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1.7.x Packs Yet!? [Mindcrack/DW20/Ultimate/Lite/Horizons/Monster/Unleashed/Unhinged/Tech/Magic/etc]

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Bigglesworth, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    No updates at this time.[DOUBLEPOST=1374099801][/DOUBLEPOST]
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  2. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    I do love the version number for Redpower.

    Oh. And nice list.
  3. mushroom taco

    mushroom taco New Member

    Thanks so much, this is extremely useful for me. Unfortunately, I have many mods that aren't on the list :p
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  4. Riuga

    Riuga New Member

    Getting past those mountains will be a pain early game.
  5. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    Added MCPC+ In Extra mods.

    Attempting to consider thinking about flipping a coin to determine if I want to ruminate about the possibility of adding more modpacks and making the version update system more complete.
  6. DrRedstoneCreep

    DrRedstoneCreep New Member

    Excellent work my friend. The main reason there is no FTB 1.5 is redpower[DOUBLEPOST=1374453001][/DOUBLEPOST]Yeah, judging by your list FTB won't update to 1.6 for a looong time.
  7. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    Lets hope 1.6 will be ready by the fall, even if FTB does not update, I'll update. Thanks for keeping track of everything!
  8. themaster

    themaster New Member

  9. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    Yes, it is usually several months behind vanilla to let authors catch up. This is a lot to do with Mojans dated policy regarding mods. Mods are basically on their own. Sort of a backwards way to treat a game whos main concern is user creativity. /minirant

    I think thats a good timetable. The majority will be updated by then, and a lot of RedPowers functionality will have been duplicated via other mods. Hell, maybe Elo will even update? A man can dream~

    Thank you sir
  10. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    All am really waiting for at this point is CodeChicken and Railcraft to update and I can start putting my pack together for 1.6.x. Mind you, many of the mods I am looking at are still flagged 'dev', but it's enough to at least let me get the configs and ID's taken care of so that when they do start pushing release versions, I'll be ready to snap them up. I have a suspicion that these two are simply not releasing dev versions and are waiting for the full public release, so I don't foresee them slowing it down much.
  11. INCSlayer

    INCSlayer Well-Known Member

  12. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    You can compile off the BC github as well.[DOUBLEPOST=1374535200][/DOUBLEPOST]

    Hopefully, as NEI is basically required for FTB as we have no real recipe map/achievement system in the game to discover this stuff.
  13. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    You can always use CraftGuide for a recipe mod. It's already updated, even.
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  14. Mathemusician

    Mathemusician New Member

    This error message is all over the page.
    error: Service invoked too many times in a short time: urlfetch. Try Utilities.sleep(1000) between calls. (line 78, file "Code")
    Sorry to be annoying, but someone broke it.
  15. DrRedstoneCreep

    DrRedstoneCreep New Member

    Works fine now, I'm assuming too many people were trying to view it at the same time. Hence the, "Service invoked too many times in a short time."
  16. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    Im doing a bit of spreadsheet magic to get the versioning numbers to parse out to other sites on its own. This sort of functionality isnt exactly intended by Google, so its a bit wonky. Its updating a few dozen versions every few hours times about 50 users, so when it peaks it sometimes errors out. It will try and refresh itself again several times a day.
  17. DrRedstoneCreep

    DrRedstoneCreep New Member

    Yeah google is really intended for independent work.
  18. nytohan

    nytohan New Member

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  19. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

  20. nytohan

    nytohan New Member

    It looks like wrcbe is up to date as well.

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