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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Morton00000, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Morton00000

    Morton00000 New Member

    Check you messages I sent the actual problem there.

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  2. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    Hey Morton, could you put up another link for 1.0.1. The fileserver is having me take 3 hrs to download. Maybe throw 1.0.1 on curse?
  3. Morton00000

    Morton00000 New Member

    It should be on the other sites like copy. However because of the changes I'm making based on the screen I posted before it will be a while before I update again.

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  4. Meepithmancer

    Meepithmancer New Member

    I seem to have a bit of a problem. I am trying to install this for base vanilla, although minecraft is not recoginizing the texture pack. Should I not be installing this to resource packs, and instead into texture packs, or is this not updated to the newest version of minecraft?
  5. Morton00000

    Morton00000 New Member

    The pack should work on the most recent version and should go in resource packs folder. Be sure the file is not corrupt.

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  6. Meepithmancer

    Meepithmancer New Member

    Ah, it seems that the github vanilla one is not recoginized. I downloaded it from another link and works great. Thanks!
  7. Morton00000

    Morton00000 New Member

    Yes don't use github for that.

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  8. naughtyfins

    naughtyfins New Member

    I can understand why you would want to get rid of the squares, but to me the new textures look far too "busy" with the grid thing going on everywhere. It's very distracting! I guess I'll keep using the older textures and just use new ones for blocks you haven't done yet :b
  9. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Do you have a download link for a 1.5 version of the pack? The FTB launcher doesn't seem to have it for 1.5 packs anymore.
  10. HiImWally

    HiImWally New Member

    Go to love the texture pack its just different and makes the game fun!!​
  11. reddvilzz

    reddvilzz New Member

    Will there be an update for ftb monster?

    Edit: nevermind already found it. Sorry for bothering
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  12. hoborific

    hoborific New Member

    It displeases me to see you have moved away from using Pixbits/Frendens and have started implementing grid like textures, honestly even though you may have or might in the future receive criticism for the almost identical similarities that are hard to ignore ( I Dare say the grass is practically the same texture ), I do believe you are taking a step in the wrong direction with the recent changes, but it's your texture pack and at the end of the day you're free to do with it as you please.
  13. retep998

    retep998 NoLifeBunny Wiki Staff

    After having used both the old style and new style extensively and also trying to add mod support to some mods using your new style, I am firmly of the stance that the old style natural blocks are superior.
  14. Joe9117

    Joe9117 New Member

    I honestly like the old style more, but after using the new version for a bit, I've grown to like it too. It would be nice to have them as two separate packs. But as it was said before, it is yours, and you are free to do whatever you please with it.
  15. Joe9117

    Joe9117 New Member

    I know it hasn't been officially released yet, but I've been playing around with the snapshots for a bit and got to adding in some textures from them.
    Get them here if you want 'em.
  16. Morton00000

    Morton00000 New Member

    I have read through the recent comments and I think moving this pack back to the previous style and making the new style a new pack is the best course of action. However I don't play minecraft much anymore, that plus the pack being hard to keep up when there was just one and I was by myself. I need to go through and restructure some of the stuff along with get someone to help. I will likely be moving my work environment onto google drive so when I do get some help it will be easy for them to add/update stuff as needed. However just reorganizing the files on my computer will take a while. On another note I have also started back to collage however that should actually help with this because now I have something to do for most of the day so it won't get board as often. If anyone would like to help message me privately with some (around 10 or so) textures you have done along with witch pack they are for. Also until there is a proper name for it the new style will be called FyD-2. Help with a name for the new style would also be nice.

    Note: I will start reorganizing tomorrow because I need to re-download a lot of the old textures along with just finding where I hid them on my computer.

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  17. retep998

    retep998 NoLifeBunny Wiki Staff

    My main gripe with the new style is that they all feel like fabric. Especially when I tried making some stone types that had banded color, the entire cave turned into a big woolen room.
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  18. Joe9117

    Joe9117 New Member

    Might I suggest "Simple, yet Nice" as you have in the description of it now?
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  19. Queue

    Queue New Member

    Could someone give me a rundown of the new vs old styles? Its been a while since I used this lack full time.
  20. iamamitten

    iamamitten New Member

    I don't suppose anybody had the forethought to make xycraft textures and toss them into this?

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