums.
    That's one by Teddy Bear that gives you the bare-cones start, just a tree and a block of dirt.

    There's ferrum depths, whiich is underground instead of in the sky, but it has ores an free dirt and stuff and sort of throws off the starting balance a bit.

    Thate's also alternate starting maps made with varying levels of difficulty, from giving you 27 dirt down to just one.

    Last (and honestly probably least) comes adventuring skies, which gives you a path to go across, picking up several starting resources along the way. These resources may upset starting balance a bit, so be warned about that.
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  11. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    aahh well what where you using that for?[DOUBLEPOST=1400174382][/DOUBLEPOST]and is there a magical forest biome in the map
  12. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Botania is just a neat mod. It does some of the same things that other items in other mods in the pack does, but differently. It also doesn't require any worldgen to use, only grass and bonemeal.

    As for a magical forest, I want to say yes. I haven't personally encountered one, but I have heard of several people using them in the default maps, and this ma has the same biome distribution, so yeah. Probably.
  13. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    yay, yea i have played a lil with 1.7 botania didnt get far got a lil stuck but that would be cool in this modpack....
  14. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Eh, II don''t recommend it. Because of the changed bonemeal data, it can be rather difficult to start up. It also duplicates some mechanics from several mods and probably does some unbalanced things in this situation. I'm mainly talking about the orechid and the flower that regenerates health.
  15. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    that would be helpful for blood magic..... does your map disable hunger?????i havent gotten hungry in the past 30 minutes
  16. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I used the NEI heal thing... probably filled the saturation too much... I'll fix that.
  17. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    awesome is there a way for me to fix it now
  18. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    how did you make a cobble gen?[DOUBLEPOST=1400177199][/DOUBLEPOST]nvm
  19. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Alright. Updated it. You should actually get hungry in the updated version.
  20. MyJ3oss

    MyJ3oss New Member

    yea i just started getting hungry now with my world

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