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    Hello, and welcome to Gone Batty! i planned out the mod to best learn how to mod. Here's the premise behind everything:

    Elements of Darkness: Bat, Vamp, Blood.
    Bat: Darkness, Consume, Evil.
    Vamp: Light, Produce, Good.
    Blood: Fluidity, Life, Unity.

    Blood is a mixture of Bat and Vamp elements. Everything in the mod will follow this guideline.

    This mod is to be built in several stages:
    A:Blocks, Items, and Recipes, Oh My!
    -Add new blocks, items, and recipes.
    -CHALLENGE: Add an item to a mob's drop list.

    B: Totally Mobbed!
    -Add new passive and hostile mobs, make the passive breedable. Also add a new villager.
    -CHALLENGE: Make a villager change when killed by our hostile mob.

    C: Bloody Fleshed Out!
    -Add fluid and recipes using fluid handler. Make the fluid placeable in-world.
    -CHALLENGE: Make our liquid solidify when touched by lava.

    D: Let it Grow!
    -Add crops and a tree. Make it only grow on one of our blocks.
    -CHALLENGE: Make a custom farmland block hydrated by our fluid.

    E: Batman Begun!
    -Add biome with custom foliage colors, have it generate our custom crop and tree in the biome. Make a special worldgen structure native to our biome.
    -CHALLENGE: Make the biome slowly spread.

    F: Eww, it's GUI!
    -Add custom storage blocks with custom GUIs.
    -CHALLENGE: Make a custom machine, and a custom fluid tank.

    G: Into the Fourth Dimension!
    -Add a new dimension, with a special portal.

    H: So Bossy!
    -Add a boss mob to our new dimension.
    -CHALLENGE: dragon-like death animation, make it spawn a portal like the dragon, too.

    I: It's So Fancy!
    -Advanced awesome stuff. Basically make it into a real mod at this point.
    I have stage A done, and I will be saving a jar and the source for each stage, so I can go be embarrassed by myself when I get good. Before I move on to stage B, I want to get some input. What bugs can you find? How can I improve my code? Is my Style correct? I mainly want to know that I'm doing it right before I continue. I have all of the details already fleshed out for everything, I just need to code it all.

    Oh, and some item textures would be amazing if you could. For now, I need bat claw, bat fang, and heart. My textures hurt my eyes. ;_;
    Stage A: ~LINK~
    Updated Github: (all stages under '@FinalBuilds directory): https://github.com/goreae/GoneBatty
    Stage A: ~LINK~
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    omg you actually did a thing <3
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    Yes I did! <33
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    Oooo fancy
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    @goreae, just FYI, you're committing way more to the repository than you should.


    Also, you should generally not version control .jar files (meaning the @FinalBuilds directory), as they simply increase the size of the repository for no real benefit. Use the "releases" feature of Github for archiving/distributing released builds.

    ForgeGradle should really include a .gitignore or something, as this seems to be a fairly common mistake made by new modders.
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    True, I could probably do that :p
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    Or Curse :D

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