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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Morton00000, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Morton00000

    Morton00000 Well-Known Member

    I really rather like those and will probably use then to replace the ones I already have.
  2. FoolInjection

    FoolInjection New Member

    Cool, glad you like them.
  3. slizz3r

    slizz3r New Member

  4. Joe9117

    Joe9117 Member

    slizz3r, I did notice that they are all in the older format. I believe the GUIs are darker now than they used to be and most of the ones that were already in the pack probably just hadn't been changed yet. I know my friends and I prefer the darker versions.
    I have been working on updating some of the GUIs myself and I'll probably post what I have done soon if you don't mind.

    EDIT: Since I had that backwards, ignore this whole post...
  5. Morton00000

    Morton00000 Well-Known Member

    Actually the dark GUIs are the old ones I swaped them for the vanila color because of some text could not be read on the thermal expansion nei recipes.
  6. Minewolf20

    Minewolf20 New Member

    Please, make it for FTB Ultimate ;)
  7. Joe9117

    Joe9117 Member

    OK, my mistake. I was just going by what I thought I'd seen before. I seem to do that a lot on here...
  8. aaninja64

    aaninja64 Member

    DL links don't seem to be working. Mediafire says that there was some kind of rule-breaking. Anyone else getting this?
  9. Greevir

    Greevir Well-Known Member

    Yeah, just checked. Apparently the terms of service was broken. No clue whats up.
  10. Morton00000

    Morton00000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up. If anyone knows why it may have been reported please let me know.
    I have moved that link to dropbox for now. I will also be moving the 1.5.2 test pack to dropbox because apparently it is also affected.
    As of why there affected I can only assume bandwidth or the possibility that I missed deleting some class files.
  11. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    I was put off using this TP for a while as I thought it would be too "familiar" to normal Minecraft textures, but after finally trying it last night I have to admit that this is one beautiful texture pack. This is what Minecraft should look like and I probably won't be using another TP for quite some time (if ever).

    Keep up the amazing work :D
  12. Brian Bugert

    Brian Bugert New Member

    I just took a look at your pack in FTB and am now in love. I wanted to ask if this texturepack is being added to for mods like buildcraft, forestry, ect because if not i was going to work on them myself but i did not want to if my work would be redundant. Please let me know cause if not i would love to expand on this amazing texturepack.
  13. thaaaz

    thaaaz New Member

    What up! I made the trees for minefactory reloaded. The standard rubber trees annoyed the heck out of me so I just made theese quickly.

    Minefactory Reloaded Tree.png

    This is what the look like ingame.

  14. thaaaz

    thaaaz New Member

    Got even more bored and did these real quick.

    Myst craft crystals.png

    And ingame:

  15. thaaaz

    thaaaz New Member

    I realized some of the vanilla items weren't made so i made the leather, saddle, rotten flesh, ender pearl and eye of ender.

    Vanilla items quickies.png

    And from ingame:

    I hope they can be of some use.
  16. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I have an issue with this pack: all the silverish ores look exactly the same unless you look at them really hard. For example, look at this pic:


    The ores in that shot are quartz, ferrous, two tin ores (IC2 and TE), silver, and aluminum. Can you tell which is which? It would be great if you could make the ores look different in some way, so I can at least differentiate quartz ore (which I want) and aluminum (which I don't want) so if I am searching for a specific ore, I can spot it easily, without having to go up close to them and look for specific markings, I could just look at it at a glance and see if I want it or not.

    Oh, and for the new enderpearl textures, I think it would be better as a plain diamond shape, without the corners on the sides.
  17. thaaaz

    thaaaz New Member

    A useful tip is to go under the NEI options down in the left corner when your inventory is open. Then make sure "Highlights tips" is shown and not hidden. Then when ever you mouse over something there will pop-up a window in your top right corner, telling you excatly what you're looking at.

    But yea i agree that they are very similar.

    And for the Enderpearls and Eye of Ender I actually think you are right and will corret that imidiatly :)
  18. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Yeah, my main complaint is with quartz. I was looking around for quartz, but it looks so much like tin that when I found a silver colored ore, I couldn't tell what ore it was until I actually got close to it.

    Oh, and this map is great on skyblock maps. The cobble looks absolutely fantastic when tiled.
  19. thaaaz

    thaaaz New Member

  20. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

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