Closed 2.5.3: Chicken stick doesn't vein mine anything

Discussion in 'FTB Presents SkyFactory 2.5 1.7.10' started by Thugs_Lyfe, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Thugs_Lyfe

    Thugs_Lyfe Guest


    What is the bug:
    I cant vein mine logs, gravel, vobble, or anything witht he chicken stick

    Mod & Version:
    vein miner, unknown version log:

    Can it be repeated:
    try to vein mine something with the chicken stick

    Known Fix:
  2. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    This is not a bug, it's intentional. The chicken stick doesn't take durability damage, allowing veinminer would be too OP.

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