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Whitelist Server Agrarian Skies 3.1.2 No Banned Items (SMALL SERVER)

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by scarydeaddan, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. scarydeaddan

    scarydeaddan New Member

    I'm hosting a small agrarian skies server from my own computer for just a few select players who are looking for a small group experience.

    IP is: ags.serveminecraft.net

    In-game Name:
    (Must be 13+) Age:
    (Not required) Mod Experience:
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D):
    Skype username:
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  2. Zmack98

    Zmack98 New Member

    In-game Name: zmack98
    (Must be 13+) Age: 16
    (Not required) Mod Experience: Have done ag skies 2 times and loved it
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): <--- lol, very fun love to have fun and joke around
    Skype username: zach.mac2
  3. scarydeaddan

    scarydeaddan New Member

  4. Zaploid

    Zaploid New Member

    In-game Name: Zaploid
    (Must be 13+) Age: 18
    (Not required) Mod Experience: I've been playing AS for about a month. I've nearly completed the 1st set of quests and dabbled in others like Hell's Kitchen.
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): I tend to be more polite and reserved, but I crack jokes like anyone else.
    Skype username: Zaploid
  5. scarydeaddan

    scarydeaddan New Member

  6. Aydin29 Returns

    Aydin29 Returns New Member

    In-game Name: "Aydin29"
    Age: Fourteen.
    Mod Experience: Many, many hours with all of the beta mods, some more in early release stages. I've been looking for a PvP server with a few select mods but because I can't find it I don't play much nowadays. Maybe this can change that.
    How funny are you?: This is a really difficult question. I think "sad" is an answer.
    Skype username: "Aydin29-Skype"
  7. Nathan Payne

    Nathan Payne New Member

    In-game Name: Payneman2700
    (Must be 13+) Age:14
    (Not required) Mod Experience: I've been playing for a while now, on and off for about a year
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): Depends what sort of jokes you like, but i'm apparently a funny person.
    Skype username: Payneman2700
  8. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel New Member

    In-game Name: ZzFallen_AngelzZ
    (Must be 13+) Age: 17 (18 in may)
    (Not required) Mod Experience: i played minecraft since alpha.. lol i can help anyone with any mod if they need help.
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): i have a fucked up sense of humor, and i can be anti-social at times also. don't take me serious if i call u a dumbass or something, i just like messing with you, my way of saying your a awesome person xd
    Skype username: travist10111 , contact me when u can xd
  9. jimmey960

    jimmey960 New Member

    In-game Name: tekkit_player850
    (Must be 13+) Age: 13
    (Not required) Mod Experience: Ok
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): 7 out of 10
    Skype username: jimmey
  10. Teepman1111

    Teepman1111 New Member

    In-game Name: teepman
    (Must be 13+) Age: 17
    (Not Required) Mod Experience: I have played Agrarian Skies since it came out, but have yet to complete the quest book. I have also watched Direwolf20 since his first season, so I consider myself pretty seasoned in that department.
    How funny are you: Nipple squirrel ham. Laughed yet?
    Skype username: nateteep5
  11. james

    james New Member

    In-game Name:Jackknifed
    (Must be 13+) Age:24
    (Not required) Mod Experience:Many years
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D):eek:n a scale 1-10 about 100 :p jk idk i have my moments Just depends on what you find funny Like that first part :p
    Skype username: "i will give this after a reply message hope you understand" (Personal reasons)
  12. AaronBekir

    AaronBekir Guest

    In-game Name: AaronBekir
    (Must be 13+) Age: 30
    (Not required) Mod Experience: AS 1&2, Crash Landing, The Space One (cant remember the Name) and other HQM packs, prefer them.
    How funny are you? (Just a random Question :D): Legendarily funny!
    Skype username: AaronBekir
  13. Lord_Red

    Lord_Red Guest

    In-Game Name: Red or JNA_Productions
    Age: 19
    Mod Experience: Agrarian Skies about halfway through twice (hoping to complete it with friends, this time) and a whole lot of others.
    How funny are you? Funny enough to have 300+ subs on my YouTube channel, whatever that's worth.
    Skype Username: [email protected]

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